Bucks Fizz - I Hear Talk Lyrics

It's never been easy living with you
Dish of the season fishing for truth
But we got it rolling right on the track
Here's to the future with no turning back
We're taking half and half in mystery
We're making love to love so easily
And still I can't believe what's going round
I don't believe you'd ever let me down

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall
Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk

I look in your eyes and what do I see
Everything I needed looking at me
Beyond all suspicion dreams on the side
Hold that position ticket to ride
So when it's all wrapped up
Like it's meant to be
The only trap that's left is jealousy
And still I can't believe what's going round
I don't believe you'd ever let me down

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall
Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk

Chinese whispers circulate
There's a news man leaning on the garden gate
If you don't wanna headline better use your head
'Cause I heard someone say something you said

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall
Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk

Talk talk talk

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Bucks Fizz I Hear Talk Comments
  1. Sarahyorkshirelass Fuller

    I loved Bucks Fizz they were my absolute favourite I was their number one fan. So had so many brilliant songs, yet when I was at school people used to take the piss. Didn't care I absolutely adored them 💕 ❤️

  2. Sarahyorkshirelass Fuller

    Just before Jay left.

  3. Patrick Rancourt

    Gr8 80s

    1st time hear this song & first time see this clip tonight

  4. Lorenzo

    This is one of the best '80s pop music songs! I really love its positive and joyful vibe. It should have been a hit worldwide.

  5. SilverStarEyes

    Bobby G looks like Don Johnson

  6. David LoganSr

    I don’t recall their songs from the 70’d-80’s but now I am a fan! Sorry to read that the one fellow died! Really Good Group! Wonder why they didn’t do better in ‘Murica? They deserved better!


    David LoganSr Nobody died!

    David LoganSr

    Ok, I went back and reread the article and he had been given last rights, but survived. Plane crash I think.


    @David LoganSr it was a coach crash

  7. trevor brown

    Love the fantastic drumming and Calypso style brass in this. A really well constructed and sung pop song. Think there might even be a touch of Hammond organ in there somewhere. Bring back the 80s, when life was so much more fun and colourful.

  8. amy clarke

    bf 84 😎i

  9. Carmendeia Mercificado

    Hey Bobby..... keep safe, wait for my 20's or maybe 30's age, I'm gonna marry you soon.

  10. Beorn Tordensjold

    One of my exes bears a striking resemblance to Jay.  Maybe that's why I was attracted to her in the first place...

  11. Sebastian Chirinos

    Who is listening And Watching That in 2019?

  12. Joey Jeremiah

    This band made very good music.

  13. ZanduckTV2

    Seems odd it’s a Christmassy video but not a Christmas themed song.

  14. Sebastian Chirinos

    Who is watching that in 2018?

  15. Freddy Tovar

    en español , la canto Melissa ( se llama A VOLAR ) BUSCARLA : ES MEJOR VERSIÓN

  16. Steve

    Here cos Ken Bruce played it on his show today 😄


    Me too.😉

    amy clarke

    Bf 84 😚gps

  17. Ady Banner

    Yum Yum ;)

  18. Ivor Tomana

    Great times, great music ! ;-)

  19. Alan Fox

    Bucks fizz don't get play enough on the radio this is a good example why they should be heard on the airwaves.

  20. Richard Dale

    Great song!

  21. wrestlingfan4ever76

    I completely forgot about this song. Now I love it.

  22. tysona23

    Such a great song should have been top ten . I still love it

  23. supersimon22

    Jay looking much more enthusiastic here than on the TV shows doing promos for this. Presumably a video director was telling her to smile!

  24. macmacreynolds

    2:38 The lady in the pink overcoat and purple tights sure looks sexy!

  25. CeeJay B

    1985 when i first heard it... in Vancouver, It was huge.

  26. Tyrone Tucker

    love this song, one of their best

  27. juanjo rodriguez

    The spanish version is more electro pop. A VOLAR.. wonderful

  28. Trent Fordham

    This reminds me so much of the late 80s and going to a club that played this on a regular basis. Oh, memories.

  29. PeruchoPastrulo

    There is a version of this song in Spanish called "A volar" (literally "to fly" but in this case could be translated as -I'll fly-) sang by Melissa, a female Venezuelan-peruvian singer. The song was actually a hit in 1986.

  30. Iceman naz

    bring back bucks fizz

    James Kennedy

    Their back!!

    amy clarke

    but without bob he was not nice !😣

    Mark Fox

    @James Kennedy 'their' lol

  31. RJ McAllister

    There were several factors at the time: the bus crash sidelined Mike Nolan for much of 1985, and this is one of the last Jay Aston tracks before her departure and Shelley Preston's arrival. RCA was being bought out by Bertelsmann as well and Bucks Fizz were not in their plans; a short tour of the US was apparently planned for 1985 but scuttled after the bus crash. The song was re-done in 1986, with Preston filling Aston's vocals, for the Polydor LP, now-ironically titled "Writing on the Wall" The LP featured three old RCA songs, a cover of Stephen Stills' "Love the One You're With" and some actual gems no one got to hear much. What a mess; this group deserved better over here, and it appears much of the UK had had enough by then as well, though single "New Beginning" did manage a top-10 in the UK. Polydor seemed more concerned with relaunching the Moody Blues here in the US at the time, and they did with "Your Wildest Dreams".

