Buckley, Tim - Gypsy Woman Lyrics

Yes I come around
Never know a little sooner
Casts a spell on me
Casts a spell on me
Casts a spell on me
Casts a spell on me...
Gypsy woman
Gypsy woman
Gypsy woman...

Well, you were out trying to turn the tide this morning
Now mama don't you lie
You knew it was in the moon and you knew it was in the sky
Oh, gypsy woman
Tell me please, gypsy woman
Casts a spell on me, darlin'
Casts a spell on me, mama
Casts a spell on me, darlin'
Oh, gypsy woman

Mama, every time you turn around the fire
Mama, keep me inbetween the devil and the sky
And every time you look my way
Mama how you hypnotize
Tell me please, gypsy woman
Casts a spell on me, darlin'
Casts a spell on me, mama
Casts a spell on me
That gypsy woman casts a spell on me

But if you come runnin' with desire
Oh, gypsy woman knows how to get your blood hot higher

Well, asked your daddy
Your papa wouldn't deny it
Asked your mama
Lord, she was quick to agree
I didn't have to fight your brother
And your sister's still standin' in line
Oh, please tell me gypsy woman
How do you hypnotize me?

We're gonna go down to the river
Walk in the water
Oh, we're gonna get all clean
Then we're gonna do, gonna do
Exactly darlin' what you
Came and set your mind on

Casts a spell on me
Casts a spell on me...

Well, you were out trying to turn the tide this morning
Now mama don't you lie
You knew it was in the moon and you knew it was in the sky
Tell me please, gypsy woman
Casts a spell on me, darlin'
Casts a spell on me, mama
Casts a spell on me, darlin'...

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Buckley, Tim Gypsy Woman Comments
  1. Lise Burgher

    This is perfect as I'm getting more tipsy, I understand (feel) it more now

  2. GiorgiosP13

    Oh yeah, Mr. Tim Buckley!
    First time hearing this song...., and WOW!

    I may have used this comment before about him, but he sure was the original master of Sex, Drugs, and Voodoo Magic music!

  3. Patrick Montreuil

    Ultra et suave !

  4. Beautiful

    God damn. The Buckleys were so creative people. What an amazing track.

  5. Wizard Arch

    One of his best songs

  6. Kerry Bindon

    I was lucky enough to see and hear Tim in a nightclub in New York xmas '68 incredible then incredible still now. timeless

  7. Kape songs

    Oh my God.......

  8. Norman Nortledorf

    This was my favorite lp by him. Though, I liked ALL of his recordings. I saw him perform 'Gypsy Woman" on American Bandstand, and Dick Clark made a point out of showing Tim's bleeding right hand. He had strummed the song so hard he drew blood. I was impressed.

  9. Dennis Vaccato

    Saw Tim Buckley in Greenwich Village, he was absolutely amazing.I have most of his albums.Always liked Gypsy Woman.
    His son Jeff without a doubt sang
    the best vocal on Hallelujah..
    Both passed way too young.

  10. Terry Quesenberry

    Dream Family..TKQ

  11. Franck Yan

    I think the son only met the father once but listened to the father millions of times :)

  12. TheGenreman

    26 people have no soul. This is one of the grooviest songs ever. If ever you want to hear why Tim is better than Jeff, listen to this.

  13. JJ Stone ElDorado

    Greetings From Glasgow!!!

  14. Leigh Foulkes

    My first Tim Buckley song and man I'm hooked. With all their fancy new algorithms and computer tech, they can't artificially make emotions or a soul. All this soulless crap they call musick these days.

    city zen

    Do u mean moo-SICK?


    Hell yeah brother. Cheers. Hitting my 1920s era tobacco pipe passed down from my great grandfather from the depression currently. Forget this vaping nonsense.

  15. chitownshar1591

    Tim was and will always be one of the best unique & gifted 12 string guitarist & singer artist of all time. I'll remember him always with love.

  16. stefanofocacci

    What about David Friedman's marimba playing?

