Buddy Brown - What Any Boy'd Do Lyrics

I tripped on the rug in your living room sneaking out of your house last night
The dog started barking and your daddy 'bout shot me when he turned on the kitchen lights
He's said, "Tell me I'm dreaming 'cause I got half a mind to aim and shoot you dead
What were you doing over here so late? Oh, you better come clean young man"

I said I was just doing what any boy'd do if he had a chance like that
He'd take her the long way home, come on too strong, when he finally got up to bat
The doors were all locked when I brought her back home so we snuck back in right there
Did a little kissing with the radio on but that's where it stopped, I swear
And I sure didn't expect him to understand
And he sure as hell didn't 'cause he chased me off of his land

The very next week all over again, she didn't want me to take her home
Was about to turn back onto her street when she looked at me and said, "Don't"
So we parked a mile away and the wind was fogged up, and the clock just sped on by
Next thing I remember is my door swung open and I knew I was gonna die

Her daddy said I'm just doing what any boy'd do if he had a chance like that
You took her the long way home, came on too strong, when you finally got up to bat
I told you have the girl home at a decent time and you know just what I meant
11:30, maybe midnight, but hell it's half past 2 a.m.
And I sure didn't expect you to understand
But one more time and you'll never see Rachel again

A few months went by and we stayed outta trouble since the last time we snuck out
But tonight I've got me a little wild hair and I'm driving out to your house
I got some candlelight on my back porch, a little romance free of charge
We can take my Jon boat way out on the lake or just lay up out in the barn
Come 6 a.m. girl I better get you out of sight
And if I'm gonna pay for this I better do it right

Yeah I'm just doing what any boy'd do
Oh, I'm just pulling what any boy'd try to pull
I can't help myself, I just ain't right, crazy as hell, wild look in my eye
Don't trust me for a minute 'cause when you turn around we're gone

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Buddy Brown What Any Boy'd Do Comments
  1. Lisa Nimmo

    SO FUNNY! 😅🤣😂😁

  2. eugene degroat

    I had alot of thoughts about my girlfriend's dad giving me the 3rd degree with the gun in his hands. Such a good song and luckily I found out that he likes me more than her exes which is good. I should consider myself lucky to not get the 3rd degree but when I have a daughter the boy she's going to be dating will be getting the 3rd degree

  3. Eric Rose

    Hey you don't know me but I was in the army for four years and went to Afghanistan for a year from 09 threw 10 and I'm from a small town in VA and stationed in wa. I love your songs and it makes me feel like I'm back home. IDC what anyone says or what happense don't stop making music u make my PTSD stop when I lay back and listen to your songs. Can I send you some I have wrote and if u like them it would be a blessing just to hear you sing them nothing in return?

  4. Hayden Atkinson

    Very underrated!!

  5. Buddy Brown

    True story, happened in 2002 in a small town in Mississippi when I was in college there. My roommate had a sawed off pulled on him at 3am by a girls dad. He tried to be honest, didn't help much. Had to immortalize it in a song for him. Thanks for listening y'all be sure to FOLLOW ME on Spotify and Apple Music cause country radio ain't country anymore! -BB


    Everytime I listen to this song I remember the saying that you've never dated a girl from the south if you've never faced a shotgun before, lol!


    Well done!

    Arlene D Byrne

    Omg true story or not that's so so funny, made my day. You sweet thing every girl likes a truthful man

  6. Brandon Davis

    Your patriotism and talent are inspiring.

  7. Dylan Green

    I'm glad my girlfriends parents like me 😂

  8. Demolition Cam

    The neighbors didn't like me blasting driving threw the ghetto when I was riding down to one of my girls house in the neighborhood 😂

  9. Dylan Holland

    I have not caught up much on technology yet and I only have a CD player and YouTube can I buy his CDs anywhere

    Dylan Green

    Why'd you steal my name 😂

    Dylan Holland

    @Dylan Green idk ask my parents lol

  10. David Thomas


  11. Leo Vasconcelos


  12. road kill 34

    Why isnt this guy on the radio?! is there anywhere i can buy this guys cd?

  13. Mike Sigler

    You planning any shows in the northeast? Huge fan of your music keep it up brother!

  14. surpriseme

    Buddy Brown I love a good ol boy!!! You're part of a dying breed my dude!!! Keep it up honey!!! Love for you to find your way to VA....teach these little pussy boys how to be a man!! xo

  15. Ulisses

    1,1 MI views and only 7,5 thousand likes? Cmon everyone, we can do better than that! Hit the damn like button!

  16. johnathan cormier

    Damn you sound like Dunn!!

  17. Margaret Gibson

    Hell yeah

  18. Krupp Ratte

    good song.

  19. donald day

    Brings back

  20. biggary255

    damn, Buddy's voice has changed a lot in 6 years. Reminds me of Chesney's 1st album and you hear him now it's much lower. Love it all but his voice in 2019 is amazing. listen to "just sayin" after this and you'll see what I'm talking about

  21. ImOn Whaley

    Subbed. Hella good!

