Buckley, Tim - Stone In Love Lyrics

Just like the sun chase the moon around
Just like the fox, he chase the rabbit down
Well I've been wantin' you woman
But it ain't no habit
No don't you come too near me
'Cause I'm a liable to grab it
'Cause I'm a stone in love
I can almost taste it, I can almost taste it
Lord I'm a and I was born not to waste it, mmm...
Born not to waste it Lord
Oh, now baby, I got midnight fever
You're young enough to catch me
And you're old enough to tease me
When we start shakin'
Down to the bone
I get so crazy
I can't leave you alone

Oh, now woman a we're gonna roll you
We're gonna' shake it on down to the bone
We're gonna party, honey
All night long
'Til the folks next door move back to Cocomo

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