Buddy Brown - Trying To Make Burt Reynolds Proud Lyrics

If you can't take a leak in your backyard
Or crack one off with your old 22
If you won't do a burnout in your driveway
If you spit out that 120 proof
If you don't run that moonshine after church
Tell the preacher man to look the other way
If your dogs are all fenced in, not running loose
If you don't know 'bout the bandit
Then you don't deserve those boots

We're all just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud
You wanna fight son we ain't scared to throw down
Yeah back when men we're men
Not afraid to speak their minds and get loud
We're just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud

Yeah breaker breaker one niner, come on in
We got nut-jobs in this country flooding in
And if you were here we'd make it right again
If this country still had balls they would've made you president

We're all just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud
You wanna fight son we ain't scared to throw down
Yeah back when men we're men
Not afraid to speak their minds and get loud
We're just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud

Yeah these movies out today I just can't stand
Ain't no good ole boys like you in Old Snowman
These kids today, no, they don't even understand
But when I'm watching you I swear the south is gonna rise again

We're all just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud
You wanna fight son we ain't scared to throw down
Yeah back when men we're men
Not afraid to speak their minds and get loud
We're just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud

Eastbound and now
We're just tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud
You were king of the south
We're all tryna make old Burt Reynolds proud

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Buddy Brown Trying To Make Burt Reynolds Proud Comments
  1. samantha irish

    loved how much fun you had doing this one!

  2. Daniel Royal

    found this and started listening to all his songs i hope he comes to country music that be badass

  3. Jeremy Martin

    Love his music great country music

  4. Billy Priddis

    Love what you're doin'

  5. Jeffry Richardson

    Love it! America!👍🏾😀❤️🇺🇸

  6. Enthused

    I like the part where he said we're all just trying to make Burt Reynolds proud

  7. Lisa Nimmo


  8. Wagon Wheel Farm

    Braker braker this here’s the bandit what’s ur 20 snowman

  9. Daniel Mitchell

    Who else cries while wishing Burt Reynolds was still alive

  10. Armando m

    Brother believe it or not Mexicans love this shit.
    I don't get the fence post shit tho.?

  11. Steven Brown

    Don't forget Snowman too. He got his ass handed to him by those bikers but he got them back.

  12. P35t3R 0N3

    Lmao the 'merica sign

  13. Connie Weisman

    FLA in the house.

  14. Future_ Lanefrost

    I love this song and I wish more kids knew about all of them and the south will rise again!!! Ye haw

  15. Erin Schultz

    Heck yeah that’s what I’m talking about and Smokey and the Bandit, is my all time favorite flipping movie!

    Erin Schultz

    2nd is Steel Magnolia’s 😂 and I’m nicknamed Mean Evil Wheezer 2.0 for a reason, I was never afraid to either speak my mind and/or run like Heck to avoid the BS and that was way back in the muddy Red Dirt road days in the gulf south, before Forest Gump ever came out n all that other shinnola! SGG Schultz...

  16. Final Snipe

    Buddy you are my favorite country artist of all time. The absolute best! Keep em coming brother!

  17. The Real Masterful

    Bruh put that chevy in the scrap yard 😂

  18. munch man

    Damn i wish burt was still around i know we all miss him

  19. Joseph Adams

    Hell yea

  20. John Duckett

    There are 13 communists who are causing Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleason, and Jerry Reed roll over in their graves by disliking this!

  21. Dina-Sour- Art

    Listening to this while writing an essay about why pinapple doesn't belong on pizza

  22. Police Tribute Channel

    Awesome! Can you maybe make a song about Law enforcement officers? I see that you respect our HEROES (Police officers, Soldiers, Firefighters, Paramedics,etc..

  23. Trey Costner

    Heck yeah!!! Sing it brother this is awesome!!!

  24. Ryan Ibbotson

    Such a good song when it came on the radio I'm like wow great song R.I.P BURT REYNOLDS

  25. Jake Ford

    All ya gotta do is change back the barn to the shop and you got the loggers anthem wet as this years been

  26. Aaron Capps

    That needs to be a t-shirt

  27. mul let

    The day i found out he died, me and my buddy hopped in his car and jumped train tracks in his honor

  28. Steven Brown

    I'd make the bandit proud. My first run long haul after training I hit 70 west maxed out in February. The rubber was sticking to the ice on the downhill outside of Wheaton and rolling 35 down the hill. I came up around the bend and a SWIFT driver was doing 10. I had a choice , keep rolling and wreck or hit the brakes and drop some gears on the slope. I took the latter and hit the brakes and dropped 3 gears. The roads were scraped and salted. No excuse for that. He eventually smoked his brakes and had to pull off. Mine were heating up but nothing a little cold air couldnt handle. Reminded me of the bandit going down monteagle in Jerry Reed's the bandit.

  29. Patty R

    Love EVERY song you’ve done!! I’m proud to say that I’ve been married for almost 37 years to a man who’s been in law enforcement for almost 46 years. We raised 3 great kids and have 5 beautiful grandchildren. Our oldest son joined the Air Force after 9-11 he had a month left of his tour when we lost him at the age of 21. We buried him on 9-11-04. Our daughter paid her own way through college earning her Masters in education and a 2nd degree in reading. Our youngest son graduated high school at 17 and wanted to join the Army. As hard as it was for us...we signed the papers for him. At 18 he was sent to Afghanistan, he was given the option of not going because he’s the last of our name. But he said if he didn’t go and one of his Army brothers were hurt or killed, he’d always wonder what if he’d been there. His unit was on a mission when they hit an IED, besides being seriously injured he lost one of his closest friends. Then on his 19th Bday they were visiting a small village on a peace keeping mission when a homicide bomber blew himself up. My son was one of the 1st to regain consciousness and started checking on and guarding the others. I’ve seen the video of this and saw him getting those who were hurt the most into a vehicle trying to get them back to their FOB. He made the trip 3 times with several injured soldiers each time. Sadly they lost several men that day...3 of the guys died in his lap. It wasn’t until after the 3rd trip when they realized that he was severely injured but thankfully survived. But it cost him his career in the Army. I couldn’t be more proud of my family. I’m very proud to be an American. I’m also proud to say I’m country, southern, republican and a UGA Dawg fan!! Please keep the great songs coming!!!

