Buddy Brown - Bounty Hunter Lyrics

Heard a knock on my door
I'd been pacing the floor
Waiting for them
Two dark figures sit down
Strike a match off the ground
The three of us lean in

They put a map on the table
And a bag of brand new cash
Told me this town's got a killer
And the money's yours if you bring him back

So out that door on my horse
Grab my hat and my gun
Where's his tracks, what's his name
God I can't wait to run

'Cause it's time
To send a killer straight back to hell
And a bounty hunter
Is what I am

I'll shoot him down on a hillside
And pump him full of lead
Or bring him right back to jail
But he'll wish he was dead

I've been ridin' two weeks
Tracking this dirty beast
Deep in the woods
One night my horse he got spooked
I jumped off and I move
To hind behind a bush

And we let off all our gunfire
When it ended he was on his back
His face looked just like his picture
Ugly outlaw with a black mustache

Back on that road on my horse
Grab my hat and my gun
Found his tracks, know his name
Man I can't wait to run

'Cause it's time
To send a killer straight back to hell
And a bounty hunter
Is what I am

I shot him down on a hillside
And pumped him full of lead
I'll bring his ass back to jail
But he's already dead

I rode back into town
They had to see it themselves
They asked what I'd do with all the money
I told 'em I'd go buy more shells

(That's right)

Heard a knock on my door
I'd been pacing the floor
Waiting for them

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Buddy Brown Bounty Hunter Comments
  1. Tysonharris17

    Make this a truck session

  2. Rebel vlogz

    I would love to hear more songs like this

  3. Roy Fairchild


  4. Tina K

    I had a good friend that was a Bounty Hunter.. I sure do miss him.. 😔 Love this song.. Makes me think about him.. 💖🙏

  5. Roy Fairchild

    HELL YEA!!!

  6. dondale68

    Just stumbled across one of your videos ''If this country still had balls'', I'm already hooked! You're gonna make it big, ain't heard real talent in a long time!

  7. Lively Rook

    Just casually playing this in the back ground while playing RDR

  8. Cherri Splash

    This fits Star Wars Bounty Hunters well.

  9. Cody Bedwell

    Definitely not for the easily offended and entitled. Easily it would be the best job in the world

  10. M. Shane Putman

    I grew up on stories of Louis L'Amour and the Sackett and Talon families... I will be a person of handshake and my word until the day I die because of it. Let your word be your bond. If people stand behind you, protect them, if they stand beside you, respect them, if they stand against you, destroy them.

  11. edward holt

    I,ve Listened to about 30 of His songs now and every single one is really good music

  12. edward holt

    I've never heard of this guy until today on youtube. This guy's music, Buddy Brown , His music is awesome.

  13. wolf master

    2.years later and this is still my favorite you've posted

  14. Miles The Incredible!

    YT sets up playlists for me based on music I usually listen to.....today, to my surprise, about three quarters and a half of the playlist was Buddy Brown songs..xD only country artist that's still alive (I hope) that I love songs from

  15. Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Great song I love to listen to it but I am vet so I like alot song you sing

  16. Joshua Snyder

    This is the first I've heard of buddy brown and it won't be the last of my listening. I'm a bounty hunter in training in ME and let me tell you how inspiring this shit is.

  17. slender169101

    Well Bounty HUnting has ended in California.. there went my love..

  18. Connor Furiato

    We need more country music like this on the radio and a hell of a lot less of the pop "country"

  19. GoodKingMallet 08

    I would rather listen 2 this while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 🤠

  20. Dale Herron

    Dam good song.

  21. Joshua Baxter

    This has got to be my favorite song of yours

  22. pg1171

    Awesomw song Buddy! Leep up the great work! Just heard about you a couple of days ago, and I was hooked from the first song (If this Country Still Had Balls). Trashville got nothin on you!

  23. Jerry Outterson


  24. glenn utter

    Super Awesome man.Thanks for the real music.

  25. Elizabeth Foster

    I am bounty hunter

    Jacob Balderas

    Same here! What area are you from?

    Bad Boys Bail Bond

    Looks like a few of us Hunters are into this song. Haha! Be safe out there everybody.

    R&H Bail bonds

    Bad Boys Bail Bond seems some of us need to ask buddy if we can use this as our theme song I mean R&H still uses horses on the hunt lol

  26. divarin666

    Citizen: what will you do with all that money
    Bounty Hunter: buy more shells


  27. David Morris

    I'm going to get a license to be bounty hunter! Love the song Buddy ! Thanks and keep them coming.

