Buddy Brown - Red Like Reagan Lyrics

I can read your mind
We ain't about to get along
And I know why
You think we owe you and we don't

Yeah there's a welfare line
Wrapping round main street
That money ought to help our boys
Coming back from overseas

We're gonna paint this country red like Reagan
Gonna shoot our guns, gonna eat our bacon
There's a great big bald eagle who's smiling on us
And soldiers who died for your privilege to fuss

If you wanna leave
'Cause you can't take it no more
Man I'll show you to that door
I'll show you the damn door

And all these protests
You're throwing out some heavy words
And I'm just wondering
How the hell'd you get off work
'Cause I got 65 long hours
That I just put in last week
Now I gotta go back home
And hear you whining on TV

We're 'bout paint this country red like Reagan
Gonna shoot our guns, gonna eat our bacon
There's a great big bald eagle who's smiling on us
And soldiers who died for your privilege to fuss

We're 'bout paint this country red like Reagan
Gonna shoot our guns, gonna eat our bacon
There's a great big bald eagle who's smiling on us
And soldiers who died for your privilege to fuss

If you wanna leave
'Cause you can't take it no more
Man I'll show you that damn door
I'll show you the damn door

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Buddy Brown Red Like Reagan Comments
  1. Daniel Spidell

    Trump 2020

  2. Lisa Clements

    # trump train 2020 merica

  3. Cameron Henson

    Buddy Brown is my new hero
    Plus that guy standing in the hurricane with the American flag is total BOSS

  4. David Fuller

    The left need to be shown the door

  5. Caleb Branham

    I'm getting a little high on freedom right about now.

  6. Thomas Loves Trucks

    my favorite song

  7. shieldmaiden000

    Right on!!!

  8. Zippy M

    yes California there is the damn door gooooo..........!!!!

  9. Kali Cavin

    I'm pretty moderate, took the political compass test and I was more liberal. Just want y'all to know that there are liberals out there who have their head on straight. Buddy is by far my favorite country artist nowadays

  10. American Rights

    Nothing better than shooting guns while eating bacon with an eagle sitting on your shoulder, now I just need to actually train an eagle to sit on my shoulder while I shoot and my life will be complete

  11. Aaron Green

    I can’t tell if this is parody or not.

  12. Joe Dunleavy

    The Great thing about America is if you don't like it here you are free to leave. Go to a country whose government is to your liking.

  13. adam kneeland

    good message good song- this makes my top 10 list

  14. 8 910

    You should look into the state of "Jefferson" we are a group of counties in CA trying to become our own state due to extreme differances of how we see life and liberty. It would be Awesome to do some sort of fund raising event in Calaveras Co. CA.
    Great song!

  15. Thori Am

    That gets an automatic like for the Tombstone reference.

  16. lone wolf


  17. A little bit of Everything

    This song is so true and will never get old

  18. Barry Sack

    The American Communist Party, former Democrat Party, the communist media and their brain dead zombie followers are the real enemies of this nation and will not win the civil war they are driving for. Their efforts have been to, brainwash them while they are young and now they are fighting themselves into socialist slavery. They are doing their best to rewrite the dictionary in order to rewrite our history and the Constitution. You need only to look at what is happening to our 1st and 2nd Amendments to see what the Democrats are doing. The oath to defend the Constitution I took 47 years ago still stands.

  19. Jenny Àldrich

    Just heard this song so true and I like it.

  20. Elizabeth Thacker

    Twitter wouldn’t let me share but I have it on Parler

  21. Bobby Wells

    right is right .

  22. earthairfirewater1

    keep up the good work.

  23. Nathan L

    Hell Yah!

  24. Badboyteddybear

    AWESOME song. The truth speaks loud and proud Americans.

  25. B꙰r꙰a꙰n꙰d꙰e꙰n꙰ t̸h̸e̸l̸m̸a̸o̸

    Happy birthday to America

  26. IrishWitch

    Some these idiots said they will be moving to Canada, had the pleasure of serving side by side overseas with the Canadian Military. Their take was 'what makes you think we want you in our country?' They seemed like they didn't appreciate the arrogance of these celebrities. Safe to say there is a bit of narcissism on the celebrities' part? 🙄

  27. Ghost1 Game

    anyone who dislikes this song is a liberal

  28. rusty shackleford

    Happy bday America

  29. Sharon Hobbs

    Love your Music and Thank you GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  30. briank06261973

    Man, if I could like this song a million times, I would. Reagan is my favorite President too.