    Buddy Brown

    God bless y'all Patty. Thank you for raising true Patriots. We are forever grateful -BB

  30. Chris Mallory

    Hell Yeah!

  31. ray moye324

    May ole Burt Reynolds rest in peace

    Kooper Dragon

    Rest is peace bandit

  32. Vincenzo Simone

    Mexico lmao.

  33. Judith Kirkpatrick

    Hey Buddy this song is so kick ass , it rocks .Buddy its cool knowing that you wont take shit from no one and it shows it in your songs .Buddy always stay true to your roots.Burt would love this song.Hey Buddy please stay safe out there.

  34. Alex Mclean

    The four dislikes we're bufered T sheriff fans

  35. rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all

    Good job 👍👍👍👍👍🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  36. rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all

    Best one of your songs man yee yee "RHEC"

  37. Crows 2332

    Thanks Buddy. Awesome work! Hangin' for the album. Bet you are too! God Bless.

  38. Missouri Yank

    This is what happens when you just find out about smokey and the bandit

  39. Missouri Yank

    Why Burt Reynolds tho?

    Kooper Dragon

    Missouri Yank Burt Renalds is a legend as the Bandit

    Missouri Yank

    @Kooper Dragon yeah but like why does he feel the need to impress this actor

    Kooper Dragon

    Missouri Yank why do you feel the need to criticize someone's song about a legend

  40. little dixie Mo

    This is my 6th time watching this video its soo good and the song is good to.....THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!

  41. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    Burt is proud of you buds

  42. MountainSide Mayhem

    A song hasnt moved me to my soul in over 12 years. Thank you buddy ive been dancing to this song like a blind fool at the washerette for 3 hours straight

  43. Hunter Kasulka

    The 1 dislike doesnt even know who Burt Reynolds is

    junior vidito

    You right💯

    Daniel Mitchell

    If someone says they don’t know who he is, then we can’t be friends

  44. Macarthur Bates

    Love this guy.

  45. Johnathan Cliche

    I watch the Smokey and bandit movies and I like this song

  46. Connor

    You are one of the realest artists I know. Never join a label, always stay independent. Thanks for not being pc and just doing it to make money. You are making a difference.

  47. Cowboy Geologist

    Love it!

  48. Simon Gonzales

    This is amazing I love how you have meaning in your music 🤟🇺🇸

  49. Kyla Runyan

    Love the song
    R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

  50. Jim Wil

    Build the wall 👍

  51. Buddy Brown

    My new album "Deep South" is out now y'all! Appreciate all y'all true Americans that ain't brainwashed yet. Keep up the good ole American way! -BB


    Thanks buddy for the great laughs

    Christine Robertson

    Buddy Brown 🛩😂📺

    Jonathan The Purple Man

    Buddy Brown, I want you to know that I am a big fan of your music and wanted to tell you that what you sing about is the God's Honest Truth of what a man and a Country Boy should be. I also play the guitar and I chew tobacco. I like to think of myself as a good ole' Country Boy like you are. I hope you see this comment and want to know if we could possibly do a song together. please let me know at my email: [email protected]

    Isaiah Hofer

    I tried to upload my tattoo I got for my uncle 8 years ago and now that he passed away it makes it so much cooler...... I love your music buddy brown.. this is from Canada eh

    boxing afficado

    Keep it up, the great music.

  52. James Harrington

    What good song keep up the good work Buddy Brown

  53. smokinlilblonde

    freakin A this guy is incredible

  54. David Toth

    Greatest country singer ever!!!!!!!!!! This is true country music!!!👍👍👍

  55. yeehaw4200


  56. Bayou billy

    Awsome!!!! Thanks for that. Day just got better

  57. Josh Matts

    Buddy stayed over an hour after his show in Tampa to take pictures with fans. most artists get on the bus and take off but I won't forget that

  58. gingersnap82081

    Buddy Brown 2024


    I like that you gave him till 24 hahaha

  59. Angie Miller

    his new album is the best one ever been on repeat all week

  60. Andrew Price

    I swear every one of your songs talks about the thoughts that run through my head often. There's a time and place for men to be soft and "all the time" isn't that time. Keep on kicking names and taking a**, and putting out these songs!!

  61. biggary255

    I'm Mexican and I died laughing at 1:05 😂😂😂😂 Love Buddy Brown!!!!

  62. kody

    Awsome music love that you not afraid to speak your mind about our world

  63. Adan Rios

    Buddy brown I love your music I’m 1 fan I’m from cullman Alabama

  64. Lisa Call

    this is why Buddy Brown is the greatest country artist in 2019!

    Michael Martin

    That's cause he makes country that sounds like country not rap music.

    White Boy

    True, but have you heard Cody jinks. He's a great new country artist that's not on the radio

  65. sarah movie reviewer

    Rip burt Reynolds

  66. Cherokee Thunder


  67. Eat Sleep and Lift

    I love it

  68. CyberSyndicate _