    R&H Bail bonds

    David Morris two years later any luck getting that licenses?

  28. chilly dog

    Great musician. Unique individual who refused to sell out. Keep truckin BB

  29. Zane Klynowsky

    started listening to your songs last night and I love your music

  30. Johnathan Davis

    Buddy Brown for president!


    Johnathan Davis AMEN!!!

  31. Jeremiah Winters

    most awesome tune luv ya so kewl yr greatness

    Joseph Redmon

    Jeremiah Winters what would be great is if you could talk like you were educated


    Another Kickin Ass Tune
    Old West Justice
    Would Stop The BS Today

  33. Johnathan Wicker

    probably one of my favorite buddy brown songs

  34. jambob9421

    your going to be very popular

  35. Brandon m

    I don't know who this guy is but I'm on board speaks my language yeeyee

  36. lance dunckley

    are you still making music?

  37. Nicholas Dellinger

    You are one hell of a singer

  38. Dallas H.

    I think your solo acoustics sound alot better because they have more truth and power behind them.

  39. R C

    In order of awesomeness:

    Bounty Hunter
    I Call BS on That
    Piggly Wiggly
    My Big Ol' Truck
    The Judge
    What Any Boy'd Do

    Triple H

    You forgot "If this country still had balls"

  40. Andrew Ebert

    What movies are the pictures from?

  41. Robert Pingley

    more westerns like tombstone.. I agree there should be alot more westerns, maybe kids today wouldn't be acting like gang bangers.

    Brandon Jeffries

    Tombstone is one of my favorite movies

    William Foster

    Damn straight I love DOC HOLIDAY and Billy the kid.

  42. Jeremiah Winters

    gotta love this awesomness

  43. matt chadwick

    Gotta say I love your music you are what country music is supposed to be I have all of your albums/ep's pretty sure not a day goes by that I don't listen to your music please keep chasing the dream can't wait till your selling out stadiums

  44. Tommy Libby

    I'd like to write a part 2 to this the Outlaws Version

  45. Brennin Min

    is there any way to download all of your songs on my android phone

    Buddy Brown

    Sure is man they're on Amazon

    Brennin Min

    thank you I will need to figure how to do that


    Brennin Min Yes there is. It's called Flvto. Downloadable from the google play store. Just look for the orange or blue background with the horizontal white squiggle. Thats it. Works great for me!

  46. VULTCH120

    Love the western ballads. Not heard any good ones since Marty Robbins until now! Keep it going Buddy !!

    Buddy Brown

    Got another one coming for you this Spring. Gonna be awesome


    @Buddy Brown omfg yes!!! I'm a huge fan! My names Travis and I just absolutely wish these modern "country" singers would follow your footsteps. I'm a Fugitive Recovery Agent (bounty hunter) and I play this song every single day and sing it loud and proud ❤🤘🏻💪🏻

  47. Alex Steffey

    always loved westerns since I've been little. This song is absolutely amazing. sad that I can't turn on my radio and hear quality music like this

  48. Shelia Lindsay

    Buddy Brown keep the good work up I Love your music

  49. camoandboots

    i rarely buy full albums but I had to on this one every song is 1000x better than trashville country radio

  50. foxworthyfan12

    best song on the new album man!!! played it 200 times already

  51. Buddy Brown

    There needs to be more Westerns these days - songs and movies. I added this song as the last track on "I Call BS on That" and it's hands down my favorite. I didn't care if anyone else ever got as excited about it as I did but I had to record this song. Darker songs have always been my favorite and I remember writing this one thinking...well hell yes!!!

    William Foster

    I wished this song was in the the movie TOMBSTONE I love DOC HOLIDAY"I'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY"

    Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Buddy Brown I agree

    Ben The Misfit

    Buddy Brown my brother saw you live at Ft. Knocks! I would love if you would come to Ft. Bliss I'll buy you a beer! This is my favorite song, I've saved all your songs for when I drive but this song is my absolute favorite!


    Hello Mr. Buddy Brown I love this song and was wondering if I could use it for video recording. This channel will be full credited and a link to it will be put.
    Thank you.


    Hell yes!!!

  52. Dallas H.

    First comment woo woo