  31. Jeremiah Parker

    Just found your channel. Damn, you’re the man ✊🏼

  32. Michael Myers

    Reagan was a hardcore no-nonsense president he didn't just talk he backed it up and got things done if you would have said we're going to build a wall we would have had a wall built within the first year not to three or four years later and still talking about it he inverted us from going to nuclear war during the mid 80s sorry y'all born in the 1980s with know anything about that the song says it all about snowflakes millenniums and a few other idiots out there in our government boy we sure have gone downhill a lot since the past three or four presidents and this song says it all we need to bring back America the way she was

    Dch x

    My biggest problem with raegan is what he did to gun laws

    Michael Myers

    @Dch x yes he did kind of miss that up I guess the assassination attempt on him kind of pissed him off LOL

  33. Bem ?

    Time to throw some tea in the Massachusetts bay

  34. Jémarc

    Goes to Iraq shoots them up but get shot at :o

    Comes back home and decides ite its just like the simulations

  35. Varangian Tactical

    TRUMP 2020!!!!! 🇺🇸

  36. J C

    Drive through Liberaland, blaring this in a jacked up pickup, with a Confederate flag and watch snowflakes disintegrate!

  37. John Scheetz

    I will play this song nice and loud to freakout all those snowflakes!!

  38. Molly K. Casey


  39. Ainsley Schultz

    A flipping Men!

  40. Lane Mendenhall

    We need to bring good old Regan back from the dead and make him president

  41. kjmichaud1

    Well Reagan quadrupled the deficit with his Cold War and tax cuts. Trump did the same just with tax cuts.
    Enjoy the bacon now because pretty soon they’ll have to tax the middle class so hard to pay it back Trump will be the only one in the country that can afford bacon.

    Shit song sung by a patriotic idiot.

    Ice Head 200

    How is being patriotic being an idiot you braindeaded foreign

  42. Ruth Slater


  43. ZZstaff

    Unfortunately those of us who are red blooded Americans are ignored or lied about by liberals. The only thing I do not agree with in this video is the large sign stating, "Drunks With Guns!". No one should be shooting a fire arm while drunk. The song is patriotic.

  44. James Lenoir

    lyrics have been scrambled..
    what's up ..anbody else not get lyrics,? they were there yesterday.

  45. Robbie Jenkins

    Awesome lyrics..
    Exactly what I'm thinking most of the time. Let's paint this country Red!. I'm right there with you on that!! Lets let them know we stand with Trump. Because the Dems are bat shit crazy!

  46. Jason Keith

    Thank god for you!

  47. FLASH Gamer149

    Get owned libtards

  48. The Snipecatcher

    Outtake from the Team America soundtrack?

  49. Stacy Thomas


  50. zamis21

    Song Lyrics:
    Don't Burn That Flag
    Rex Andrew
    Copyright 1989

    Don't make me mad, don't burn my flag, you no-good Commie pinko,
    Don't burn that flag, don't make me kick your butt.
    You burn that flag, I'll whup your hide, I'll make you wish that you had died.
    Don't burn that flag, don't make me kick your butt.

    I'll kick your butt, I'll make you wish you never lit that match,
    I'll kick your butt, I'll pick you up and throw you in the trash,
    I'll kick your butt, I'll make you kiss the flag a thousand times,
    Don't burn that flag, don't make me kick your butt.

    I don't believe in burning flags, you no-good Commie pinko.
    That's one I best not see you do,
    'Cause if you do, I'll be real mad. I'll come around and whup you bad.
    Don't burn that flag, don't make me kick your butt.


    If you don't like this country, leave it. I don't think we'll miss you,
    I doubt we'll even know that you are gone.
    But if you burn that flag you maggot, I will guarantee to you that
    I will come and I will kick your butt.


    One of my Favorites !!

  51. Roger Rice

    There's a red storm coming, it's time we fight back, God bless America and trump 2020

  52. Brandon Love

    How the hell did they get off work really ???

  53. cheridee snyder

    Only the liberals and welfare people wont like this song!!! Proud American right here!!!! Oh and I love bacon ;)

  54. Jack Vick

    give this a like for trump 2020

  55. noah murphy

    those yuppie folks that dislikes 194 times needs to be shown the damn door

  56. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    Abolish the welfare state these intateled folks need to shut up and get a job!