  32. Ziggy Japan

    I was 7 when the won the Eurovison, they were great.

    Alan Fox

    Snap same as me.

    amy clarke

    Perfer them not in Eurovision 😶

  33. karen holbrook

    lovely song

  34. michelle collins

    what a tune 💘💘

  35. michelle collins

    what a tune 💘💘

  36. 80s beginner

    29.3.16 --> two stupid clowns can't hear........
    ........talk ;-)

  37. Andrew Bell

    great tune

    Rahana ahmad

    Andrew Bell jm

  38. Hobby2Day

    So much great memories! Thank you for sharing!!!

  39. ZanduckTV2

    Are they in a studio for the external scenes, you can't see their breath in the cold air! I hope that's not a real fur coat Cheryl! Jay looks a bit foxy as a serving wench. Great middle eight. Apparently this and You & Your Heart So Blue were to be featured in a film.

  40. Rob Parker

    Jay has some quite amazing hair extensions in this video!!

  41. Andrew Berry

    Can't believe this wasn't a bigger hit

    amy clarke

    it's in my head today for no reason !😀

    redeemer l

    It was in my ears.. i mind i first saw this on a saturday morning keith chegwin show


    summer sun Do you mean Saturday Superstore? I remember they played the video after announcing that Mike Nolan had come out of his coma, following the coach crash.

    Mark Fox

    @Andrew Berry - but on the other hand they probably know the difference between THERE and THEIR. It's always amusing when some little twat like you says something unpleasant about someone else while revealing that they themselves possess the language skills of a 6 year old. Moron.

    Ralph Jackson

    MrMrMr and ZanduckTV2 Oh my God,I remember that now. This song was out as a single around Christmas/New Year in 1984-85. I think I remember seeing it,as well as things like the Frog Chorus (and the denouement of some drama my parents watched,set in Roman times with a mute girl in it),on TV around then amid those various holiday season get-togethers visiting and being visited by different parts of the family,etc.

  42. TiMatitYah YsrayL

    +euronick61 +mikecullenful +Corinne Owen
    If U liked the song U should check out the Teen Dream cover of the song from '87. It's done with stronger vocals, more energy & enhanced musicianship.
    after listening to the other version take a listen to 2 new mixes that I made not 2 long ago, & enjoy. I have more Musik & truth lessons on soundcloud. just find me, TiMatitYah. Shalom & YAH bless.

    Sweet True SouL Musik
    House / Dance soundz


    Good song but i prefer the Teen Dream version from 1987

  44. Kevin White

    It is another brilliant Andy Hill/ Pete Sinfield song, like Land of Make Believe and Heart of Stone, but probably not bigger because they could not promote it the way that they had promoted their previous hit Talking In Your Sleep. Huge in the US gay clubs in 1986.

  45. Highlander 1969

    @ euronick61. Yep, it's surprising it didn't fair better here in the UK chart. It charted mid January 1985 just 4 weeks after the horrific coach crash that injured all band members and which Mike Nolan was in a coma where he almost died.
    It's UK Top 40 chart run was: -34-34-34-37-

    Chris Flegg

    I know i am 4months behind here, but it always amazes me how badly they feared in the charts. They were hardly ever out of the media eye, and only achieved 3 UK number ones! To me they are kinda like Sonia, she was not very successful at the time but we never forget her!


    Bucks Fizz was nerver popular as a drink with straights. Also they were not from the states. Brass sounds good but where is the remix base? Instrumental, pauses wander off the floor. Here is Wikis def on the drink :" The Buck's Fizz is an alcoholic drink made of two parts orange juice to one part Champagne. Some older recipes list grenadine as an additional ingredient, but the International Bartenders Association recipe does not include it" . Orange Champagne - come on... Good song for radio though.

    James Bradshaw

    +xdj89 Did you ever come back to re-read this the next day, when you'd sobered up? Just curious.

  46. Corinne Owen

    Bucks Fizz were my first fave pop group lol happy days :-) xx

  47. Bernie9679

    creo que esta version es mejor que la de melissa... por alguna razon no es irritante jejeje

    ramon gimenez

    Estilos diferentes


    neskutocne nadherna skladba.snad najlepsia od BUCK FIZZ.

  49. Fred Richards

    it's a shame that bobby is not with them anymore,

  50. euronick61

    No, I haven't heard it..i shall look out for it

    This song was huge in the gay clubs in 1984/85 and was number 1 in the gay dance charts for weeks

  51. euronick61

    This song is excellent and so under rated...why did it only get to number 34 in the UK charts?..it should have been top 10 at least

    Ralph Jackson

    It was stuck at number 34 for three weeks in a row in January 1985.