Buckley, Tim - Hong Kong Bar Lyrics

Sittin' in a Hong Kong bar
Sweet dreams of you darling
Ah when we were sweet sixteen
Mama makin' love in the belly of an old freight train
Life was so simple and easy
Oh the sun went down
You took care of the children darlin'
Then you felt like movin' away
Lord now you didn't stand and stare
You felt like movin' and leavin' darlin'
Didn't I treat you fair
It's all right now darlin'
It's alright now darlin'

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Buckley, Tim Hong Kong Bar Comments
  1. Ricque Shadbolt

    the 1 im looking foe for sure

  2. Johnny MFan

    This doesn't fit with the other songs from the Greetings from LA albim

  3. Kowasi

    Passin through Hong Kong right now, and I had to come check this tune out again~ this is a special moment

  4. jamuga60

    Who is the cunt that would come on here listen to this wonderful song and then give it the thumbs down................................................................There's always one.


    Don't sweat it man… you can't please everyone.

  5. Susan Strickland

    Oh wow, I loved it all my life!!!

  6. M L

    i love it since 30 Years, it brings me into inner worlds beyond Description, Thank You Tim - forever <3

  7. Bill Isaac

    Ooooh mama.

    Gabi Dione

    +Bill Isaac I'm here

    andrew kilik

    talkin' bout looove kid