Buckley, Tim - Dolphins Lyrics

Sometimes I think about Saturday's child
And all about the times when we were running wild
I've been out searching for the dolphins in the sea
Ah, but sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me

This old world will never change the way it's been
And all the ways of war won't change it back again
I've been out searchin' for the dolphin in the sea
Ah, but sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me

This old world will never change

Lord, I'm not the one to tell this old world how to get along
I only know that peace will come when all our hate is gone
I've been a-searchin' for the dolphins in the sea
Ah, but sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me

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Buckley, Tim Dolphins Comments
  1. the Bride of Frankenstein

    I love this man....I wish he was still here.....a fellow aquarius....hope he's resting easy wherever he is....

  2. Andrew Andy

    The variety of his voice is incredible
    Her voice chenge from song to song
    TB great artist

  3. seamac206

    Wish Tim did more electric music

  4. MrDrewlips

    @tdkkeen Why in heaven's name have you spoiled this extraordinarily beautiful performance with your on screen written commentary? These facts are readily available to everyone on the internet. Please remove them and return the video to the way it once was!


    Unfortunately it was done by the tv music show that screened this not me. I simply recorded and uploaded it. I agree, the facts are a bit of a unnecessary distraction. I just can’t remove them.


    @tdkkeen Thanks for the reply. "A bit " is an understatement. 5 years ago it wasn't there. I can't imagine why they did it.

  5. B Nistico

    Literally brings tears to my eyes.

  6. Sublime Music Channel

    Listen to Ian Wallace swing. Am I the only one who gets this?!

  7. Jaap Klein

    Tim ...hoe dichtbij je kwam,,,in onze familie,,,hello goodbey,,,mijn grote zus ,,vertaalde wat je zong...meestal begreep ik het, ,jongetje van 14, 15 ,,dat is ruim, 50 jaar geleden, ,,het jongetje van toen ,,,kijkt nog altijd huizen hoog, op naar een prachtig écht mens ...Tim Buckley. ..🙌

  8. Eugene Felsnick

    Fuck that skag. Too much wasted youth, talent and energy

  9. Paolo Brama

    No words, absolutely no words to describe how great hé was. A wonderful talent floating through heaven and earth.

  10. Alistair Mulhearn

    A great song sung by a great singer. I remember watching this on the TV that night.

  11. Brendon Israel

    Tim Buckley is one of the most underrated singer-songwriters of all time if not the most underrated singer-songwriter. His voice is powerful enough to send chills up and down your spine. His music and legacy will live on forever.

    David Michail

    If you liked this you should listen to this songs' original singer-songwriter: Fred Neil's version.Talk about underated, but then again Fred shunned the spotlight.

  12. Paul Martin

    What’s that guitar he’s playing?

    Lupco Kotevski

    A rare Fender XII electric 12 string.

  13. Rene Trujillo

    POWERFUL VOX to go with this great great song! Long live Tim Buckley and what he did for U.S. here in L.A.!

  14. Johnny MFan

    Linda Ronstadt did a cover of this too, a few years before Tim. It was before she found her true voice on Heart like a Wheel.

  15. Roy Smiles

    They should have mentioned Fred Neil wrote this....astonishing cover but PLEASE listen to the original by Fred...almost a totally different song. But both versions god-like...

  16. alebatte

    Is that Charlie Whitney from Family on guitar?

  17. Beach Boys

    Who else wishes Tim Buckley was still alive!

  18. Rey Rogers

    Heroin addict and death. What a great example for your son you sorry sack of shit.

  19. Dead By Whiskey

    fuck heroin

  20. Andrew Smith

    Why does heroin have to be so good???

  21. Eli Malaga

    The presenter is absolutely the history teacher type from the 70s:-)

    Kevin Renforth

    "Whispering" Bob Harris.

  22. Daniel Dirand

    I LOVE Tim, but I must admit Fred Neil's versions were better. More natural. In the baritone register, Fred was unbeatable.

  23. Commander Sins

    Jeff was better!

  24. terry fishcakes

    This shit is real. Your man just properly means it.
    Fucking PURE.
    Just take it in man, BLISS x

  25. Jimmaculate

    I had his second record, Goodbye and Hello, and it was heavenly. What a voice, huh? Electric 12-string, wow!

  26. Rob Lucas

    Now that’s how you fucking sing

  27. Jonathan Pearman

    Sublime guitar by Whitney, sheer understated brilliance weaving itself around the equally brilliant vocals. Beautiful.