  22. Hunter Wonsey

    Man why isn't this on the radio sure as hell should be

  23. Pete Guido

    you should make a video to this song

  24. Angela Cartrette

    I so love this song . It was me in my dating years

  25. Dustin French

    I’m a huge fan love all your songs you should be on the radio you are my favorite singer

  26. rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all

    Thanks your songs are good . YEE YEE YALL

  27. Trent Dean

    Funny ass shit... true though

  28. Chris Emerson

    I just found Buddy Brown, and that was the only thing pandora ever did right.

  29. Matthew Carnahan

    True country, beats Brett Young and all the other “country singers.”.

  30. anthony avila

    Real country thank you for bring this back

  31. broken goods

    Love the song ... Great <3

  32. Glenda G Ramage

    Love it! Never to country for me! Screw the big corporations!

  33. Jeremiah Worley

    this is what I wanna hear when I turn on the radio

  34. Caerlaverock Jaguar

    Awesome song! Keep it up! Traditional country is where it’s at.

  35. Mark Plymale

    This is the Pitta me of country music

  36. Jim Smith

    Not only is this real country music, but it is real good country music!

  37. Steve Turner

    Great song and artist

  38. Lucy Perry

    Loving this all the way from AUSTRALIA. ❤️


    Lucy Perry Likewise 🤙

  39. Bear Grams

    Hi Buddy: I just recently heard your song Red Like Reagan that was sent to me on messenger from a friend of mine in Texas who also happens to be a Police Officer. I loved it!!!!!!! I would like to buy your music in cassette and C/D. My van only has a cassette player and I would love to drive around and blast it lol. Where can I buy your music?


    I believe you can buy a CD off of Amazon :)

  40. Zayne Helmes

    Can u come to Chattanooga TN

  41. OBIOsim

    Wow! Real country music that real country people can relate to. That's what Country music started out as...music of the people...music that touched the everyday work-a-day lives of people. Now...it's about gettting drunk on a plane on the way to get drunk on a beach and spend time with some drunk bimbo you just met. That's not real Country music. You, Buddy Brown, are a real Country singer and your music is real Country music. Your lyrics are pictures of the lives of the average, hard working man and woman that make this nation great.

  42. austin rivers

    Where to buy his cds i shpuld my dad and he loves him but hes the kind of guy that dont use his phone or ipod for music

    Buddy Brown

    www.buddybrowncountry.com/shop   Appreciate y'all

    austin rivers

    Ok sweet thank u your the best

  43. Jacob Wyatt aka Mrboom19-2

    I miss country like this...

  44. Dominc Carvalho

    he deserve to be on the radio not all this fucken pop country

  45. Brandon Woltman

    I love his song there what my grandfather Conway twitty always side what real country music sounds like

  46. Nicole Daniel

    I love this song

  47. Phoenix Down Gaming

    Not much of a Country fan but this song is amazing

  48. cameron Heinz

    Buddy brown you should come to MI

  49. Pat Barrow

    Just awsome

  50. Kendra Baize

    I feel bad for only recently finding your music, because it was played on the radio (so for everyone who was complaining, he got there) but this is great

  51. Gina Benzel

    Love me sum Buddy Brown ;)

  52. Syntaru

    i love this guy

  53. Jonny D

    once he gets more popular he will be on the radio, no worries people

  54. Fuckersmint20 20

    I agree with Brandon Crocker He should be on the radio

  55. Carmen Ohio

    This song is awesome, better than any song on the radio right now!

  56. Tyler Tatro

    Yall just do what i do, buy a Aux cord and blast the YouTube music lol. They might try to keep him off public radio but not MY radio! #FTW

  57. Kesum Miles

    Mississippi pride🤙🏼🤘🏼

  58. Killer Omega

    U should try to make a baseball song for me please

  59. Donald Forshee

    This guy needs to be on the radio!!!

  60. Taylor Marie

    omg I love you buddy brown!!😂😂 this song is definitely for my dad with my boyfriend haha

  61. Zack Compton

    love this song

  62. Jay B

    To answer everyone's question, this is "to country" for the radio. Big corporate radio wants rap country on because it appeals to a "larger demographic". So were all stuck with florida georgia line

    Amber Ingraham

    Jay B no it’s not a popular song and they play what’s most popular

    Amber Ingraham

    Jay B it’s not that good either

    Jenny Moore

    @Seth Martin well what ever it is it ain't country

  63. Dboy Herman

    why isnt he on radio?

  64. David Harley

    o my god buddy this is amazing man

  65. Ricky Mosher

    how can we get u to thorn hill tn Fer a show

  66. Trevor Amos

    You should come play at the Rota Navy Base!

