Buddy Brown - Stop Looking At The Bar Lyrics

I hear girls talking, yeah they're always talking
Bout them boys they meet all the time
And I can hear 'em saying all the good guys are taken
But honey we're right here in plain sight

We're all just building careers and we don't have the time
To leave emojis on your Instagram timeline
We're trying to work, we're trying to hustle
To get ahead we're pulling doubles
So let me help y'all out 'fore you get dressed up
If you haven't found your husband so far
Stop looking at the bar

Sunday morning there's ole boy in church
With some calloused hands and his only collared shirt
That he just puts on once a week
Honey that's the guy that you should meet

We're all just building careers and we don't have the time
To leave emojis on your Instagram timeline
We're trying to work, we're trying to hustle
To get ahead we're pulling doubles
So let me help y'all out 'fore you get dressed up
If you haven't found your husband so far
Stop looking at the bar

Now we love a beer like anyone does
On a Saturday with a backyard buzz
Just throwing a football over the fence
'Cause there's a really pretty girl he ain't met yet

We're all just building careers and we don't have the time
To leave emojis on your Instagram timeline
We're trying to work, we're trying to hustle
To get ahead we're pulling doubles
So let me help y'all out 'fore you get dressed up
If you haven't found your husband so far
He's probably out in the field working hard
Girl, stop looking at the bar
Looking at the bar

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Buddy Brown Stop Looking At The Bar Comments
  1. Cris Acord

    Hell yes sir!!!

  2. dondale68

    Stop Looking at the Bar! I've done lived this song! My 'huntin days' are behind me now, 51yrs old, this song was as true in my day as it is now!

  3. David Johnson

    My wife always knows where I'm at either working at my job or working on the farm. I think most women want a man that provides.

  4. Darrel Austin

    Goes both ways where have all the good women gone?

  5. Michael Roberts

    Holy shit. Buddy brown is a true legend

  6. Joe Budd

    True good song it goes both ways...you can't put a ring on a bar fly..cuz when you are working the ring comes off and thay are back at the bar looking again...

  7. Natalie

    Why would anyone look for a husband at a bar !!!!

  8. Ethan Morton

    I think Buddy Brown just described the exact situation I've been in for the past two years, working countless hours of overtime on 2nd shift at the plant while the rest of the world is out having fun

  9. Ash Leigh

    I just discovered you! And I am totally binge listening to all your songs. 😂 This is my favorite one so far. Keep making music! ❤

  10. Girl_With_the_Curls 92

    I just recently found out about Buddy Brown. You have some really good songs! This one speaks the truth. If I didn't meet my husband back in high school, we wouldn't have met at all. At one point, I was working 50 hours a week on night shift and he was day shift pulling in 65 hours a week. We have similar schedules now, but our hours are still long and hard. So many people I went to school with are still looking, while I have had my mister right for 11 years strong!

  11. Jonathon Christ Follower

    Wildland Firefighter-

  12. Daisy Gennings

    I want me a country man!

  13. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    Girls quit the bars and go to church that's where the good men are at ! I go ever Sunday at still waters Baptist church in eads Tennessee 2828 Reid Hooker rd.

  14. cnut1878

    This guy is good enough to make me like country music lol! He's great.

  15. olered _z71

    The girl I like keeps chasing guys who just party. She runs and cries to me when she gets hurt. Of course I'm there for her. I'm getting ready to send her this next time it goes south.

  16. lori grimes

    Omg that's one helluva song

  17. Dakota Thoms

    Doubles? I do triples if my boss lets me

  18. Belinda Gardner

    Agree 100% buuttttt we still have to actually meet them 🙄

  19. Magdalena Kråkhede

    Gettin' some real Nice Guy™ vibes...

  20. sarah movie reviewer

    This reminds me of my brother

  21. Cody Young

    Damn facts

  22. Brewen Middagh

    And it's a great song

  23. Brewen Middagh

    This song is like me

  24. Eligh Norwood

    I was 14 when l got my first job I wasn’t made to get I job I dident need a job my boss was a dick I worked whenever I could as much as I could for minimum wage I hate to say it but I quit I don’t like quitting some thing but he was not a good guy now I’m 15 I’m working for an old man I’ve know since I was born I only get paid 7 bucks an hour 3 dollars under minimum wage but I don’t care I would rather work for him for free than work at mc Donald’s I said to a girl on the bus today “you work at McDonald’s I do manual labor “ she says how much do you make I don’t lie so I told her then she laughed but it’s pride that counts you can give people food though a window but you can’t do it without us

  25. Scott Mullis

    Found my baby in church. Married for 20yrs now

    Alex Jones

    That so amazing to see a couple married so long and I hope when I get a wife I can be like y'all been married for 20 plus years

  26. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    Wish I had enough work to pull doubles Bearly can find a good paying full time job in my liberal city

    Longshot 18

    Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things I’m being pushed out of mine in Ohio but I keep hammering back at em.

  27. Dominic Barrett

    hard working guy like I am hopefully I can find a girl

  28. Avalon

    My boyfriend showed me this and although he agrees with the song he also laughs because I just so happen to meet him at the bar. He's also literally one of these guys that you describe in the song.

  29. Krista Henderson

    Met him at work, both of us pulling doubles. We pulled each other up. We met making $10 an hour each. Now we both make $25 an hour and have a house on a 3 acre lot and a gorgeous son

  30. immikeurnot

    The bar? Shit, almost half my time off is spent sleeping. Price of getting it done.

