Buddy Brown - Different Set Of Rules Lyrics

Her tan legs look good hanging out my old truck window
Way down in South Florida where the state bird is the mosquito
Suddenly we heard gun shots from way across the pasture
Some girls might run but this one broke out in laughter

In the city everybody runs from gun shots
But out here it just signals where the party starts
We're shooting pigeons with an old 12 gauge
Disappear in the wood if you wanna misbehave
It's a 4 wheeler make out session, hot dogs and say the blessing
Cracking country old school
Out here we got a different set of rules
Yeah a different set of rules

Sheriff said he's gonna come out here and crack down on us
But I settled it with a bottle of Jack I left inside his mailbox
With a note that said I'll keep it coming every single week
Funny he ain't been out here now in 2 years I believe

In the city everybody runs from gun shots
But out here it just signals where the party starts
We're shooting pigeons with an old 12 gauge
Disappear in the wood if you wanna misbehave
It's a 4 wheeler make out session, hot dogs and say the blessing
Cracking country old school
Out here we got a different set of rules
Yeah a different set of rules

My brother he don't ever turn on that Nashville radio
If you hear music it's gon' sound like David Allan Coe
Ole billy tears the banjo up just sitting on a stump
We love the Lord, we love our kids, and we all voted Trump

In the city everybody runs from gun shots
But out here it just signals where the party starts
We're shooting pigeons with an old 12 gauge
Disappear in the wood if you wanna misbehave
It's a 4 wheeler make out session, hot dogs and say the blessing
Cracking country old school
Out here we got a different set of rules
Yeah a different set of rules

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Buddy Brown Different Set Of Rules Comments
  1. ghosts of the republic

    why is this NOt on the radio ? AWESOME

  2. Corey Wykoff

    Yall would be fun to hang out with

  3. shieldmaiden000

    I love this!!!

  4. adam kneeland

    if you like this may I recommend Prager U

  5. adam kneeland

    good message good song- this makes my top 10 list

  6. corey driskell

    city girls run because the loudest thing they heard was the machine at Starbucks.

  7. Otto Maguire

    I'm in love with that pickup girl

  8. Jenna Thomas

    Dont change your music because everyone else did!! Keep it great!!

  9. Aly and Dess 2023

    I love this song we all voted for trump as well

  10. Nalu Nahlu

    Ohh love this song

  11. Shiraz Baznet

    I came to the USA from Nepal, and back there I was poor, now I am richer and got a good job. I’m so happy I moved to the USA.

    also MAGA 2020

    Lane Mendenhall

    Hell yeah brother hope your out here in the good ol south

    Shiraz Baznet

    Lane Mendenhall Yup!

  12. gabriel milagro

    Still think it was a good idea to vote trump?

    Derek Horschel

    Absolutely, can't wait to vote for him again.

  13. Vsk_ God

    I was liking it until he said they all voted for trump

    Vsk_ God

    @Lane Mendenhall of course not he's not as good as Ronald Regan or any other president he's a racist coward and he should be deported back to England because last time I checked this land was owned by native Americans


    I know trump isn't the best president but cmon ,he is still 100 times better than any democrat ever

    Full Send Filosophy

    Vsk_ God You must’ve forgot how we conquered this land by kicking ass and taking names. You should deport yourself

    Full Send Filosophy

    Vsk_ God are you mad your welfare check got cut?

  14. Mazie18

    I broke out in laughter when I heard "And we all voted Trump" I absolutely love it. I'm so happy we finally have a good country singer who isn't afraid to say things like that.

  15. josh gibson

    That’s a badass shirt bout to order me one

  16. paper airplane

    Awesome shirt. Know your limit. Love it.

  17. kalebs adventurers rc and more

    I don't I Run from gun shots and I live in the city because it's me that's shooting my friends now it's me and that it me house party

  18. Leigh Barry

    Southern girl here😘 and I can honestly say this song is 100% TRUE 🤗😏🇺🇸 and I'm proud as H€LLL of my culture🐎🐊🌴🏞🔫🔥

  19. Tine Riddell

    To all the yuppies they weren’t actually shooting pigeons. Pigeons is a term for clay shotgun targets that you throw into the air.