  17. Henri Jourdain

    ...sing...sing ...I hear the spell...there's a spell on me...Your spell ....Tim

  18. Djordje Culafic

    The views haven't changed much since I first listened to it.. And that was 5 years ago.
    Such a shame...

    Wizard Arch

    Same here

  19. Ana Paula Viel

    C'è un super lavoro di percussione in questo brano che lo torna ancora più bello e grintoso!

  20. darkmaitri

    Wow! He has some killer percussionists on this!


    Carter Collins.

  21. TheGenreman

    Great bongo playing.


    "Conga" playing.

  22. Bruce Litvin

    My absolute fave. Love the David Friedman Vibraphone,. I saw Tim perform the night before he OD'd in Dallas.
    He was at La Bastille that Friday, here in Houston. as big a tragedy as Hendrix, and Bolin's losses were to me. Probably even more tragic by Jeff's following his Dad in another terrible demise. I always said there would never be another Tim Buckley, then there was, then there wasn't.

    Craig Falconer

    Thanks for this story this is excellent really

    Zen Global

    great comment..that's exactly how i feel...

  23. Joan Eskins

    Not just a great voice but also fantastic guitar playing and he probably wrote and composed.


    The guitar player is Lee Underwood.

  24. so what? so what?

    bella li

  25. Stas Wys

    Tim...not Jim

  26. Stas Wys

    Atlas shrugged

  27. william redfern


  28. mickey

    JIM you are a wonderfull beautiful man

    he died on my birthday

    i think when great artists die their souls become a part of all of us through their music


  29. Christina Stow

    WE LOVE YOU, Tim! Gone too soon…...


    Tim Buckley passed that Awesome voice down to his son Jeff Buckley! Those two men have 2 of the greatest voices ever

    Ludovica Pugliese

    I agree!

    Christina Weidig

    Such a beautiful legacity......love these guys!!!!

    ken tim

    Not just technically, but in expressiveness

  31. Christina Stow

    My favorite Tim Buckley song…..WOW, is right!


    +Christina Stow If you haven't heard the version from "Live at the Troubadour 1969", be prepared to find the album version pretty tame -- /watch?v=01d0KEIL8rE

  32. Simo McDonald

    Everyone's ravin about Jeff evidently theres's a show on in Aus that's talking him up which is fine i guess....Dad had it more Jeff is just amazing especially considering his time, a time that was more pertinent than today's double bay coffee shop plastic...are they really serious.....yell for truth at any cost that is great a thing in any age or circumstance.........................I guess it comes down too how serious they are, are they takin money easy, what are they wailin his songs for?.... is it for the truth? ............for mankind like Jeff sang for?.....interesting. ....ethics is ever thing the foundation of all this will be interesting?..........................bling v's truth

  33. Ivo Ponduša

    Very nice this one...
    (July 29th, 1975)
    was died..

  34. hein de rave

    hey tim buckley lovers,from what album is this from?
    can anybobody tell me?thank you.

    Mega Chud

    @hein de rave happy sad

    Angelica Luce

    TIM BUCKLEY : "HAPPY-SAD' 1969 - 70 (I think)

  35. MB Jones

    Amazing. I could just flake out on my (non-existent) bean bag chair in the corner and zone out.

  36. Wolff Bachner

    sheer brilliance.my favorite singer ever.


    preach brother

  37. Frannie D

    Amazing stuff!

  38. Nikola Bokšan

    Beautiful song

    Byron Barsamian

    Fantastico- always was and still is

  39. Ani Fenix

    hipnótico   -_-

  40. Emma Martínez

    Tim Buckley - Gypsy Woman.

  41. Lord Stompy


  42. Rajendra Misra

    real bliss. music is out of this world. takes me back to college days.

  43. Dimitris Kerkoulas

    Pure Magick !!!!!

  44. txelcat


  45. abdgespace yves

    too young to die...

