Buckley, Tim - Down By The Borderline Lyrics

Way down on the borderline
Down where white folks tread easy
That sun beats so hot sun beats so hot
When a little girl pass by
You can smell the way she walks
You can smell, you can smell the way she walks
In late afternoon
Ah, in late
Little girl little girl little girl
Smile so brightly
Come on boy come on boy
Oh Take a walk with me

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Buckley, Tim Down By The Borderline Comments
  1. 澤口雅幸

    I'm big fun!  tokyo japan

  2. Gage

    Yet people say greetings from LA was out of nowhere?

  3. Andy Seven

    Buzz Gardner didn't play this free with Frank. Wow!

  4. t0ast


  5. michele piteo

    I suspect the marketing was sabotaged because why is this not one of those giant hits everyone knows about?. It's on his StarSailor album, which pissed his record company off no end as being too wierd although this 1 track wasn't. It broke his confidence {upped his drugs?] This gem rips the top off ur head off and goose-bumps like a banshee. Fantastic.


    because there are better songs and better singers. He has to get in line.


    @Honey327 Go back to shitty pop trite.

    Lyndon Barrett

    @Honey327 I think Starsailor is a masterpiece but it's definitely not for everyone. Try Goodbye and Hello, Blue Afternoon or Greetings from L.A. I can't really think of anyone on Tim Buckley's level with such a career and voice.

  6. michele piteo

    one of the most powerfull songs ever~and one no-one has ever heard of it !!!. That's because it's a psychochosm that turned into a black hole..Rocks though

  7. Aimee B

    I think on this song Tim was working towards the sound which eventually became the Greetings from LA album!! Brilliant.



  8. gabriele gilli

    Tim Buckley or, better called " The best rock singer of all time"

  9. Gezora

    the residents stole this riff

    gabriele gilli

    where? I haven't listen Residents yet


    @gabriele gilli a song off their album baby sex

    gabriele gilli

    Thank you

  10. julielee73

    kicking tune

  11. SuperVera76


  12. Morris Buttermaker

    *wELL isn't this a MAGICALLY composed piece>~>~>?~?~?*

  13. Kevin M

    The genius of Tim Buckley. He was fearless, breaking through genre labels in his continuous search for beauty.

    Robert Cromack

    Well said. That more onus was put on that now and all days.

    kate davenporty

    +Kevin M absolutely!

    Neil Campbell

    Kevin M iiii

  14. Ant Hony

    this song is just

  15. missrock98

    A genius!!! <3

  16. Iveta Etienne

    Bloody awesome !!!

  17. Man O'Neal

    You can hear the beginnings of the soul and funk that Tim was about to delve into.

  18. Ani Vardanyan

    haha! What a great message in my inbox! Yes, I have listened to Alan Sorrenti and Saint Just and some of other Italian prog bands! I am not a savant of that musical direction, but I especially like Celeste with their "Principe di un giorno" album. "Aria" is also a great album! And I agree with the part that there's no one like Timmy. ^_^

  19. metamorphosis67

    Because there's nothing else like it. Closest is an album called "Aria" by Alan Sorrenti influenced heavily by "Starsailor," sung in Italian, which also has trumpets & the violin of Jean-luc Ponty. In the early 70s he used to open for Pink Floyd in Italy. However by the mid-70's he had turned into a very shallow disco-pop act. His sister Jenny Sorrenti's group called Saint Just also put out a couple of great Italian prog-rock albums at that time. You can find tracks from all of them on you tube

  20. Ani Vardanyan

    oh why the fuck i love this so much!

  21. Alessandra Figueiredo

    bloody hell!!!!! :D

  22. Billy Mays


  23. omonimo anonimo

    oh i love this...orgasm

  24. evatwist

    if only his passion had remained with music and not other influences that so many of us fall prey to... what a fantastic repertoire there could have been.Love this jazzy tune

  25. NovaScotiaChick

    This man's voice knew no bounds!

    Neither did the man himself. :( It must be tough to deal with the genius in oneself...

  26. Samuel Cooke


  27. haruspeggs

    taumelnd großartig!