Buddy Brown - Man Card Lyrics

Well Cody got engaged, hell ain't that sweet
Now we ain't seen him in three damn weeks
Ain't no excuse, 'cause the game's tonight
So I called him up but he didn't sound right
I said we gonna smoke some pricey cigars
And I found that beer from that Alabama bar
And I got it cold and the burgers are hot
Better come on soon 'fore the food's all gone

He said "Y'all just go ahead and watch that game
'Cause she wants to watch the Hallmark movie at 8"
Oh hell

Gonna need that man card, hand it over
Boys we got us a real funny joker
You seen her every day this month
Now you're saying your boys can't get just one
She got you roped, saddled, and gelded too
You don't wanna hear it but man it's the truth
I know she feels good laying in your arms
But if you don't get your ass here now
I'm gonna take that man card
We're gonna take that man card

We were at the gun show that next week
When Billy saw a gun that he couldn't believe
Winchester stock, look brand new
I told him looks like our shopping is through
He put it back down and said "Yeah right"
I don't know how I'd get it past the wife
I said you must be kidding, but he ain't
You saying you can't spend the money that you made

I'm gonna take that man card, hand it over
Boys we got us a real funny joker
The Lord gave you balls, didn't He son
Now swipe that card and get you a gun
She got you roped, saddled, and gelded too
You don't wanna hear it but man it's the truth
That 30-30 ain't gone do no harm
If you don't buy the gun right now
I'm gonna take that man card
I'm gonna take that man card

Now I let my wife do whatever it is that she wants
So why would it not go both ways hell that's just wrong

I'm gonna need that man card, hand it over
Boys we got us a real funny joker
You seen her every day this month
Now you're saying your boys can't get just one
She got you roped, saddled, and gelded too
You don't wanna hear it but man it's the truth
I know she feels good laying in your arms
But if you don't get your ass here now
I'm gonna take that man card
We're gonna take that man card

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Buddy Brown Man Card Comments
  1. Christina Lacquement

    Hahaha! This is awesome! I'm saving this so I can listen again.

  2. James Marquis

    Preach Buddy!!!!!! MGTOW Monk for life, Baby!!!

  3. Jenna Haley

    I'm sad I lost my man card, I've done two of these things lol, I'm female but still lmao jk

  4. ashtin foster knife reviews and more

    I learned how to change a tire when I was 9 or 10

  5. Blue Gaehring

    what the heck is hallmark?

    Blue Gaehring

    I found out.. i ain't gonna be making my future husband watch that stuff... i ain't making myself watch that stuff

  6. Rob G

    💪 come try and get it,big boy ! 😂

  7. Billy Priddis

    Pegging your pants

  8. lAnE MoRSe

    Call me baby it's 389765432

  9. Mark Burke

    How many men have slipped that gun in house when she wasnt home?

  10. Gavin Wagar

    The only thing On that list that relates to me is throw a foot ball 30 yards

  11. Zippy M

    your man watching 90 day fiancé while you rake leaves...not cool!!!

  12. Matthew Stork

    Find a good woman like I have and you can keep your card and your balls.

  13. Charles Herring

    Lordy lou it's too true but my wife understands I'll buy my toys, helped me buy my lifted snorkeled up ATV nighthawk and ed browns. Its woman choice to I built her, her dream house. New kitchen new bathrooms new floors. But she gets it I'm a f.f.l a deputy and run a 400 acre farm. She backs me every time. She drives her dream vehicle has a house ready for magazines. Heck last night fixed our home a.c. no one gets common stuff anymore. I got 2 homes a baby at 37 and dang it... I'll spend money on good tools I'll use. But no 250 charge too look... she supports me and my choices, but it took till 30 to find her... we do wear camo and pro trump stuff and shes a teacher! There's still some with facebook photo hunting and shooting!

