Buckley, Tim - Move With Me Lyrics

I went down to the meat rack tavern
And found myself a big ol' healthy girl
Now she was drinkin' alone
Aw what a waste of sin
So I went on over to sweet talk that girl
Lord I moved on in
Lord I whispered come on and move with me
Move with me move with me move with me darlin'
Aw, don't be shy
I'm gonna mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha mind

Well, I don't care if you tell me you're married
'Cause I can be your man when your husband ain't home
Now if he should walk in you just tell him I'm your houseboy
And that you just can't stand to sleep here alone... no more

I wanna move with you, move with you, move with you, move with you darlin'
I wanna mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha mind

Well now he finally walked in
And Lord that man filled up the doorway
Well he grabbed me by my throat
And he bounced me down the stairs
And Lord I swear, he broke every bone in my body
But it was worth every second that I was there
'Cause she would whisper to me...

Move with me, move with me, move with me, move with me darlin'
I'm gonna mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha, mess witcha mind

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Buckley, Tim Move With Me Comments
  1. Lauren K3LISsa

    All that talkin' bout sexy knowing how to move...
    Here it be....
    Greetings boy

    Who's a

  2. max alberts

    1973. How many of you have heard this album? The Norman Mailer of Rock. Except better.-compassion, humor and wit. Please guys, give it a spin. Espeicaly Rick Blair and Joe DeMars, You will LOVE it,

  3. Bob Kowalski

    my , could be, favorite song, everest!!!!!!!

  4. Caveguy22

    He was gonna be bigger than Dylan but what the f happened.... 9 years and he only gained a cult following :/

  5. Richard Williams

    Found this in a charity shop (thrift store in the usa) slightly scratched but cleaned it up plays almost perfectly. Best 50p ever spent.

  6. Terry Johnstone

    Another lost great talent

  7. david walker

    what? a waste of sin!

    Olivier Delmaire

    Quel groove ce saxophone et le piano et les chœurs qui s envolent

  8. darryll shockley

    aguerable the best album ever made IMO !


    +darryll shockley
    i 2nd that.

  9. travellingbirder

    So sad, a great talent dead at 28. Booze, drugs, sex & parties - seemed like a good idea at the time I guess.

  10. Miles Thomas

    what a groove!
    Ed Greene on the drums!

  11. Gail Gruenburg

    What a beautiful, talented man.  Gone now over 40 years, I am sad that I was too young to see him when he was alive.

  12. Jeanne Treadway

    I got to see this splendid gorgeous man in a big outdoor concert in Denver!! Fabulous! Oh gosh! Now doesn't this song deserve a fine video?!! It makes me dance every single time, fancy dance!

  13. lou oldschool

    saw tim in deroit in the 70's

    D Beau

    Me too what an awesome show !! Grande BR ?..

  14. rocknrollgoulash

    Little known, but very great music!


    I went down to the meat rack tavern where I found myself a big old healthy girl...what a cool cool cool awesome song

    darryll shockley

    i like the line in "night hawkin" "he slumped that cool in his pocket that steel"

  16. lennydylan

    sexiest album ever made



  17. lennydylan

    sexiest record ever

  18. evelyneverettgreen

    Yes it is Andy Warhol....

  19. vicki camp

    Remember Tim at The Sea Witch on Sunset
    back in the day

  20. Marilyn Taylor

    Highly recommended song for those frisky moods.

  21. Wisconsin222

    @fatpizzaman Or Achy Breaky Heart is the Country equivalent since this song right here was written first.

  22. racheltedx

    dancing in my seat

  23. Shedz Channel

    you think?....seriously???
    well im glad i dont have your ears on, lol.

  24. fatpizzaman

    @Cre8iveSignWorks it does sound like it though.

  25. Shedz Channel

    how dare you put that crap song on the same page as this one.

  26. fatpizzaman

    the elitist rock music equivalent of 'Achy Breaky Heart'. ;-)

  27. ssaallttyyddaawwgg

    is midnight too late to start drinking?

  28. Christian Goulevitch

    At the left, Paul Morrissey .

  29. skiziskin

    Bob Neuwirth?

  30. buschnic61

    by the way anne-yes it is I

  31. buschnic61

    Like Jimi and like Joni-Tim was a true creator who could care less about product-when I heard he had a singing kid I said 'yeah right'...boy was I wrong.I love this record and will never be without it.

    Dusty the 2nd

    Love you for your words I love this dead man. I saw a man die in front of my eyes to this record. Never will forget it. This is the first time I've listen to it since then. I still love it.

  32. Linda Stokes

    tim Buckley... died in dallas. Greetins From L A, has the best songs for pilates and workouts in general...drool

  33. Stephanie Stevens

    I've been down to the MEAT RACK TAVERN...my mind is messed!

  34. dirtyje

    I too love me a black women.
    Cheers Tim.

  35. kidn