Buddy Guy - (I Got A) Stomach Ache Lyrics

Come on, ooh, come on
Come on, baby
Ooh, I got a stomach ache
When you rock, you know you look so good
And when you walk, baby, you know you look so good
And every time you walk down the street
You wave outside to the blind
Met a fisherman on the curb
He said, "Hey where you going?"
I said, "Look here man, I'm going my way"
He said, "Lookie look, boy, ain't that a crying shame"
I said, why he said, he said, "I got a stomach ache"

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Buddy Guy (I Got A) Stomach Ache Comments
  1. Babis Tse

    Buddy Guy

  2. Michael Igoe

    I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and had this record when I was 14. saw Muddy Waters before he passed, Luther Allison, so many great people and players. Memories linger.

  3. Steve Drew

    One of my favs..
    Recorded this on a cassette tape ,repeating this song for at least 30 +++ minutes..
    Next day my downstairs neighbor ,said she heard it playing pretty much all night....ooch !!

  4. Teresa PUPPO

    Strepitosi come sempre

  5. Cora Visser

    This is real pure blues i love it,super.

    philippe kempf

    Soul Rhythm & Blues !!!

  6. Edward Repard

    ooo woowww yeahhh why can't all song be this good.

  7. screwedagain1

    Junior Wells was soooooo cool.
    And man could he jam on a harp!
    Him and Buddy Guy made a great team.

  8. David Mikell

    Junior ad infinitum !
    Merci Mille fois !