    Lane Mendenhall

    I figured everyone knew that

  20. PIndyJones

    Jusy found you. Love it so far.

  21. seatheous robloxian

    I agree with everything but “voting for trump”, didn’t vote at all

  22. Charles Culp

    You are incredible, a real musician. So refreshing

  23. Dan

    love it

  24. Jacob Hall

    “State bird is a mosquito” 😂

  25. Teresa Becker

    Just heard Buddy for 1st time I Love his music

  26. Christy York

    Around here it's the police gun range lol

  27. Shane Hickenbottom

    Haven't heard a song yet from this guy. I didn't love. Buddy's one great artist

  28. Jacob Tillery

    Tried leaving a bottle of Jack in the sherrifs mailbox didn't work

  29. big swish vlogs

    I love it

  30. Colton Mcelroy

    To all y'all who dissliked this song u need better taste in music

  31. Zachury Kautz

    One of the best singers

  32. sarah movie reviewer

    Woo hoo i voted for Trump

  33. xjames212x

    Damm was looking for this over the summer, seemed to have been blackholed - glad its back!!!

  34. CeramicsForLife

    Comanche Nation huh? great grand pappy rape a squaw or are you jumping on some fad band wagon. I wonder how her people feel about O'buddy brown claiming them as family?

  35. G Clem

    Love this song, its so true. Wouldn't change it this way of life


    Snowman and Bandit.

  37. SEND IT

    Love trump in mn

  38. Alina Barth

    I love it! He did an awesome job. 😁😁👍🏻 so true

  39. devour43

    Amen, from Minnesota

  40. Princesspony252

    how many pastures are there in south florida?

  41. im nothing

    buddy brown is underrated <3

    jel2005 .0


  42. Travis Toor

    Anyone know where I can find that know your limits shirt?

    Buddy Brown

    Travis Toor hey brother, www.buddybrowncountry.com/shop

    Travis Toor

    Thank you sir. Love your music

  43. Travis Toor

    FLA 🤘🤘

  44. Ethan Hatley

    New favorite song

  45. D. Fox


  46. dony abboud

    Big dislike,,,, because you removed all your covers of old songs back at 2014 i used to watch you alot now noo,,,add them back

  47. Jonathan Harvey

    You the man buddy brown

  48. Eric Holland

    your one of my favorite artists you speak for the country folk, love your stuff, Buddy Brown!

    Buddy Brown

    Thanks brother - this video just got banned by our communist friends at facebook for using the word "Trump" Kid ya not!
    Trump 2020 Pence 2024-28! Buddy Brown 2032

  49. Adrien


  50. Alex Mclean

    Another good one sir keep em coming

  51. American Pride

    Isn’t it funny when I was like 10 me and my mom were reading on the front porch when we hear gun shots a block away and we just keep sitting on the porch

  52. reality

    Yeah boy maga 2020

  53. Kayleigh Koonce

    They bowfished in this video immediately like button hit!

  54. Patty R

    If everyone in America lived like we do...not a country in the world would mess with us!! And you can bet your LAST dollar that not ONE knee would ever be on our flag during the National Anthem!! Thank God I was born in the south and I’m country strong!!

    liberal democrat socialist slayer

    if i ever had a chance, i would blow out every cowards knee that was down during national anthem! and break every foot and ankle that stood on our american flag and i would do it with pride making those cowards suffer in such horrifying pain!

    Suck Myballs

    Patty R honestly I’m so happy I grew up a country girl and not a city one 😂 idk what I would do if I was scared of mud

    That one dude You don't know

    I wasn't born in the south but I grew up in the Rockies I've watched the liberals take away every liberty y'all enjoy 2 months a year you can barely off road do to mud season yeah that's right No mudding allowed also closes alot of open shooting areas don't let em do it to you ever they can take my liberty after they put a bullet in my head ittle be hard to do while they're on theyre knee disprecting this country and trying get rid of the guns I am a proud American and I can't tell up hear we live by the same set of rules you just gotta find they right people

    Lane Mendenhall

    Some asshole at my school did that I kicked him in his back with my redwings

    the huntsman 884

    Someone told me that they stepped on the American flag he was sent to the hospital next day he better hope no one else sees him

  55. Carolina Hunter

    And city folks think we're shooting real pideons .not clay

    Southeastern Redneck

    claylivesmatter 😂

  56. Daisy Edberg

    I'm laughing out loud I'm humble n crazy about you

  57. Southern Indiana Dipper

    The day you make a bad song is the day I do meth, I’ll be clean forever.

