Buckley, Tim - Martha Lyrics

Operator, number please, it's been so many years
She'll remember my old voice while I fight the tears
It's been twenty years or more now, Martha, please recall
And meet me out for coffee where we'll talk about it all

And those were days of roses, of poetry and prose
And, Martha, all I had was you and all you had was me
There was no tomorrow, we packed away all our sorrows
And we saved 'em for a rainy day

I feel so much older now, and you're much older too
How's the husband, and how's the kids, you know I got married, too
Guess that our bein' together was never meant to be
But, Martha, Martha, I love you, can't you see

And those were days of roses, of poetry and prose
And, Martha, all I had was you and all you had was me
There was no tomorrow, we packed away all our sorrows
And we saved 'em for a rainy day

Those were days of roses, of poetry and prose
And, Martha, all I had was you and all you had was me
There was no tomorrow, we packed away all our sorrows
And we saved 'em for a rainy day

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Buckley, Tim Martha Comments
  1. Vaskowsky Vaskowsky

    Tim Buckley was great neverthless this cover hasn't supposed to be a five star one.

  2. Johnny MFan

    The last three albums were the best.

    andrew kilik

    i know what you mean, Greetings from LA and Happy Sad are probably his two best records, as for sefronia and look at the fool, they weren't great, but there are some really good songs on them

  3. Nedenia Holm

    When I was at University I ordered every album I could of T. Buckley's. I ended up seeing him by chance at the Vancouver airport. A great artist gone too soon.

  4. Miss Pinkopay

    This song gives me shivers when Tom Waits sings. I got shivers from Tim Buckley's version, too. Thank you for that!

    Neil Carlson

    Yes,it's not a contest it's an interpretation as always.Tim ,Tom ,so close yet thank goodness, so very different.

  5. Eduardo Mota

    Tim's voice....just shut up and listen !

  6. SerbianRaven

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCa-29Vbwao add this one to the list :)

  7. gdahlm

    Some studio engineer must have been insanely busy doing Mellotron tape changes when they recorded this.

  8. Kristine Willems

    Max bracht me hier . . .

  9. Garnet Newton-Wade

    A killer version of Waits song

  10. Gianvittore De Boni

    Tim could sing...anything. and turn it to a jewel!!!

  11. Philippe Cirse

    Splendor and gold of a frankly era !

  12. Just Jay

    I was young when I first heard this, time flies and music makes it easier when missing special people. still miss you Tim

  13. Saikat Taleb

    Doesn't matter how much of a legend you are.. you just can't do this song better than Tom.

    Lane McLean

    mick flannery

  14. Henri Campbell

    Tim Buckley singing Tom Waits, does it get any better?

    tim whaley

    Tom waits singing Tim Buckley?


    Tim Waits singing Tom Buckley?


    Bruce Springstein singing Tom Waits?

    D G

    Henri Campbell Yeah, Tim Buckley keeping his mouth shut while Tom Waits sings?

    Collin Jensen

    Tom waits singing Tom waits? love the cover though!

  15. Theo Singer

    While I agree with you all that Tim Buckley did a great job at this, I believe Tom Waits does and always will stand above anyone who sings his songs. Just listening to Tom Waits you can hear all of the soul and feeling put into his pieces and that could never be done again by another artist.

    fugu pinkeye

    @Theo Singer that's the rub, isn't it? Folks want to cover our idols, but then how do we ever stand up and sound as good as our idols.

    Mor Bels

    I could never help but feel that Tom Waits is overdoing it. The drama, the overly exposed sentimental suffering. Waits almost makes me laugh. He's his own parody.

    Ronan FitzGerald

    +Theo Singer I love Buck, I love TW even more... But thee is an Irish singer, huge bass baritone voice.. that nails Martha (musicly!) Fredddie White... and this is from a TW prosteliser...


    I too like the Waits one better than Tim's, but Lee Hazlewood has the best version imo.

    Honorable Mention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj7HRf6erFE

  16. Régis Desroches

    When i was twenty i bought the album sefronia in PARIS FRANCE.I found this singer in AKAI's records guide.Each year we got a new edition with a lot of singers( folk rock singers from everywhere).I pointed my finger fortunately on TIM BUCKLEY.I didn't know  him .What a good surprise! He died to young like a lot of singers of this period.what a sadness!

  17. Peter Pawlicki

    I don't believe Buckley meant it to be done the same way. Was Hendrix's "All Along The Watch Tower" the same as Dylan's? You could do the same with hundreds of remakes. The idea is to make your own stamp...not steal the other but go ahead and rant...you'll feel just as empty.

  18. RedRebel8

    That is so crap compared to Tom Waits. It's over produced, melodramatic tripe. He destroyed it!


    exactly! Soapbox opera!


    Obstsalatissimo yeah kinda waitesque right?


    ...kinda.... :-)


    I love it, think it's the better version

    Gary Twitchett

    This is NOT 'CRAP' , all you Purist types are the Same, nothing compares with your 'Hero's Original' does it ? Blind Faith !!!!

  19. Since 1997


  20. Alex Semelagne

    Thank you Bert.

  21. giobabi

    No contest with the original one…..i'm sorry mister Buckley….r.i.p.


    this version is great. I don't agree with you


    well..no problem about that..this is a free world yet...anyway i didn't say it s not good...but the original one is better...

  22. BaNDiNi

    Tom Waits brought me here.

  23. ZenfireTheWizard

    check out my channel if ya can

  24. Man O'Neal

    He looks so much like Jeff in this picture.

  25. bertbretherton

    Hi Alex. Oh, to be 20! And to have such good taste! I suspect you have tried Tim's son's (Jeff) work too. Just as good - in a similar but different way. I hope you enjoy a long, full, healthy and happy life - one filled with exhilarating music. Bert

  26. Alex Semelagne

    I'm 20, yet, I love this song and all Tim song's.

  27. Jeremy Strain

    I like his son more, and I like the guy who wrote this song more too. lol

  28. bertbretherton

    "All I had was you, and all you had was me". Both Tom and Tim sing this wonderful song with the feeling that makes me remember when... I'm 71. Ta for posting. Bert

  29. RomeoAloneo

    Tom Buckley!

  30. Kristaps Hermanis

    I usually am very critical about covers but... this is nearly as good as original

  31. Hussey

    Havent heard too much of Tom, But i listen to Tim on a daily basis haha

  32. Peter Gerstenzang

    Cheers, mate. I really do love Tim AND Tom. Best PG One of these days I'll find I love this version more than Waits'

  33. Hussey

    You did teach me about Jonestown. i did not know about that. haha

  34. Peter Gerstenzang

    I'm sorry too. Peace, Mr Blunt. PG

  35. Hussey

    I'm sorry, but you are right,

  36. Peter Gerstenzang

    If you ever heard Tom Waits sing this song, you'd notice the difference in subtlety, plus a better arrangement. No contest. And yes, you can be a fan of someone's and not like certain things. And hey, just saying, go fuck yourself. Just saying.

  37. Hussey

    Just saying, you're not a buckley fan. sorry.

  38. Peter Gerstenzang

    Didn't the people in Jonestown say stuff like that?

  39. Hussey

    Thanks for your input, but real buckley fans wont have 1 bad thing to say about any buckley song.

  40. Peter Gerstenzang

    nothing like getting a curse word thrown at you 6 months later. shove it, Limey schmuck.

  41. thegiorgiok

    We live in a Fucked up World. 5 billions people should say to the google that don't have rights to each song they post!

  42. Peter Gerstenzang

    love Tim, love Tom. But the drumming is unnecessary and the strings a bit too fruity.