  14. fishstick8888

    What if you cant afford the gun ☹... and all of your buddies are worse then you

  15. tl Owens

    What about doing his nails. I had a boss who did that

  16. Steve Holden

    That is sure alive because a 30-30 will do a lot of damage y

  17. Eli Armstrong

    I havent given anyone a reason to take my man card yet and i dont see it happening anytime soon

  18. Buddy Brown

    UPDATE! I found out what "Call me Maybe" is - turns out I wasn't missing out on a damn thing! Thanks for listening y'all be sure to FOLLOW ME on Spotify and Apple Music cause country radio ain't country anymore! -BB

    wildman 06

    I laughed so hard at your reaction "what the hell is call me maby"

    Arlene D Byrne

    Hey I wanna ask a favor. How much would you charge to write a song for me and my boyfriend well should be hubby cuz been together 11 yrs next yr. He is everything to me. Older then me. Country boy, spoiled here. He's my man and I always think he can rope the moon

  19. Analytical Chick

    Men shouldn't marry women who don't support the 2nd amendment fully!!
    Everyone should check out my meme and patriotic music playlist. It has Buddy Brown songs and some other similar anti-establishment music.

  20. Kurt Brooks

    Not knowing how to work a breaker box

  21. David DuPont

    I had to take my friends man card cuz he officially has to ask his gf if he can do stuff

  22. Jason Baita

    I guess i lucked out i have 30 old trucks, a gun cabinet thats full, if its ever question i just buy 2 and say look hun i got you one too.

  23. James Frank

    Another way to lose a man card is being a snowflake.

  24. James Frank

    Being a homosexul, pansexual or bisexual is a way for men to loses their man card. I would walk up to men like that and take away their man card.

  25. James Frank

    A way to lose your man card is being a transgender men who dress up as women loses their man card. I would say to those men hand over your man card.

    Analytical Chick

    Do you know about the wax her balls guy? Canada, go figure. I have a playlist about it. I have a ton of playlists. I'm the queen of the playlist.

  26. Maggie Shannon

    As a woman, I say...

    "Whatever. As long as you can make room for one more, I'm in!" 😂

    I ❤❤❤ this song. Humorous and lighthearted! Lovin' it!

    Keep it up, Mr. Brown!

  27. Peter Parker

    3030 no harm I've killed toooo manny hogs with a 3030

  28. zombie king

    Who took my man card 😂🤣

  29. luke quixere

    Seriously though, what IS "call me maybe"?

    Analytical Chick

    a pop song

  30. Bran Rivers

    Wife likes to wear my sapper shirts I have a couple of the same ones from my old company at ft Riley and we sometimes match you can take my man card but engineers lead the way

  31. Teddy

    Good Lord, this song should be renamed fragile masculinity.

  32. Darrell Adams

    Lol take that dress off gentlemen..... Haha

  33. Clyde Denby

    Strong voice!

  34. David USmke? Little

    Dude, you bring joy to my life, thanks Bro! 👊💯

  35. Lazy B’s Babies

    If you’re looking to change him (read smother), then he ain’t the one.......you should be looking for a wuss

  36. Mike B

    Listening to pop country(bro country) is a reason to lose your man card

  37. Joel Turner A.I.W

    If you have a woman in your life or thinking about adding one to your life, you already just gave up your man card.

    Joel Turner A.I.W

    Krystal Musick
    What I was saying in a roundabout way is if you are friends with benefits, dating, engaged, married or any other form of relationship you are weak and not deserving of a man card .

    Krystal Greenwell

    @Joel Turner A.I.W and why is that?

    James Frank

    @Joel Turner A.I.W
    How is marriage a weakness animals get married out in the wild so it is not a weakness. You are only doing this and saying this just to throw your weight around.

    James Frank

    @Joel Turner A.I.W
    Look troll he trolling people about marriage and from the looks of things the person enjoys going around doing things like this on videos in comments.

    James Frank

    @Krystal Greenwell
    Honestly I think that this person is here trying to start something and get other people to agree with them about hating marriage. So don't let Joel Turner get to you.

  38. Brandon Davis

    I went to Iraq back in 04. I was a door kicker and body dropper. Infantry. A filthy gangster. But now I'm a published author. I've got book signings to do. I have to wax my eyebrows. I have to. Their ridiculous. I've got chest hair and hair on my balls. But I have to wax my eyebrows. Don't judge me bro.

  39. Josh D Music

    What the hell is call me maybe?
    Don't ask me I'll never tell...

    Analytical Chick

    It's a pop song

    Josh D Music

    @Analytical Chick r/wooosh

    James Frank

    @Analytical Chick
    It is a girl pop song I only know because I have little girl cousins who listen to it. Everytime I hear them play it I always plug up my ears.