  58. Death Reaper

    This song come on Spotify first didn’t it

  59. The Christian Nationalist

    God I love this song. Perfect for North East Georgia. Born American, Southern by the grace of God.

  60. Dallas Prewitt

    I was wondering if this was ever going to be re-uploaded!

  61. Nicholas Cardone

    I heard this before from You I swear am I going crazy?

    stacy smith

    Me toooo


    he prolly just changed some things love it

    Southeastern Redneck


  62. Lane Marchand

    R.I.P the Bandit

    Southeastern Redneck

    Snowman and Bandit passed 6 days different of 10 years exact. RIP Stroker Ace

  63. Jared Ferguson

    her tan lefs look good.... comon buddy...

    Josh Matts

    That misspelling was the queer test and Jared failed cause he should have been looking at them legs! lmfao

  64. Todd Kersey

    Buddy brown you the man

  65. Jacob Garcia

    Glad to see you back.

  66. djteddy bear

    Buddy You Got Another No#1 HIT !!!

  67. Tractor Nation

    Hey y’all Can I get some subscribers I’ve got a very patriotic channel 🇺🇸

  68. Matt Friedman

    Please come out to southern california


    that'll be the day! lmao Buddy would be deported by your state govt! kidding aside glad to hear some of y'all are listening to him out there! maybe theres hope

  69. Lisa Whatley

    Nothing like living in the country. What a great song. Kids and trump HELL YEAH♥️

    Southeastern Redneck

    Don't forget God!

  70. Duke Mickey Sr.

    Thank you for putting this track back up. My son and I would don't this song together like you and your boy at the end of the original version

  71. Spencer Moreno


    Southeastern Redneck


  72. texasjacktombstone

    1:43 God Bless Burt Reynolds! RIP

  73. Rev-It Outdoors

    Amazing video Buddy! Keep up the great work!

  74. Buddy Brown

    "We love the Lord, we love our kids and we all voted Trump!" Sure can't find stuff like this on country radio! Y'all be sure to FOLLOW ME on Spotify & Apple Music!!

    dony abboud

    Put your old videos back iwant to listen to them 😡😡😡

    Nick Carey

    By far my favorite line on any song

    Nick Carey

    You do need to come do a show in Idaho though

  75. Josh Matts

    the part about paying off the sheriff in payments of Jack Daniels to stay outta his party had me rollin

  76. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

    I don't run from no gun shots there so frequent in my city I just ignore them and go on with my day lol.


    To be real, it is just wannabe gangstas shooting themselfes, there is nothing to be scared

  77. gingersnap82081

    "Where the state bird is the mosquito" lmao So true, welcome to the South!


    mosquitoes will carry you off in north dakota too; not just a southland thing!

  78. Angie Miller

    Buddy Brown is the G.O.A.T!!!!

    American Pride

    Angie Miller ok that’s from fallout 43 right

    Cinaboi 01

    It's from fallout 3

  79. Lisa Call

    2:18 is the best part!!!!!


    Trump/Pence 2020

    the huntsman 884

    Hell yeah man

  80. Eli's Whatever i feel like doing


    I love it

    RackEmJonas #Trump2020

    Lane Mendenhall is clay pigeons bro.. Or skeet depending on where you're from.

    RackEmJonas #Trump2020

    Lane Mendenhall tagged wrong person

    Jacob Stripling

    Amen, that should be all Americans

  81. Mitchell Reese

    God Bless You, God Bless Alex Jones, InfoWars, President Donald J. Trump, and the United States of America. Trump 2020!!! Tyranny Response Team!!!

  82. Alex Jones

    Amazing video and signing. Plus didn't know you living in Florida when our you coming to Tallahassee, Florida

  83. Warcheifton Daniel

    1st comment! And been here since 30k followers!


    80K now! plus about 450K on FB hell yeah Buddy! This is real country state of mind!

    Doug Carter