Buckley, Tim - Honey Man Lyrics

Well I wish I was your sweet little honey man
Just a hanging 'round the rising sun
You know you can't hold out against a boy who's
A whiskey fast and a honey slow
I wish I was, I wish I was your
I wish I was your honey man
I wish I was your, sweet little honey man
And when the bee's inside the hive
You gonna holler in the thick of love
I'll buy you all the jag I can
This honey man's gonna' sting you again

A when I come a home to you honey
Oh, your little eyes never flicker
I wished I was that cool
And then your love just a wouldn't matter at all

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Buckley, Tim Honey Man Comments
  1. Sasha

    Great video 💓🔥🍺 !

  2. pleiadian13

    “The only thing I ever stole from my father was a fleeting glimpse.”, quoth 💀 Son of Buckley.

  3. chappo jr

    wow, Love Charlie's signature slide work and Buckley's vocals...

  4. frunkiss


  5. Bärbel Nitsche

    AMAZING !!!!

  6. Moogie B

    I wish you was my 🍯 man

  7. Tammy Koo

    He is soooooo sexy here...😮

  8. Denis Levesque

    souvenir de jeunesse

  9. Lucio Santoro

    Veramente unico. Dal 1975 il mio preferito rip Tim

  10. Ross Ludlam

    firstly, watching this video nearly turned me gay.
    also it made me gurn the groove is so good (a bit like bill withers use me up live vid here on youtube somewhere).
    also #2, it's incredibly odd how much better this is than the album version, which is ruined by a weirdly intrusive tom which sounds like a kid brother busting into his older sister's room while she's masturbating.

  11. Daniel Hazlehurst

    Outstanding vocal control. One of the greatest wastes of talent ever

  12. Valerie D

    the djinn in full force at the end there. LOVE YOU TIM IM IN LOVE WITH YOU YOURE JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD

    Victor Barros

    Indeed, the djinn at full force. A pity it didn't protect him from his own microcosm

  13. Valerie D

    I just wanna know why this sounds so much better than the studio version ??? they chopped and screwed his work up way too much in the end its not even listenable

  14. Frank Gamble

    I saw this live in 1974 when at uni. Tim was the greatest and what a voice

  15. Lenna Omela

    It's a shame how much better this is than the album version :(

    Ron Key

    Theres an OGWT version of Dolphins on Youtube thats better than anything I've heard on record.

  16. Elodie Soria Kerins

    This head shaking during high notes, it's so Jeff.

  17. Edward Wolski

    Jesus Christ!!!!!!

    Andrew Wood

    Edward Wolski Agreed 👍🏻

  18. Don Gato

    That looks like the King Crimson drummer at the end.

    steven purves

    #don gato….the late great ian Wallace on drums, indeed you spotted correctly

  19. Howlin' Donster

    A great freakin' tune, still a stunner after all these years...


    Anyone know the words to this song, ha

  21. oldhippy 101

    Fucking drugs.

    Richard Alpert

    this song sounds like booze not drugs

    oldhippy 101

    It was drugs that got him in the end.

  22. Pietro Battistella

    Un genio con una voce pazzesca!

  23. Manu Redrum

    As a singer i can confirm that Tim had a lot of control! In my opinion neither his son Jeff was at that level of voice control and mixing during live performances. Both were insane singers but Tim passed him for some reasons. Shame he was an heroin addicted and died too soon. Hope that father and son are playing together in heaven now (:

    A Pa

    maybe just maybe he was too much of perfectionist and did not realize the gift that God had given him, to express some of our deepest yearnings to really connect with our opposite number, but one thing I will always love him for, is that he never held anything back, he gave his very soul in his attempt to convey to us, he had a lot of love to give.

    PJ Anderson

    June 29, 1975...Bye, bye baby. Tim was no longer a hard drug user and had cleaned himself up of that shit at that time in his life. Booze was another matter. It is believed that Tim mistakenly thought he was snorting cocaine. The coroner's report indicated there were no signs of heroin addiction. The booze mixed with the heroin did him in.
    His son Jeff mistakenly thought he could swim in the confluence of the Wolf and Mississippi rivers. The area where Jeff drowned was notorious for drownings. Jeff was new to Memphis and wasn't aware of it. I don't like the comparing game. They both had extraordinary vocal ranges in styles of music where it wasn't expected. They both touched raw nerves of emotion that gripped the listener or at least us fans.

  24. KebabMusicLtd

    One of my favourite vocalists... especially Sefronia: After Asklepiades, After Kafka from this album... and Peanut Man, and Because Of You...