  31. Randall Wharram

    Man finally good to see you thanks for not giving up on me

    Randall Wharram

    My brothers

  32. Steve Coe

    Exactly cause I'm right here

  33. April Love

    aint she sexy

  34. April Love

    his online fu

  35. dimas cruz

    Love his music

  36. austin giyer

    Us good boys are a rare breed. This song speaks the truth.

    Andrew s

    austin giyer amen

    Austin Whims

    austin giyer preach

  37. james peyton

    To all those guys building careers in the trades!! Hard working men want good hearted women!

  38. Patrick Fuller

    Love your music you should come sing at country fest in rhinelander Wisconsin it's in June or July.. a lot of big names there

  39. Shawn Esiker

    This is true

  40. Triston Bissoon

    Hey man im from caroline county virginia and we have our local county fair and i also work on a farm with my buddy mack and i was wondering if you would consider coming down and possibly talking to the fair board and seeing if you wanted to perform but you are also welcome to come hang out on the farm anytime man and we love your music and know every song so we would love for you to come down and enjoy the sweet virginia breeze

  41. Alex Jones

    Man this is the true song and they all look at the wrong places which is quite sad

  42. Thomas Schick

    This song should be on my radio!

  43. Nicolas Robinson

    Im an over the road truck driver this song is so true! I love it @buddybrown

  44. Cooters Rapid Rooter

    Well put & badass

  45. Chloe Jones

    That... that right there, sir, is what you call a COUNTRY BOY BURNNN xD

  46. Joey Bridges

    Come to nc!!!!

  47. choupette 02

    love you song !!! kiss from France !!!

  48. Steven Johnson

    Thanks for singing music about real life. Keep it up.

  49. Underdog5ed

    Im only here because scottylbae7 said his picture was in this song at 2:46 and had to see if it was true, which it is

  50. Tactical Camel

    Anyone else come from scotty.lbae7?

  51. Sam Nelson

    I like it

  52. Swamp Assassin

    keep it up brother thank you for speaking the truth like always can't wait to see what's next

  53. Nelson Graber

    Tell em Buddy Brown!

  54. Thor OdinsSon

    Hey Buddy, best wishes from Switzerland we love your songs

  55. Zach Lyons

    Buddy Brown > Kane Brown

  56. none yo business

    here before 10k

  57. Randy Spence

    I like the song keep it up

  58. Landon Fessler

    Hey Buddy. Big shout out from the boys stationed at fort eustis Virginia. We love what you do and how you do it. Songs like this really hit home. Its been 7 months since I've seen my wife and daughters. But she knows that this song is the reason she loves me. Keep putting out great songs and we'll keep turning em up.....

    Buddy Brown

    Thank y'all for your service! Be safe out there and get back to those families! God Bless, Buddy

  59. Joe

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head! This song does just that!. Couldn't possibly be any more accurate than that...

    Cody Wilson

    Either pulling doubles or 12 hour shifts

  60. Justin Ward

    hey buddy would you make some one a cd of all your songs and if so what would you ask some one for it i love to have a copy of your cd

  61. Jacob Scarberry

    Love it

  62. mp2020202

    Music at it's best :D Thanks Buddy!

  63. Caleb Yonker

    This is one of the best songs you've put out yet

  64. Ethan Siler

    I was going through twitter looking at post about girls always trying to find the right one. I thought someone should write a song about how they are looking in the wrong places. Then I heard this song seconds later. Glad you released this on here. It deserves the attention.

  65. OUR Republic- Never Give In

    Yes sir!

  66. zackery patterson

    amen brother

  67. steven anderson

    How arnt u mainstream yet. You have great sound on every song.

    Isaac Housley

    Its cause buddy makes songs that aren't politically correct, spits dips, doesn't wear skinny jeans, sings like a man, and doesnt pander to teenage girls

    steven anderson

    Yeah but there has to be enough of us out here that want to hear this then other carp that's on radio to at least have one of his to take off

    deer_ hunter_088

    I jam this and aome other of his songs in my truck and i have some of the other country folk in my school doin the same

    Patrick Brown

    Because his real and most can't handle it

  68. Josh Matts

    Damn this is so awesome. Friday music crank it Buddy Brown never disappoints!

  69. Tonya Hanagriff

    love the song buddy

  70. horseshoes513

    This song is ON POINT!!! <3 this so much!

  71. Connor Miller

    Great song Buddy, keep em comin

  72. joseph lazetera

    I love it keep it up \(^-^)/

  73. kristy batchelor

    This goes for men too stop lookin at the bar!! You won't find a hard workin country girl there we would rather be fishing, hunting, or sitting around a bonfire!

    Michaela Jo

    kristy batchelor eh it doesn’t really apply for both genders 😐

  74. Lisa Call

    I needed to hear this so much right now Buddy Brown you are amazing!!

    jeff hammer

    Lisa Call that’s why musicians make music often times people forget that music can send a clear message which Buddy does I for one love it

  75. Buddy Brown

    Thank y'all for another wildly successful album! Hope you like this song. Here's to all the hard working fellas out there getting there stuff in order to take care of their woman FOLLOW ME on Spotify & Apple Music!- Buddy

    Dominic Barrett

    Buddy brown this is an amazing song for us working men


    Good song. I’m a lineman and we work crazy hours. Hell I dropped everything to help people in Puerto Rico for 9 months, 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 9 months! A good woman supports a hard working man.

    craig nix

    Buddy Brown ur a great stinger love ur songs

    IxLIKExPIEx420 x

    I used to love country in that got boring I'm starting to like it again

    Carol Oliver

    Why don’t u get any Radio Play?

  76. President Ogaymama

    Best Song Yet Buddy Really Support You