    SouthernGhost 1865

    We shouldn't abolish it but rather keep welfare only for those who need it and keep it out of the hands of people who don't want to get jobs

  57. Josiah Boe

    If you dislike this your a un fit to live fucktard liberal

  58. Collin Rice

    I love this song heard it from my father

  59. Charliegirl

    I'm a Bible believer and I'm from the Netherlands 🇾🇪 but always loved America! You brought many great memories for me as a kid by your standars, the love for Bible , Jesus, country the flag, honor for vets! I have some vets in my family too! Great TV shows in 70's and 80's! You guys are amazing in many things, America had so much chances and potentials! Hard stuff too but you guys are fighters! Don't like unrighteousness! Which I honor you guys for! America was the great example for the world! I wished it was back! Always love you and the country! I pray God heals it thanking Jesus! God bless America! 😎🖤🙏✝️🇾🇪🇺🇸

  60. Justin Price

    take bakcongres

  61. Justin Price

    take bakcongres

  62. Justin Price

    O guys the country boys are pissed we jump in are jacked up mud trucks an we pack up are guns we go to the city's on are hourses

  63. Justin Price

    We country boys ready let's take back are country

  64. Scott Whitener

    Just here to lol at the people who think trump = America

  65. Jason A

    MAGA!!! 🇺🇸🦅

  66. Keith Kahler

    I will say, you also know how to 1861

  67. Brandie Cook

    LOVE IT!!

  68. xjames212x

    This song is cathartic

  69. md3inaustin

    This has nearly 9 million views on facebook. Why such a low # here? Is YouTube throttling the results, again?

  70. black rain938529

    If there is someone from north america that dislikes this song, the your absolutely NOT AMERICAN

  71. Tom Lawrence

    I love most of your songs but I thought you hated criminals

  72. Rian Miller

    every one that dislikes this video is a sissy thats scared of real life and how it works

  73. IDK miner

    Make county great again!

  74. IDK miner

    Love it sir!!! I'm glad a level headed friend showed me this.

  75. JodiL792

    Oh my gosh I love it!!! Thanks Buddy you sang what I think!!!! :) As a Woman Marine Veteran I say Semper Fi Buddy! Our Soldiers do deserve it!

  76. Janet Jones

    Really good song and I hope you sing some more! =)

  77. Tammie Ferrell

    First time I've heard this song, awesome! Keep it up! This should be @POTUS #POTUS theme song

  78. FL5859

    Totally awesome!

  79. Jerry Pruett

    Semper FI!

  80. Terry George

    WOW! This is one of the best damn songs in the last decade! We should all blast this from our car speakers as we drive down main street of the closest liberal city. If you don't like it here, get the F out!

  81. Indiana Outlaw

    Friend: Did you America today?
    Me: Blasts this, eats handful of bacon, shoots warning shots at Liberal neibor, packs a fat lip, and watches a western movie while bangin your sister.
    Friend: nuf said.

  82. A Lopez

    Thanks for this song!!! I'll show them the damn door too!!!

  83. Jerry ishcomer

    Paint the country red all you want it ain't going to change those doctors for changing their minds and turn in people and make it I'm disabled where they can make money off of them it's the doctors that are killing the poor people the rich will live in the poor will die and it's so sad that money is what makes people the root of all evil the love of the money

  84. Blues Matters Band


  85. Tonya Bonds

    This needs to be played across America!!

  86. Jerry Pruett

    Semper Fi!

  87. Jo Foley

    Absolutely LOVE this song and singer!! Every true American should love it too!

  88. Anthony Young

    Name your next song Pelosi Notes hahaha

  89. Daniel Withrow

    Me and brother served this country and this is a good rep for this country

  90. Richie Ray

    https://youtu.be/0_3wZOm74jg .LOVE & P.RAYER'S ALWAYS

  91. Lisa Logan

    Love the song and guns and bacon too!!!!!!!!

  92. deadpool

    TRUMP 2020

  93. deadpool

    I need a second American revolution

    Zach Sheppard

    Yes we need to be k*lling all of our brothers and sisters over differing opinions. That's what this country needs. More dead brothers and sisters. mothers and fathers putting thwir children in the ground.

  94. dizzotizzo69

    Someone just made you famous thanks to this clip circling on FB!!! Watch for the hits to EXPLODE!!

  95. Debra Foster

    Love this...

  96. Kathy Bolyard

    Trump this songs for you.

  97. Ruth Ann Sayger

    I still LOVE IT!!!! Put on my twitter:@ R Ann Sayger

  98. Mary Begeot

    love it. if Trump gets impeached we will be in Washington.

    Rick Sautner


  99. Elizabeth Miller


  100. Jeff Broughton

    5.9 thousand likes and 162 dislikes. Hope you see who the MAJORITY is. The Silent Majority MUST speak up like Buddy is.