Buddy - Awesome Awesome Lyrics

Jordan 12s for my shoes
BBC to my clothes
Fiji water for my pools
And plus I got Nike socks on my toes
Everywhere that I go
I gots to have my bros
And a couple MILFs for all of my poles
But I don't really care too much about those
I'm talking Mercedes Benz for my whip
G-class would be perfect
Two stacks for my tip
Tell the waitress make it worth it
We never packing that light noise
That's right boys we hurting ya'll
My flow goes all night boys
Make white boys go surfing

Aye bruh
Don't get gassed man
I could be the match to your gas can
Girls on my jock cause they want some, want some more
And they heard that I got that
Nigga that Awesome Awesome...

The way I'm swagging on this song
Niggas' scunching they nose
Making they faces like somebody stanking
That's me cause I bring that funk
If you don't think I'm on
You should come see my shows
Gotta couple of MILFs and they trying to get low
But if you finna to drink then I'm bringing my own
And if you trying to get banged on
There's a place you can go
Called Compton, California, my home
West Side, you already know
Couple places that you know you can't go
Got bracelets all on they ankles
They shoot you in the face just for a peso
When they jeans hang low and the fiends stay low

Aye bruh
Don't get gassed man
I could be the match to your gas can
Girls on my jock cause they want some, want some more
And they heard that I got that
Nigga that Awesome Awesome...

(Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...
Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...
Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...)

Gangsta niggas from my team
My main girl's bionic
All about my cream
You can see a gushing out of my wallet
Let me tell you something ironic
Seen this girl and her butt was stupid
But the moment she told me she wasn't a fan, was the same moment she blew it
Screw it
Let me tell you how I do it
Here's a banger to prove it
Where the beat go "boom boom boom boom"
Ya'll know ya'll lose it
If you got a small mouth please don't do it
The homie got a burner and he ain't afraid to use it
Getting money from all of my music
I'm not trying to loop it
I ain't stupid

Aye bruh
Don't get gassed man
I could be the match to your gas can
Girls on my jock cause they want some, want some more
And they heard that I got that
Nigga that Awesome Awesome...

(Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...
Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...
Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
That That...)

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Buddy Awesome Awesome Comments
  1. Jay Ester

    He came out a lil too early if he drop this video in today’s generation it would’ve blew up. Probably hotter than CHOPPA 🧐

  2. Eric B

    BBC for my clothes 🖖

  3. ȘoimulX

    2020? I'm not.

  4. jnixongo00

    Status symbol 1, 2 n 3

  5. Tom houdek

    My song

  6. Brandon Clark

    It amazing the Buddy and Pharrell combination did not blow up super mainstream

  7. Rudraksh Sharma

    January 2019🌀🌀🌀

  8. cam cokas

    1000 beat 👀

  9. fay from day


  10. Joshua Lynch

    So I guess he’s not signed to star trak

  11. GHOST

    WHYYYYYY????? its so good, but not included in gta5

  12. Cora Lewis

    Awesome Awesome

  13. SaMergloW

    SLAPS NICE A.F ... !! 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Maks kneb

    the Neptunes beat is crazy

  15. Cracaphat

    A vid of black fools robbing a Korean store? O....K..... never.

  16. A Starr

    2017 in dis

  17. Tanguy Peron

    Damn buddy 2017 🔥

  18. Corey Owens

    Why this man getting so much hate? He's dope

  19. ひ1


  20. andrew derenoff

    Beat is hard af.

  21. Swoozle

    I think this song was deleted from GTA because he mentions Nike

  22. Matthew Lynch

    This kid is soft


    He makes music, he doesn't gangbang. Doesn't need to be hard, you clown.

  23. Matthew Lynch

    Did he say he sucks on white boys? Wtf...lmao

  24. Terrell Hunt

    this fire

  25. KyleActive1

    really needs to put this on spotify

  26. Tawanda Namb

    he looks like the male version of sid the dude 'the irony'

    Vasiliy the Cleverest

    Tawanda N Female version!

  27. K K

    akons son

  28. Djigga Carter

    So this guy do only 2 songs ????

    100% Gang

    Djigga Carter nah , he have an album , check in itunes

  29. Ace Ventura

    Its funny because if he released this today I feel like it would have blown up

  30. Dookie_N3RD

    need that new album boy!

  31. ihatemeisuck

    can anyone recommend me similar beats?

    Brian DelaBarrera

    P the GOAT

    Kyon Fernandes

    Supreme Kyy on Soundcloud

  32. Kevin Nguyen

    This song was supposed to be in GTA 5

  33. Ashley Bradley

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 bumping in 2016

  34. Jermaine Whitaker

    Buddy's dope

  35. joeysosa

    rap finished

  36. DjFettstank

    this will be on gta 5 soon :)

  37. Gürhan A.

    thank you very much for a crappy 160kbps mp3 download link! smh, these cats are still living in the 90s.


    Gürhan A. How much did you pay for it?

  38. keno world

    Yea I heard

  39. Alex Aguilar

    Gta5. Forreal

  40. DineRoOutaMind

    This nigga finna be on gta 5 in the new dlc

    Z & T

    Hell yeah GTA brout me here

  41. Ism M

    Gta 5 ?