  46. leC0rbusier

    two thumbs up, 100% satisfaction, five stars, first place, gold........... these are the only words that come to mind.

  47. Man O'Neal

    Agreed 100% (although I would extend it passed 7:15). One of my absolute favorite snippets from Tim's catalog. Not only is it aesthetically off the hook, but I love how it seems like he is openly taunting another man with the fact that he fucked his mother and his sister...and easily at that.

  48. TheLovachild


  49. A L

    Grazie mille Fabrizio!
    Great upload!

  50. irem coşkuntan

    amazing song. i feel like gypsy woman

  51. Ricke W

    Saw him in San Francisco just a week before he died - what a loss. Took a group of women with me who did not know his music and they were blown away. Their jaws fell open when he walked out and stayed there for the whole show. He was the SEXIEST man ever on stage. Thank you for posting all this great music. Love the post "an orgasm in my ear", that was Tim.

  52. Enzo Estrada

    super vox

  53. Dee Batis

    All props to Jeff, but Tim sails so much higher........takes me with him....and always has!

  54. bluesman172

    Saw Tim's first gig in London prior to the Dream Letter Live in London concert. He came on with Lee Underwood during the interval of an Incredible String Band concert and blew us all away. I have loved his music ever since. This is amazing. Thank You

  55. Maria Gramieri

    unfucking believable

  56. Brent Grimsley

    This website sucks

  57. Brent Grimsley

    Oh yes, I was with my blonde girlfriend.

  58. Brent Grimsley

    Too bad not too many people rembember Tim. My girlfreind (whom I never got over) saw him in 1969 in Detroit (that's still in America, Right? Although most Americans would't mind if we seceded from the Union) and we snuck (spelling?) backstage.

  59. leonakita

    cool simile

  60. leonakita


  61. DeadQ21

    This is Slowly Fucking my brain..

  62. vanishingpoint80

    Talking to to the ignorant is like talking to a brick wall darling, they're only worth pissing up against.

  63. Sean Manley

    TY !! Max for saying so !
    how could they not be ?
    just discovered Tim myself..just sayin'

  64. amanda ponder

    dont know how I have only just now learned of him I think he must be badly under-rated!!! great artist!

  65. Max Rutherston

    S. I appreciate your no-nonsense approach. Am conscious of having heard TB for the first time nearly 45 years ago on a radio broadcast by UK's iconic John Peel. If I heard the track tomorrow, wld recognise it instantly, & I long for it like Proust for his madeleine. It was D Hockney's friend and muse Celia Birtwell who reminded me of him 3 months ago on a radio broadcast, and since then I've been on a voyage of rediscovery. Buckley father & son r musicians worthy of serious respect.

  66. robert unruh

    bought this alblum in 69 on a guess..wow,,good guess,,still have it..

  67. NovaScotiaChick

    Have you seen this one then? ;)


    I watched it at the time and was bowled over, and still am. But each to his own. My favourite of Jeff is: (great pics too)


  68. NovaScotiaChick

    And I believe he was drunk also. Drugs and booze are often what causes lethality. Most get away with it, some don't. We don't read about the ordinary folk that this happens to and if we do, we'll soon forget it, but I bet ya there's many a parent that mourns a child that died in the same way that Tim did.

    Please don't get worked up about what people write, I mean the shit that goes around on the tube, if you have to rectify everyone you'll have more than a fulltime job. :)

    I ♥ Tim & Jeff.

  69. shanananabanana

    Jeff was not drunk when he drowned! Alcohol nor drugs were in his system when he died. He was swept under by a passing boat. after the 7th day of searching his body was found. Why do people feel that it is necessary to post things that aren't factual, or just talking trash about someone who can't defend themselves. How they died is really irrelevant, they were really incredible musicians who died before they should have, What have you done, except post some nonsense.Cheers,Shana RIP T.B. & J.B

  70. shanananabanana

    Tim didn't die of auto-erotic asphyxiation he died after snorting a line of heroin which he thought was cocaine, then after being taken home his wife found an empty pill bottle in his pocket which was reported to the paramedics leading him to be treated for a barbiturate overdose. If you don't know the facts, please resist the urge to act on stating a bunch of bullshit.This video wasn't posted here for people to bash and thrash the performer it was posted here for fans to enjoy. Let us <3!!