  40. Dave Brooks

    Most under 30 can't change a tire

    Krystal Greenwell

    Sad but True. How ever my son can and he's only 13. I thought him. The day I did he asked me " mom where did you learn how to do guy stuff?" I told him " it's my car and if I want it to get me to where I need to go and home again then you gotta take care of it. My grandpa taught me how to do a lot mechanically." I guess he was impressed. Next week I'm going to teach him how to change the oil and filter. :-)


    Should write your next song.. name it Soy Boy lol

  42. Temptless Monk

    Didnt even know that i needed it, but this is the song i was looking for

  43. J Palm

    American men have become vaginas.

  44. Alexandro Hollie

    hahahah, whats wrong with Pinterest? .. LOL

    Analytical Chick

    Pinterest is leftist shit like most social media. They censor conservatives.

  45. coady 4570

    call me maybe on mute is pretty nice.

  46. RustedRaccoon

    What’s a hallmark movie?

    Analytical Chick

    A shitty tear jerker.

  47. Sarah Jessop

    BEST. SINGER. EVER!!! no question

  48. YO MAMA

    Oh Radio needs this more often FUN TUNE!

  49. Brandon Davis

    what the hell is call me maybe

    Analytical Chick

    a pop song.

  50. King Of Hell 02848

    What's the most surefire way to lose your man card?

    Putting your hair in a manbun😒🤦‍♂️

    Krystal Greenwell

    Hahaha! I totally agree with you 💯. I'm a girl and I just don't see the attraction of it. I'll bet the "trend" started in prison just like the pants around the thighs did.

    Alec Ace

    That's facts 😂

  51. Judith Kirkpatrick

    Hey B.B. Plrase we need you to come to Umatilla, Oregpn .I know that you would have one kick ass cool time .Your songs. are so real and down to earth.Please do stay safe out there B.B God Bless You.

  52. Teresa Miner

    Swearing doesn't make you a man

  53. L. L.

    I can kick a ball 60 yards does that count

  54. L. L.

    Hand over dat mancard bruh

  55. Cecelia Zeamer

    That moment you realize you're more of a man than your boyfriend

  56. Jacqueline Malone

    A women needs to understand this one if your wife's putting in thoughs panty liners the man has the right to spend time with the boys for the next 7 days.

  57. Stacey Cox

    Buddy you must not have a girlfriend or a wife or you just don't keep them very long. With that being said, neither person should control the other. And what is up with men not being men? Really, it's amazing how many men don't know how to change a tire or their oil. Now football I'm not that keen on, that might just be something for my husband to do. But I happen to like gun shows, fishing and shooting and would be mad if I didn't get to go.

    Analytical Chick

    Real women want a man like this.

  58. Jeff Lane

    Buddy Brown is a poser, every cliche crammed in, nothing orgii

    lil Rider

    You can't even type

    Krystal Greenwell

    Butt hurt much? You obviously have no man card! Poor baby.

    Krystal Greenwell

    @lil Rider lol totally agree with you on that one.

    Analytical Chick


  59. Ladonna Nickason

    It’s just what happens! U make her your queen she surely make you her knight as in once a night, not enough 😜

    James Frank

    Landonna Nickason
    Actually it should be even and go both ways while the woman is the queen the man is the king. Neither should be made a knight in their marriage.

  60. Judy White

    You need to change that one sentence ''I ''let' my Wife do whatever she wants.Take the word 'let' out and just say She does whatever she wants. Love the song though.

  61. LaurieG1991

    I don't wax my eye brows ..., I get it from my daddy lol

  62. Jewish Redneck Preppers

    Awesome song.

    Analytical Chick

    You might like my playlist with songs like Buddy Brown and more. It's called Meme and Patriotic

  63. rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all


  64. Jannie Lagrange

    Love the song

  65. Candi

    I'm a girl and I still absolutely loved this! I tell my guy friends they're losing their man card all the time. And they are! They totally let their girlfriends put locks and chains on their manhood sometimes! That last line made me rewatch the video like 3 times in a row lol "What the hell's call me maybe" take that carly rae!

  66. Kellie Westley

    That list was dum that person doesn't know much about a man card and I think they lost it. My sons talk served yet youngest lost is man card got it back just to loose it again. Lol the other two kept there still have it. Youngest just don't care and that's alright if he helps me I give it back. Because if you can't help Your Momma you'll never deserve a man card.