  25. lennydylan

    what a fucking legend that man was.....playit flull blast headphones drunkxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Hallway Mirrors

    This is hits so hard. Pure rock. Woo


    He's on something. sounds good except lead is off key

  28. bodeautoplan

    A singer truly "pica das galáxias"

  29. Giorgio Minisci

    Great !!

  30. Ron Ginzler

    Pardon me, but this sounds a lot like the Doors' Maggie McGill.

    Charlie Brown

    Tim Buckley and the doors were both signed to the same label. Elektra Records.

    Ron Ginzler


    Jack Plays Folk

    Ron Ginzler Ideas are always passed around in rock and blues

    Jack Plays Folk

    K. Peters Buckley is a musician’s favorite musician.

  31. Fernanda Silva

    My honey man!!

  32. axel hose

    what kind of guitar is he playing?

    Rodrigo Sandoval

    +axel hose looks like a Fender 1966 12 strings, to me.

  33. j n

    Talent is in the double helix.

  34. Luis Amorim

    ... like father like sun... music of angels...

  35. Donnie Maxwell

    Stellar stuff..

  36. ferdinandus1983

    40 years! :'(  #GreetingsFromEarthMrBuckley

  37. Oldteacosy Teacosy

    thing is this is one amazing live set.

  38. TrueKomma


  39. Melissa Roberts

    What a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  40. Oldteacosy Teacosy

    Watched this a lot as I am writing about Tim,Jeff and the love of the sea! Can't really think of a better performance on OGWT! Absolutely amazing.

  41. Oldteacosy Teacosy

    Whispering Bob> It's Just that there are so little live performances for Tim.
    I loved it all, and all played BRILL.

  42. Tim Hinkley Official

    Whispering Bob got it wrong! I did not play bass on the show I played fender Rhodes. The bass player was Frank........... I can't remember his surname but he was a drinking buddy of Charlie Whitney who played lap steel guitar on the gig. I'm amazed how many times the two songs we recorded have been replayed by BBC and released multiple times on DVD's. Just goes to show how these odd one off performances become so popular. Funny watching it after all these years but Buckley was a powerful performer for sure.


    dickie pride i


    Nice one. He's says it so knowledgeably that no one has ever contradicted him till now.Terrible tragic endings for both Buckleys, father& son

    Jack Plays Folk

    dickie pride wow you played with Tim?

    Joe Jackson

    Because this music is so incredibly good

    Daniel Hazlehurst

    Amazing insight !

  43. MikeeSings4You

    saddest father son tragedy, along with bruce and brandon lee.
    Too talented.

  44. Keith Riley

    Am I wrong but the lap steel player bares a strong resemblance to somebody with " Family " connections.

  45. Tim Hinkley Official

    I played Fender Rhodes on this performance not bass as Whispering Bob announces. Charlie Whitney is playing a Fender lap steel guitar not a pedal steel. When Tim arrived his guitar had been held up/lost by the airline. He was very upset and thought we would not be able get him a temporary replacement. It was a Fender XII model electric 12 string, a pretty rare guitar then and now. Charlie Whitney had one and Tim was surprised and very pleased. I had lunch with Tim Buckley and found him to be a real cool, laid back guy and very interesting.  I was shocked when I heard of his death as I'm pretty sure he was not a heroin type of guy but then.......

    tony davies

    You my friend are a legend!!! RESPECT!!! XXXxxx

    Alec Cullen

    I LOVE that Rhodes sound! One more question, who was playing bass? 


    @dickie pride Dude that's awesome! This one of my faves by him, and I love the instrumentation in it. You guys did amazingly

    David Acevedo Alvaro

    dickie pride great stuff dude , you should be so proud.

    John Arundell

    Alec someone recently commented that the bass player was Frank Farrell :)

  46. William Wang 威廉先生

    People might think Sefronia as a confusing album, but the spirit inside of it was promising.... 

  47. Jeremy Zymerman

    That is Ian Wallace on drums and the legend Charlie Whitney (Family) on slide guitar


    Charlie Whitney was a genius. What he did on albums like "Fearless" and "Bandstand" is wonderful.

  48. Martyn Cook

    Is that a sho-bud pedal steel guitar?? Haunting sound!!

  49. Koito rob

    If I ever go gay, I want HIM to be MY honey man!

