Buckley, Tim - The Healing Festival Lyrics

Black tan brown and white
Repeat the order and we've tried
All the lovely little steps
That hope turn the eyes
And footsteps of you
Friend to lend for once
Behold that healing festival
Complete for an instant
The dance figure pure constellation

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Buckley, Tim The Healing Festival Comments
  1. buriedverydeep

    Total Absolute Complete GENIUS

  2. Flimsy B

    The very first noises you hear are actually tims voice/ vocal shrieks layered to sound like a brass instrument..extraordinary really...genius.

  3. Christopher Carlone


  4. bltcht

    This sounds nothing like the National Anthem. Both have a repetitive bassline under a chaotic free jazz -sounding brass section, and that's it. The bassline is different and the saxophones play differently. Get over yourselves.

    This is a pretty amazing song thought, I'm not saying otherwise.

  5. J. Huxley

    More like Mars Volta then Radiohead

  6. rabbitsandcarrots

    Ballsy song. Of course influence abounds in music.. Its important and helps musicians become inventive. But to say Radiohead copied this though is pretty ludicrous. They might have similar elements but The National Anthem is a different beast. People are acting like Radiohead pulled a Vanilla Ice. Get over it.

  7. MrJonbil37

    I can´t accept that everything in music was invented in the 50´s. What about the 60´s pop, psychedelia, protest-song, folk-rock and else?. On the other hand, Radiohead deserve credit because it´s unusual to see a band changing completely their music style after mainstream success, switching from guitar sound to keyboard-oriented sound. Ok Computer is their best collection of songs and Kid A is their most challenging album. The rest of their catalogue is erratic, in my opinion.

  8. MrJonbil37

    OK, I ´ll give you that. Maybe "copy" wasn´t the proper word to use, but I think the two are very similar songs in brass structure, those Coltrane-ish "trumpets in fugue". Don´t get me wrong, I like Radiohead, they have very good musical taste but they haven´t invented anything, unlike Tim Buckley.

  9. Kane B

    Tim Buckley was absolutely fearless. He just did whatever kind of music he wanted, no matter who it might piss off. Such a shame he died so young, and it's a shame former fans would abandon him whenever he changed his style. I think all his work is great - the more conventional folk, the avant-garde, the "sex funk" - I love it all.

    Ludovica Pugliese

    Kane B Do you think that he did what he wanted in the last albums?


    I personally don’t believe Sefronia was exactly what he wanted (but I does has a couple of his best songs in my opinion) with the title track and Because of you. But I fully believe he did what he wanted with Look at the fool, the passion and fun is abundant on that album.

  10. Samba C

    Buckley recorded this on Zappa's Straight records- which was no major label.

  11. MrJonbil37

    I can´t belive this gem was written 42 years ago. By the way, Radiohead copied (no, stole) the rythm section of this track to write "The national anthem" from KID A. As simple as that!

  12. Tony Gambini

    @marquettefootball 99.5% of major label musicians today would never have the balls to attempt anything like this.

  13. BilisNegra

    @marquettefootball Yep¡¡!! And what about the album's title song¿¿?? Not for tender stomachs, it's a love-it or-hate-it album. (I love it, of course).

  14. 9Salvio4

    I love this song !!