Buckley, Tim - Sefronia: After Asklepiades, After Kafka Lyrics

Sefronia shook the black cat's bone at me
And I was only wax in the spell of fire
Oh my coal black sister,
When black coal burns it ripens
She pried the whip out of her master's hand

And lashed at her own skin
So she'd be master, how could she know
This was just a dream born,
Of a new knot in the bullwhip

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Buckley, Tim Sefronia: After Asklepiades, After Kafka Comments
  1. Gage

    A track that fits starsailor.

  2. Chris Williams

    This is so special. Beautiful, sensual, enigmatic. And that voice. Only he could sing this.

  3. Greg Decker

    gorgeous. Tim Buckley, phenomenal artist. As was his son, Jeff Buckley.

  4. Régis Desroches

    I share the same comments.It's a real good good song !!! BONJOUR from FRANCE

  5. Alma Vorhauer

    This is the most beautiful love song ever for me, so sexy and such deep feeling WOW!

  6. David Robinson

    The printed lyric also truncates the line after the word "ripens." It should be "When black coal burns, it ripens into a rose"--in the context of the bullwhip lashing black skin, the ripening rose is an arrestingly disturbing metaphor for the bloody wounds produced. Again, very disturbing lyrics--and artistic daring you don't often find in popular music.