    John Arundell

    You've already gone gay, you just haven't admitted to to yourself yet :D

    D Bear

    Thats gay. 😄

  50. Rafael Hach

    just a demon

  51. Clinton Shepley

    What a special person he was. I talked to a guy about Tim not that long ago and he told me nothing but his "folk" albums were worth listening to. I couldn't believe it, I'm a fan of everything I've ever heard of his. He couldn't be contained by any specific genre.

  52. Maisie Eleanor Rose Allen

    So hot ... Very wrong me saying That as he would be 65-67 by now? :O But what beautiful voices him and jeff had :'( hope they're rocking it up in heaven <3 Rest in sweet peace xxx

    John Arundell

    Tim was born on February 14th 1947 :) Valentine's Day.

  53. Robert Nettleship

    absolute legend!!

  54. 橋詰俊博


  55. lennydylan

    amazing ...play it full blast through headphones

  56. soko1960

    I am impressed with the steel guitar player's skill and technique!

  57. Fernanda Silva

    My honey man!

  58. Thiago Reis

    This song is so great! so much thanks you for this song Tim Buckley!

  59. Ines Khiari

    I'm not used to saying this about musicien, and Tim is an amazing one but HE IS SO HOT!

  60. Soledad E

    every time i watch this vid i wish I was that microphone!

  61. Lana Pierson


  62. theblahman

    Mad I saw this message as I was listening to my friends radio show, hes playin "Pleasant st" some tune

  63. zararity

    BBC Four on a Friday night is a godsend... some great documentaries that are always interesting even if they're covering a genre I don't particularly listen to...
    "Dolphins" had been in circulation for ages, so much so I began to doubt anything else remained in the vaults but here we have this real, raw live performance (amongst the VERY VERY FEW pieces of footage we have of this genius at work!)
    Amazing how many people I've seen thinking The Who performance of "Relay" is live!

  64. Debra Georgetti

    Oh sorry - obviously it's BBC4 (thank God for BBC4's Friday nights) but I couldn't tell you exactly when it was broadcast. They've done several Whistle Test compilations and specials - I was glad to see this performance for a change rather than Dolphins (which I think is on the OGWT DVD anyway). This is an amazing performance, and the band is playing live, which a lot of bands didn't on the OGWT - even the Who played with a backing track.

  65. Twitting On Trender

    You're right, Blahman - it's cool to say Starsailor is your favourite, but, as with a lot of cool stuff, a lot of it is unlistenable! LA is a bit too funky for me, though there's some great stuff on it, and though he never made a completely bad album, I'd say the quality dropped off somewhat for LA, Sefronia and Look At The Fool. All of the early albums are peerless.

  66. Twitting On Trender

    Pity they cut the immensely satisfying final chord off this - very frustrating!

  67. zararity

    I meant to ask what show was it RE-broadcast on... my mistake!
    It's amazing to see this, but I regularly watch music shows on BBC Four and have never ever seen one containing this... astounding to see it dug out from the vaults!

  68. Twitting On Trender

    3:50 onwards - and THAT is how you sing!

  69. Twitting On Trender

    It was the same show, Zararity - singers and bands used to do two songs on the OGWT. I taped this on a reel-to-reel when it first aired and I still have the recording! I never thought I'd see it again though.

  70. zararity

    What show was this broadcast on? I've only ever seen the "Dolphins" performance from this show before!

  71. fantambantam

    WTF is Ferry doing on the same selection as Tim Buckley? There is no comparison, Tim was top league, a genius, Ferry was a public school poseur with no talent. Sheesh.

  72. Zollar Lee

    Tim Buckley played in Ann Arbor, Mi, saw him live there about 1973 @ the Power Center( U Of M campus )

  73. K P

    AWESOME!!! Thank you for this video.

  74. NovaScotiaChick

    @BlackSabbathory That's coz he looked 30 when he was 19 :)
    Amazing, unequivocal Tim.

  75. theblahman

    @posthumanhero yeah dont get me wrong, Starsailor is Tims Masterpiece, and i hope Pleasant Street is the tune your thinking of, great songwriting on that one

  76. theblahman

    @posthumanhero I really like Greetings form L.A, nothing but cathchy, songs great hooks and monster vocals, Starsailor whilst admiringly experimental is a tough album to find a suitable time to listen to, my favourite Tim stuff is Goodbye and Hello, and Happy Sad, but he reinvented himself so often that the later period stuff could be considered an entirely different artist

  77. CargadosCarajos


  78. s09302008

    Good to see this here.
    I'd been trying for months to upload this better quality video to supplant the camrip present here on Youtube, but it ended up being rejected every single time due to ''terms of use violation". How did you do it?