Buddy Brown - Not Fooling Anyone Lyrics

Don't look at me baby
I didn't say a word
About what we did last night
Everybody's looking at us
At our guilty faces
It's probably too much to hide

'Cause my boots are tracking in mud
And your hair is all a mess

Don't tell 'em we snuck out at 2 a.m.
Out the backdoor heading straight for sin
And the barbed wire reached out and grabbed your leg
And I've got the same blue jeans as yesterday
They're a foot deep in Georgia clay
And a memory of sweet perfume and skin
Whoa, I'm nervous as hell and I think they can tell
We're not fooling anyone

Can we sit in the back pew
So nobody sees us
I can't look at the preacher at all
We can't slip out at the offering
Uncle Johnny's watching us
To make sure that we stick around

'Cause your shirt is missing a button
And my face is all red

Don't tell 'em we snuck out at 2 a.m.
Out the backdoor heading straight for sin
And the barbed wire reached out and grabbed your leg
And I've got the same blue jeans as yesterday
They're a foot deep in Georgia clay
And a memory of sweet perfume and skin
Whoa, I'm nervous as hell and I think they can tell
We're not fooling anyone

I don't regret the pictures in my head
The night we had, hot as lead
And running 14 stop signs getting home
With the radio turned up so loud
My brand new truck, the windows down
And you were kissing on me like never before
Baby tell them any ole story that you want

But don't tell 'em we snuck out at 2 a.m.
Out the back door heading straight for sin
And threw my truck in neutral backing out
Don't tell 'em swerved off the road 3 times
And I thought we just might die
'Cause 90 is a little too fast down a one-lane road
Whoa, I'm nervous as hell and I know they can tell
We're not fooling anyone
We're not fooling anyone

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Buddy Brown Not Fooling Anyone Comments
  1. hellya hell ya

    yee yee

  2. MysteryDipp

    "We can't slip out at the offering, Uncle Johnny's watching us, To make sure that we stick around." I thought that was funny because my uncle Johnny actually takes up the offering at church lol

  3. Rick Sasek

    You are real country and I have not heard a song of your I didn't like keep it up great job

  4. Jessica Rice

    Coach in the woods own special spot that brings back memories lol

  5. Esther Howard

    A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN any country star ever!!
    God bless and NEVER STOP saying how it is! Fan from MT!

    Jaden Decker

    Esther Howard MT here too!

  6. Jory Horn

    Sir, the first song i heard from you was "If this country still had ball" but it made me wanna listen to more of you and honestly your song " We played football" is my favorite, I've been showing my friend some of your music and hey seem to really enjoy it keep up the great work.

  7. Santana Davis

    good song

  8. MJ HF8

    Ran across this a while ago....Reminds me of those crazy late Friday nights:) No matter the older I get I still remember and feel those nights and Sunday service:) Keep em' coming. Love your voice!

  9. Sayit Again

    This is a great song !!!   

  10. tyler raasch

    Your amazing.

  11. Blake McKain

    Sir, you have came a long way since I heard this in 2011. I know it most likely dont mean much but im proud, and no you in the top 35 on iTunes!? This is still on of my favorites pf your songs. Keep up the good work buddy. God bless

    Buddy Brown

    Thanks so much - wow 2011, seems a lifetime ago in music terms. God is good - still pressing on! Buddy

  12. tomm fain

    Hey URL a great song writer can u write two song one bout a farmer week and one bout a country boy Friday night

  13. sweetnlowo3

    Awesome Buddy

  14. Michelle Miles

    This is BEYOND my favorite song right now!! I love it. Takes me back to summer nights!! :]
    Hope all is well, Buddy!

  15. brandy jones

    Out of all your songs i like this one the best! Your amazing at what you do.

  16. dirtman21

    so, I was going through looking for a song, and then I found your cover of it, and I haven't left your page yet!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your songs. keep up the good work, and i'm gonna keep fallin in love with your songs!!! :D keep bringin' up!