  67. Nathan Gnat

    I can tell everybody why he isn't on the radio. A because his music doesn't support any political agendas, and B he makes real music not some bullshit poppy country to try to be popular, ie the pop. he is actually making real music and not pandering to the retards of society today.

  68. John

    wow. found if this country still had balls. had to YouTube you and some great songs. You should come to NC.

  69. Darrell Walker

    I just heard of buddy brown but already love his music and what he seems to stand for

  70. Sherry webb

    Come to alabama

  71. Lindsey Marie Bickford

    Wow, this guy's voice is amazing! Why isn't it on the radio?

  72. Usmcsilentkiller24

    hey man I just wanna congrats on the success if you ever get a chance to perform in Maryland i wouldn't mind sharing a beer with an amazing artist like you

  73. james dean gaudet

    why am i just hearing this now good job!! man

  74. CollinZ71

    Just bought my tickets to see you on July 22nd! Can't wait to see ya in Iowa! You've come a long way and it seems like yesterday when I found you on YouTube doin covers!

  75. Abby Cooper

    Why arent you on the radio? Hell Texas needs more music like yours. Absolutely love your music. Love that you are real country music and not that Nashville crap

  76. seabass Bastanzi

    had something like this happen but he wasn't so good about it lol love ur music man got all my friends listing to ya especially while we ride dirt roads ur awesome

  77. Adrian Lauck

    good song

  78. Mighty Mike

    this dude is hella good he should be famous by now!!

  79. Travis Turner

    Hey Buddy, ever thought about coming out to play for the troops? Coordinate with the USO and its to easy. Great song!

    kyle dalgleish

    Hell yeah he should

    austin schilke

    Hell yeah

  80. Travis Miller

    love this song I did a cover of it on facebook I also right songs and was wondering if you could possibly sing one of them im only 15 I grew up on new country but this takes me back to sitting on the porch with my pap

  81. Curtis Graham

    This is true country music !

  82. Cody Mofield

    Now this is country music!

  83. Rachel K

    One of the first songs I have heard with my name in it! Love this! <3

  84. Andres Perez

    you should do a cover of girl riding shotgun

  85. Andres Perez

    this is a great song I'm a DJ in Ohio and I download all your songs and play them and people love it your an awesome singer

  86. Jami Parker

    love his voice. n songs

  87. KeepDippin

    Man I love your music. Nothing like the new pop country. I wish they played your songs on the radio.

  88. Brandon Crocker

    Why isnt this guy on the radio?! is there anywhere i can buy this guys cd?

    Buddy Brown

    +Brandon Crocker Thanks Brandon - iTunes, Amazon, and Googleplay have my 4 albums. Thanks for your support brother, Buddy Brown

    Johnny Rice

    +Buddy Brown Are you playing SC in the near future Greenville Boys and Girls would love to see you live!!!

    Brandon Ducker

    Your amazing buddy us good ol boys gotta get you out there on this radio love your music

    Kendra Baize

    He got there, that's the only reason I know his music, is 'cause it played on the radio

    Canadian life EH

    Countrey radio aint got the ball to play 98 percent of buddys songs even tho he is better then anyone on countrey radio today except for a few

  89. Jordan Diehl

    best song I've heard in a while way better than anything on the radio today

  90. Vermont

    I like your music stumbled on to it

  91. twotwins26

    No matter what I will always play this as my favorite country song.

  92. Makayla Pate

    I love this song!!!!!!

  93. Josh Butcher

    Buddy brown what are your chords to the song what any boy'd do cause I wanna learn this song and play it

  94. Robert Womack

    Hey buddy it's Robert womack I'm from monticello GA and I wanted to ask you a very important question, my brother passed away 2 1/2 years ago and we've had a memorial concert for him every year since then, I just wanted to touch base with you and see what your books were looking like let me know back on here please man thanks

    Devin Harrison

    Robert Womack get this to the top y'all !

    Simon Mallett

    Reply buddy!

    jack grayson



    I’m from macon Ga we go to Monticello to ride 18 mile dirt road

    Z K

    Buddy answer


    love it but its true

  96. Rodeo Queen

    I am a huge fan of yours and have been listening to you for quite a while now. I just want you to know that you are my "go to" music when watching youtube videos which is pretty much a daily thing :-)! I love every video you have made!! Good luck with everything and GOD bless you darlin I CAN'T WAIT to see your music on the store shelves! It is going to happen, your an amazing singer, guitarist and song writer!

  97. Rodeo Queen

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song! You are going to be very big Buddy! You are better than pretty much any country music artist out there these days...you are real! A real country boy talking about real life! I can't listen enough to all of your music! Seriously your amazing! Keep it up ;-)

  98. Juan Loewen

    This is actual Country and not the new Rock/Pop/Country mix everybody wants these days, this is what needs to be played more....

  99. Nicholas Foran

    I like your style man. Keep it rollin