Buckley, Tim - Starsailor Lyrics

I am a bee out in the fields of winter
And though I memorized the slope of water
Oblivion carries me on his shoulder
Beyond the suns I speak and circuits shiver
But though I shout the wisdom of the maps
I am a salmon in the ring shape river

Composer's notes. Harmonic structure: a set of horizontal vocal lines
Is improvised in at least three ranges, the vertical effect
Of which is atonal tone clusters and arhythmic counterpoint

Performance: the written melody is to be sung, after which
The lines of lyric are to be reordered at will and sung
To improvised melody, taking advantage of the opportunity
For quartertones, third note lengths, and flexible tempo

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Buckley, Tim Starsailor Comments
  1. b sos

    Is there a live version where he’s singing in original key?

    Jonell Pangle-Merriweather

    b sos This is the only live version I’ve found, which I prefer https://youtu.be/jjdK-jUiOI4

  2. Alexander Yubari


  3. ᅚtheneedledrop


    Oivalf Music

    Back to back Jeff Buckley/Tim Buckley review.

  4. Gil Saraiva

    This is my favourite Buckley period

  5. duck king

    thanks i only heard the live version where hes wearing that sweet giant brown sweater :D

  6. intlkeyboards

    like an old tom cat
    lord i love to parade

  7. Frederik Mannlicher

    Space, where the f... you got all of this Tim Buckley-repository ? Who are you ? I`ve been there  in 1984 and tried that too all along the Santa Monica Boulevard, fromThe Troubadour to Barney`s Beanery and up the hill backwords and so on and so that, but it`s up to people like You to spread the art of one of the most underrated artists (by the mass of def and dumb listeners) to the unenlightened. Keep it going Baby ! Thx a lot ! Tell me who You are.

  8. Man O'Neal

    Sweet Surrender is one of the sexiest songs ever. I love the combination of unabashed hedonism and thoughtful reflection.

  9. Grupa D

    guys I have just got today a cd copy of starsailor from a japanese friend of mine who went to japan. Basically the only place that you can buy a cd copy of starsailor is japan. It's from a collection of so called SHM-CD's. I'm so happy right now even though i don't know if these shm-cd's really sounds better but nerthless the quality of sound is good.

  10. GmmacMusic

    so experimental!! llovee itt

  11. andrew kilik

    @BlackSabbathory this song especially maaaaaan

  12. NovaScotiaChick

    I was first smitten by Tim when I heard Sweet Surrender in the eighties, so his later work, but this, no, I would not have given this one another thought. So I'm glad it was Sweet Surrender that got me hooked. :)

  13. james m

    @andrew19vato Starsailor is such a great album, yeah!! I think it may actually be my favourite. My favourite song off of it is Monterey, by far. And this song is epic, as is The Healing Festival, Song to the Siren. I really love Tim's early stuff, but I find it strange how so many people (including some of his best friends) naysayed his later albums. There are some great songs there!!! Sally Go Round the Roses, Sweet Surrender, etc. Every phase of his career is amazing!!! :)

  14. andrew kilik

    @valentynesuite L'album è infatti esaurito per quanto ne so, ma penso che si può scarica su ebay! Adoro Tim Buckley, specialmente questo album! bello sentire da persone che sono come mentalità!

  15. andrew kilik

    @andpyramids nice! starsailor is definitely his strangest album, but one of his best nonetheless...there are some songs on it that I really love like I woke up, song to the siren, the healing festival, jungle fire and of course this song also! whats your favourite of his albums?

  16. james m

    @andrew19vato Sure is.

  17. andrew kilik

    @lokasicopata is this the version from the album?

  18. giovanni natoli

    @MrBlueSolitude infatti, un mistero dell'umanità

  19. Jessica Ibarra