  17. NewY0rkJets

    such a good song. you got a twitter?

  18. Jeff Clark

    great job!

  19. Buddy Brown

    So glad you did too Lisa! Please pick up my album at iTunes id you haven't yet! Hope you're doing great! God Bless, Buddy

  20. Lisa Cameron

    I am so glad I happened upon you! AMAZING!

  21. Adam F

    New Favorite Buddy! gonna have to blast this in the brand new truck!

  22. Meghan Gaines

    I done this

  23. Valentina Munoz

    sweet song!!!

  24. Stacy Mannion

    Crazy good song!

  25. Henry Fehr

    damn this song is awesome, I've been listening to a lot of your cover songs, but this is amazing love the song

  26. Stringer Vogtle

    I've been waiting for the views on this song to skyrocket ever since it came out. It's bound to happen soon. Great song Buddy.

  27. nessaofskye

    Awesome song

  28. Jaci Hjerpe

    Awww yahhh! Yee haw ;]

  29. sreamhand

    Man I just stumbled on your youtube channel.. This song is fantastic. Its just crazy how much I can relate growing up in a small town in Oklahoma.. Love it

  30. Buddy Brown

    @MidwesternMenace00 Just added it in the description box! Thanks for listening brother, Buddy


    This is my favorite! Replay... over and over.

  32. crazyolexi

    omg i found my new favorite song! :D please tell me your on itunes!

  33. faithfully337

    i swear you are truly amazing! ill be a faithful listener for sure :)

  34. Dan Cvorak

    Awesome song man. Called up US99 (chicagos biggest country radio station) and requested it ... hopefully they do some work and ill hear it on their one day.

  35. samharriman

    @biggary255 I hear you man. Although i'd say keep it Independent. No sense payin' somebody else's light bill when you're the one with the talent. I'm going to buy this track right now. Keep up the great music BuddyBrown. Cheers!

  36. samharriman

    dude, ur gonna be rich man. if you're not already.

  37. 109Bulldogs

    @BuddyBrownMusic haha or some drunks put it out there

  38. smokinlilblonde

    BUDDY! I swear I'm in love with you!!! I bought your EP twice just to support you and I've posted your songs on my facebook and twitter too! I know I sound obsessed but I really am just going to do anything I can do to support you. Your sweet, you have an incredible voice and your SO DAMN SEXY!!! LOL <3 Brooke

  39. Salas1891

    Great song! Keep up the good work! :)

  40. Kaylan McFalls

    I love it.♥

  41. Oussama Boula

    wawwwwwww u r so good , big future waiting for ya

  42. Jacob Joron

    I own the rights to half of those views

  43. Holly

    i freaking love this picture:) reminds me of where i grew up

  44. Angeline Lim

    One word. Awesome!

  45. ErikaBrooke82

    There is no telling what all has gone down or happened on that couch... I sure hope u took a good hot shower after that! lol... By the way I found the button I was missing... Have you washed the mud off your boots?

    James Yearty

    ErikaBrooke82 nope

  46. ellistotheholly

    I wish I could buy this song I love it so much that I want to listen to it even more than what's on the radio!

  47. Buddy Brown

    @HearttBreakerr101 Haha! I'd love to say we brought it in for a photo shoot for some kind of dramatic shot at sunrise...but really, no one knows where it came from. It was left out in the woods with levelers under it about 4 months ago! The woods must be haunted=) I'd rather not know because of the eerie way it was planned.

  48. triden55

    You're awesome man. You have potential...I want to hear you on the radio!

  49. Firefighter150

    His first album is already out and tearin it up in GA and FL.

    Buddy Brown is listed on iTunes.

    Help Spread The Word!

    Country boys can survive, OORAH

  50. debbieswinyer

    Great job loved it

  51. meganluvssec


  52. horseshoes513


  53. tfake91


  54. MaggieWatkinsMusic

    this is fantastic!!!

  55. shotgunner12g

    this is gonna be the biggest song of 2011!! when can i hear this in my truck??