  42. Chuck Brown

    Awesome song.

  43. daniellopesz

    I know this videoclip for about 2 years and i realise now that pharrel williams is in the back 

  44. Andrew Lim


  45. Konstantin Royzman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  46. Albert Johnson

    3 yrs for his mixtape to come out.

  47. freaknesss

    Buddy is finally releasing his debut mixtape on February 25th after 3 years...

    former inner city youth

    @freaknesss yall young kids don't realize that artists would be signed to a label for years before they released music...famous on the internet doesn't always mean real life fame

    R J

    @Perry Walker young kids? you SHOULD know this as a young kid....age don't mean nothing at all

  48. MDSLAYER47

    A delete Song From GTA V From Radio Los Santos

    BeamerBoy 357

    late reply but you read that from the wiki xD that's where i came from

  49. DrugzRKoool

    Ha, this nigga looks like he's 12 years old. Go to school, kid, and leave rap to the adults.

    Cracka Please

    thats funny you mean adults like lil wayne and every other rapper that raps about pussy money weed cause thats absolute shit compared to this guy... instead of lookin for a catchy hook why dont u actually look at the lyrics in the songs. basic bitches these days smh


    He might look 12 but bet he has more money than you.

  50. C Ryan

    That reece ft buddy slaps

  51. avery mcreynolds

    i disappointed that Pharrel gave this beat to this kid, he's awful

    ilovemyself 20

    avery mcreynolds it’s so crazy you said that but buddy music is even more dope then ever now well known

    Outer Space

    Remember you wrote this LOL check him out now.lol

  52. eggmatic

    Never too old. He produced this. He can do whatever he wants. LOL.

  53. Philip J. Cry

    Ain't Pharrell a little too old to be at that party?

  54. shaneP6k

    Anyone else think Migos on Versace has the same flow as buddy in this song

  55. NeetyNeet

    everyone looks like they r still in high school...

  56. DLS Beats

    Best rapper I discovered this year. He can take it real far.

  57. Paul Wood

    How in the fuck did a god damned Religious debate get started on a god damned hip hop video?!?!?!?!?! Go spread that somewhere else

  58. Terance Homicile

    He also works as a volunteer with first and second graders, with the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, and at the American Cancer Society. <--- just an except from a article yo

  59. Terance Homicile

    Simmie Sims, who attends Long Beach Renaissance High School, has demonstrated outstanding service in the community through his involvement in youth groups, his school, and his church. He has used his talents as a singer, dancer, writer, director, and actor to create a multi-ethnic dance group at school that brings students of various ethnic backgrounds together to promote cultural interaction.

  60. fuckinghairztyle

    uhmm están bien buenos!

  61. Thuster Mape

    Yea Bitch

  62. spadedot

    Fuck that. I want Pharrell and Pusha T on this beat!

  63. fuk yew

    that white bitch wasnt even all that


    This is 2-chainz music lol.

  65. Coon Modee

    this kid not half bad, he keep doing shit k.dot can only help him

  66. mettaworldpeace

    i just came back after listening to it just to tell you that it was still "meh"

  67. Patrick Kuawo

    Underrated ...

  68. Matt Ayars

    brittnee is bad but shes a bitch lol

  69. soa west

    this is THE SHIT!!!!!!!!

  70. Matt Dubois

    Its impossible to find this dude since his names Buddy....

  71. Divine Zeal


  72. Ego Talk Records

    I listened that song as well as others but "Bell Ring" is only one song where he's ok in, I just don't see what P sees in this dude

    Joshua Courtney

    Lol 6 years later

  73. darnell castillo

    i hope he a real skater

  74. J Wilson


  75. MaxKirk21

    yea seriously i dont get it like he's definitely not bad but he doesnt stick out in any way

  76. Porcmaniz

    Merci Ofive :)

  77. Martin Don

    exactly this song made me start rating him and listening to him.. hes going to be big, worst hes with PHARELL shitt

  78. Austin Hardy

    So much hate cuz.

  79. Matt Ayars

    the girl with the curly hairs twitter @beeestingz

  80. Dewan Choudhury

    Westside you already know

  81. Jordan Harris

    What did you think a teenager was gonna do in this video?

  82. TheMuseDefined

    ok #mused

  83. Aram Barnett

    this video sucks

  84. ridinthrough

    seen this girl and her butt was stupid.

  85. DisplayName

    stealing...touching a girls ass....girls fighting...very original. -_-

  86. HOA Bossman

    this goes hard for a young nigga.

  87. brian cywan

    You bring shame to Compton. this is so bad, its disrespectful to all of the great emcees out of Compton. Shame on you...

  88. missjohn person

    ! SICKSHIT !

  89. Patrick Johnson

    Hahahah when he steals chips and cookies and just peaces out.

  90. ggfan18

    Nahh he was to short to be Tyler

  91. john doe

    Does he got any mixtapes or anything out right now?

  92. Mike Epps

    This kid is horrible. He is wack. I've never heard a rap this bad!!!!!!

  93. KdKoala

    So, billionaire boys steal chips from di shop...

  94. Tory

    this song and video go hard