Buckley, Tim - Get On Top Lyrics

Well that girl walks in a stormy bitching whine
Well she moves that cool black dress all across the floor
Tell your mama to sing out, like a slow burn
Slow burn your motel walls, over me
Get on top of me woman
Get on top
Let me see what you learned tonight
Then I talk in tongues mama
Oh when I love you
Yes I talk in tongues

Get on top of me woman
Get on top
Get on top of me woman
I just wanna see what you learned

Well like a bitch dog in heat we had those bed springs a
Squeakin' all night long
And didn't you hear those walls a talkin'

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Buckley, Tim Get On Top Comments
  1. mairi karlovits


  2. Skram Amme

    I love how Buckley was so overt in his lyrics about enjoying sex, his passion for women and how freeing it could be to break away from that era's efforts to control and sanitise sex as much as possible.
    TBH I reckon it was pretty gutsy of him to have recorded songs that were *so* unashamedly upfront about seeking out sex, playing with power dynamics and wanting his lovers to get just as much enjoyment out of the act as he did, especially considering the social mores of the times.

  3. Bärbel Nitsche

    This is ------------>>> pure pleasure !!! !!!

  4. GuyLiguili

    Horny Song from a Horny Man !


    You mean a Honeyman? :0)

  5. Myles Morgan

    this shit slaps

  6. Darwin Blinks

    Steve Dahl's favorite song

  7. Howlin' Donster

    Tearing it up from the floor up, damn it the lp rocked..

  8. sreninger

    reminds me of growing up in Detroit and listening to Canada's CJOM

    Lynn Jourdan

    Pretty things silk torpodeo

    Steve Hockey

    @Lynn Jourdan Pretty Things Parachute too. 🌞

    rick humesky

    reminds me of Detroit's WABX