  71. Mike In Ventura

    I was with Enigma in the glory years when we remastered these gems for CD... Then his son died the same age his dad did....

    Dat Behim

    Mike Ventura nope..Jeff was 2 years older

  72. baliscotsurf

    focus on the song not the button

  73. willy80x

    quelle belle canzoni da 12 minuti di una volta

  74. David Toye

    Pretty sure he OD'd actually, never heard a thing 'bout auto-erotic asphyxiation wey him...

  75. Annette Hammond

    Really? I never,ever heard that about Tim.I'll have to look that up.I do know both him and his son were heroin addicts.Too bad.

  76. Fabrizio Romano

    Grazie per il caricamento mio omonimo :)

  77. Darr247

    James Marshall Hendrix lasted just 7 shows in the summer of 1967 opening for the Monkees... Dolenz had seen him play clubs in NYC, and John Lennon had played a tape of Jimi doing Hey Joe for Nesmith that he had bootlegged himself at a club in London, so they specifically told Dick Clark (who was producing their american tour) to invite him to open for them, and he joined them mid-tour, after Monterey. Go figure.

  78. Darr247

    I'm pretty-sure his son was drunk and tried to swim across a river, but drowned.
    He definitely had the best cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, though.

    And I seem to recall Tim was a victim (like David Carradine) of auto-erotic asphyxiation... but when it happened that cause of death was absolutely unheard of.

  79. Darr247

    I think the fact there are 0 dislikes about says it all.

  80. Jaffa Willcumforyou

    Thanks for the advice mate :D

  81. Jaffa Willcumforyou

    I sometimes have an orgasm in my dick. Am i weird?

  82. Gabriel Reyes

    the most intense and expressive voice in the history...

  83. Ani Vardanyan

    booing Tim to get off the stage? :((((( For Leo Sayer?? Fuck. Now I have so much disgust in me for that people I even can't find proper words to express it. Yuck! Fuck! Tim :'(

  84. Richard Rizzo

    trop trop bon!

  85. Gypsy Lee Ravenswood

    @Annette Hammond - Jeff Buckley did NOT die of a heroin overdose. there was no drugs or alcohol in his system according to autopsy.... he drowned in a rip current caused by the wake of a passing boat.
    Both are incredible musicians tho.

  86. Annette Hammond

    I seen Buckley in 1974.He was backup for Leo Sayer.Alot were booing Tim to get off the stage.I thought he was great.Too bad he stayed in the madness.And his son also.Both over dosed on heroin.

  87. Lucas Assis

    Fucking masterpiece.

  88. davidoffon


  89. Wolff Bachner

    after 61 years of life this is still my favorite piece of music ever. saw him live many times. tim had the best voice i ever heard. why do we always lose the great ones too soon.

  90. TheDickMole

    Wow Jeff looks so much like his dad! Its amazing! GENETICS!

  91. Joan Orthober

    Spell has been cast on me.....saw him years ago in a small coffee house in Cambridge, MA... OMG his spirit lives still...

  92. HaDi Hul

    Honig für die Ohren

  93. Régis Desroches

    I got the album in the seventies.'t was very difficult to find a such music in FRANCE.i'm very proud to meet this ufo when i was a teen,and i still listen with the same overhelming pleasure.

  94. jordo rocho

    I know right!

  95. borbetomagus

    @MrNicolasz @adiwarman13 If you really like this version, you owe it to yourself to search for the concert version from "Live at the Troubadour 1969", which makes this version sound pretty tame. Really.

    It also includes some other great performances of songs from that period -- esp. Blue Melody.

  96. adiwarman13


  97. adiwarman13

    No Amazzzzing button ???????? Timeless