  67. Katy Latham

    One of my coworkers actually had a man card. If he got it taken away 3 times he had to get a signed note from his wife to get it back

  68. Bryan Loflin

    not knowing how to change a tire dam it they teach it in high school

  69. jw row

    There's no such thing as too much barbecue

  70. pineapple guy

    Ok but matching your like tie and shirt for a prom date is ok though lol

  71. Jonathon Christ Follower

    FlatLanders don't come w mancards *they gotta earn um!

  72. Glenn Gunter

    send me that list

  73. Monica W

    🤣😂 I'm female and love this song! It's time for men to be men again!!

  74. nave344


  75. Ant Battags

    Dude do ppl really think normally like this in down south? Ive hated living in ny but this makes me hate it so much more, every single thing he named on that damn list is something i see at school or see around town. One day ill join yall down there, well down some brews and shoot some deer man promise me that to keep me going

  76. Morty Morty

    Hey all you guys out there.. I'm a Aussie chick thru n thru and I love this tune..Rings very true.. I feel so sad for all the Redblooded, down Trodden invisible American/Australia males... Stay proud and Stay true... 💋

  77. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    Never let your woman control you men if you have to go #mgtow then do it keep that man card

  78. Suck Myballs

    “What the hells call me maybe?” 😂 buddy brown will always be my favorite


    I love this song it is sad that some guys don't know how to change a tire I do and I am a teenage girl.

  80. elaine M

    Love it...there are a few more things that will cause a man card to be revoked.... Man bun, wearing skinning jeans that a woman cant even fit in to... And crying like a 2 year old that lost their favorite toy when getting a tattoo.

    Krystal Greenwell

    Or crying like a two year old when there is a power surge and the PlayStation shuts off! ( LMAO)

  81. Josiah Boe

    1:35 ain't got a problem with that all my jeans are 2 inches to long and are cut on both sides and fit perfectly over my boots YEEYEE

  82. Colin Barhorst

    Half my school does not have man card anymore

    James Frank

    It is not just your school I have noticed and seen that half the men in this modren world have lost their man card.

    Gabriel Brotnov

    Joining the military added some points but I aged ten years from when I signed up last year

  83. Ross Theriot

    I've rolled put my jeans past my knee to walk thru the marsh

    Buddy Brown

    That's always permitted Ross. Huck Finn showed us the way.

    L. L.

    Give up that ,mancard , rules are rules ,sorry bruh

  84. Mateusz Mamot

    This song is so funny

    L. L.

    But not funny when a man giving up his man card

  85. Krupp Ratte

    You know, Guys joke about how I never learned to pitch a ball for Baseball and it'd take the man card away, well heck, I throw a ball like it was a Hand grenade, not a baseball, lol.

  86. Krupp Ratte

    Great song.

  87. Krupp Ratte

    Gun Show, heck yeah, bringin' her with me and gettin' a gun for 2x, and her & I are headin' to the range to fire off a few, lol.

  88. tank2449

    at 1:55 those aint guns man! weres the double barrel shotguns, the large caliber pistols. the big bore rifles come on those are some 22 long rifles

  89. Jerry ishcomer

    you know what a man card is it's called a hall pass to have sex with other people and that's the way this world is today we don't get with people and stay with them we get with people for their money and go from one person to the next get a ticket get in line where the theater

  90. Ciara Lindsay

    "What the hell is call me mabey"
    That had me dying😂😂

  91. Hunter Wonsey

    Why are people dissing this song

  92. Teddy Overbaugh

    Great song, seen you in crystal river Saturday and you put on an incredible show

  93. Judith Kirkpatrick

    Why the hell is Buddy Brown so under rated , not fair to him . Come on his music rocks .

    SouthernGhost 1865

    he doesn't fit with the modern country of this day and age, cause tell me just how many well-known singers have that classic sound that weren't performing in the classic era?

  94. Judith Kirkpatrick

    Hell ya' another cool song.thanks

  95. Buschlight 13

    Watch out for the SJW going after toxic masculinity! Can we deport SJW?

  96. Donna C

    Awesome song, Love it!!☺☺☺

  97. Clyde Hall

    Y'all dont know how to change a tire SAD just sad give me that damn man card👨💳

  98. Krista Henderson

    My man My man a better invite me to watch the game with his buddies I'll be dammed if he goes to a gun show without me and he better be buying me a gunbetter invite me to watch the game with his buddies I'll be dammed if he goes to a gun show without me and he better be buying me a gun