Buddy - Find Me 2 Lyrics

When I close my eyes, then I free myself
No matter where I'm at, I just be myself
I can't see myself, I can't see myself
I can't see myself, I can't see myself
Yeah, shit
First I break it down, then I roll it up, yeah
Then I light it up, now I'm smokin' again
Take a little puff, then I breathe it all, in (shit)
Pray father forgive, everyday I'm sinnin
Take it to the end, this just the beginnin'
Shit I haven't seen yet
Shit, I can't see myself yet
[?] you nigga yet
Get some for my city, yeah
Holla if ya hear me, yeah

If it wasn't for my reflection, I would be forever guessin'
Swear I got a billion questions
The essence of adolescence is purity
The homie told me "sacrifices come wit' maturity"
And it's clear to me now
Rest in peace to those not here wit' me now
If my granny saw this day, would shed a tear for me now
If my uncle saw this day, would come and give me a pound
Like "damn nephew, you really did that shit, wow"
Take a look around, I'm comin' from a town that most people don't make it out
Shit that I think about, the people I hang around
The things that I've seen that influenced me since a little child
It's trippin' me out
I mean, who can I be? Other than me (nobody)
Shit, what would I do if I was you? (no clue)
Man, where'd I come from? Where do I go?
Mirror, mirror on the wall, let a nigga know

I can't see myself, I can't see myself
When I close my eyes, then I free myself
No matter where I'm at, I just be myself yeah, yeah
(Come find me) I can't see myself, I can't see myself
When I'm all alone (I just wanna feel loved)
I don't need no help, I believe myself (yeah)
Smokin' and drinkin' all by myself
Hopin' and wishin' I find myself (come find me)
Lord willin' we won't die tonight, we gon' fly tonight

Okay I'm sittin' here, tryin' think of the exact words for me to explain to you
That it is what it is and that's what it's gon' be
Ain't no changin' me (nope)
Ain't no maybes and no probablys, I gotta be (myself)
That's what it has to be, I'm happily, gladly, gradually
Changin' reality for my family
They proud of me
Could've, never imagined or fathomed things that had happend
The good, the bad, and the tragic
The happy moments, the sad ones, the classics
My first time in Miami
Pharrell had me out on Collins Ave
The studio rappin'
The last nigga signed to Star Trek, might get that shit tatted
And then we shriveled up the contract, and still keep in contact
We beyond all that bullshit and that nonsense
And besides that
I ain't gettin' that time back
Niggas know where my heart's at
I just gotta move on, shit
Gotta get my own, shit
So I pray with all my might
I walk by faith, and not by sight

I can't see myself, I can't see myself, yeah
I can't see myself, I can't see myself
When I close my eyes, then I free myself

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Buddy Find Me 2 Comments
  1. Claude Constantine Embden

    So fresh

  2. Outer Space

    I can see myself,, when I’m all alonnnnnne yeahhhhh diope..

  3. Nomfundo V

    Just as poignant as the 1st

  4. Nkanyiso Owethu

    That beat tho 👌

  5. diamond jada fashions

    and that’s just what it’s gon be

  6. Tshego Waisi

    you're too much bro

  7. Justin Willis


  8. 雌犬 LANAY XO

    Man I love him 😭💕

  9. Lightweight

    damn he good

    Ms Niki

    I’m talkin bout ummm ummm Damn Good!!!

  10. Jefe Shot


  11. Brandy


  12. Leland Benford

    Buddy, Bro, Keep Killing it. My guy, I hear your name out here in these streets more and more. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us! This is a banger!

  13. Jahzae Rose

    Been here since last summer

  14. x3PwnProduction

    lit af 🔥🔥

  15. Antwon Branch-Neri

    Wow i need to speak to buddy in person... #same #concept of it all

  16. Antonio M Bennett

    I wish he brought the chrs back

  17. sam

    This shit hits hard when you are in your 20s trying to make something of yourself.

  18. Bobby Williams

    One of the most relatable songs I've heard in a long ass time. Thank you buddy going through you catalog after I finish repeating this shit my nigga. 🔥💨🍃

  19. Sebastián

    Aahh fuck!!👏✈

  20. tyler mackay

    Had to hear it but nothing near the og find me :/

  21. ON_yyX

    Buddy music !$!$ Feel him on not tryna be Famous,just rich..

  22. Johan Villafana

    Come finnnnnddd meeee.

    Nomfundo V

    My fav part🙌🙌

  23. Hunter Thompson

    Here before 1,000

  24. Ashton Mcphee

    love this i want a feature ahahaha how much $


    Ashton Mcphee priceless,this is a master piece,no diss but this doesn't need a ft.

    Ashton Mcphee

    O_N_X_Y_Y yea not on this song haha just in general


    Ashton Mcphee lol feel ya,I'ma check you out

  25. Yüneté /u•ni•ty/ Brand

    When he went back to the “come find me part” I was like he’s bout to go in lol 🔥🔥🔥

    for real

    Yüneté /u•ni•ty/ Brand thats from find me 1. If you did not know already good song

  26. AURUM

    Please buddy force yourself into my top 5

  27. Brian.

    This the kind of song you listen to with your eyes closed at 3 a.m when you can't sleep and just reflect on your life


    B GotHeat GOAT

    Bryant Watts

    Always..i do that wit music everyday...call that my by myself meeting!!👍


    This the only way I listen to this song frfr

    OneLove Loner

    I always wake up at 3 am... I even googled it yesterday.

  28. Aaron Moloney

    yess buddy

  29. Jaden Neuman

    I’m only half way through this song and I love it. Great job buddy


    All this needed was a drake verse

  30. TheDirtyBird_ 11

    Let’s gooo 🔥🔥🔥

  31. eric

    Like for buddy’s year


    utopia he's been had hits,he just been slept on..


    All this needed was a drake verse