  28. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    They pass by Skyros all the time!

  29. Joshua Wilson

    Thank you fish for being here

  30. Staley Buckley Hoon,CC,Weiland

    I do hope Tim and his son Son Jeff Buckley made peace ! I like Tim’s way of singing but I LOVE His Sons Jeff Buckley way much much more! Too bad Jeff Buckley didn’t live much longer than his biological father Tim of course Jeff not wanting his life to end like Tim’s he drowned in the Mississippi River in 97 doing the backstroke singing Gotta whole lotta love! Tug boats were passing and he got sucked under, probably hit his head and drowned his body was recovered a few days later! Autopsy showed no drugs or alcohol in his system!! So he actually passed away like he wanted!!! No overdose! I’m not passing judgment! Pretty much all my other favorite vocalist actually did just that! Overdosed on heroin , heroin and cocaine or just cocaine or suicide and I’ve had 4 ex boyfriend who’ve committed suicide! So no passing judgment here! I’m just saying Tim’s son who he never seen except once for about a week when Jeff was 8 plus Jeff didn’t even get invited to his fathers funeral! Even though Tim had remarried and had more children and Jeff mother the same! This still had everlasting effects on Jeff Buckley which you can tell in his music! His mother even changed his name when she got remarried to Scotty Moorehead ! He changed it back to Jeff Buckley! I felt so sorry for him as a fellow human being! I wish I had his guitar skills and his voice though! He was so talented even Led Zeppelin went to his concert! It was said he was like Plant and Page embodied as one! RIp Tim and Jeff 💞💞

  31. Tom Gradwell

    Saw this on Whistle Test in 74 & this performance passed me by at the time. However, age & wisdom has taught me what a great performance this was. A major loss.

  32. Katie Allsop

    28 but looks like he'd lived life times,the 60's I guess.

  33. eric ohara

    He was the real deal

  34. Rene Trujillo

    L.A.’s treasure! viva Tim! what a Vox!

  35. fooman65

    Skag never did anyone any favours, especially the weak.

  36. Sterling Music

    I've watched this many times. Only just realised the drummer has his kit set up in reverse!

  37. MilesBellas

    Elvis vocal impersonator?

  38. lennydylan

    If your new to Tim Buckley....seek out his album 'Greetings From LA' ...one of the best albums ever made..play it loud ...preferably when your stoned and drunk to fuck.....just Reeks of sex....rock n roll ..lots of love ...lennydylan ..xx


    lennydylan. That album is the original, and the best, sex, drugs and voodoo magic music ever made!
    Can't believe how many people I've played it to over the years just don't like/get it!

  39. Skene Ward

    Sublime voice.

  40. Daniel Chubbock

    I'll never tire of this song

  41. Michael Gorman

    Tim certainly had a unique style, this was a sensitive version of the Fred Neil song, both men are missed

  42. prospero55b

    Very good. But even Tim Buckley couldn't top the original version by the great Fred Neil, which has more soul, is less demonstrative...
    I'm a musician, and honestly "The Dolphins" by Fred Neil is one of the greatest things which was ever recorded on this Earth. Fred was tired of the music business and wanted to go "where the sun keeps shining", back to his home of Florida, and he wanted to take care of dolphins. He did it.

  43. Lee-an Lu

    his normal speaking voice is quite high compared to his singing voice

  44. Justin Y.

    Holy shit, this is the same guy that drew the legendary comic, Loss!

  45. Valesca Oliveira

    What a genius aaaaah I love him

    David Michail

    You should do your self a favor and listen to the original version by singer-songwriter Fred Neil's. One of the most fascinating artists of our time.

  46. Misa rai

    the guy talking in the beginning looks like the actor who played “It” the clown lol

  47. El Efecto Mariarosa

    "And sometimes I wonder
    Do you ever think of me" This is pretty similar to the lyrics in Once I was: ""And sometimes I wonder
    Do you ever remember me?"

  48. Bird Doug

    Shouts out Fred Neil and shouts out Sopranos

  49. MrDrewlips

    @tdkkeen Thanks for this but originally it was posted without the written explanations on the screen.  Please remove them from the video and put them below with your remarks.  They are very distracting from the performance.

  50. Fernando Marquez

    he try to imitate fred and that sound not cool

  51. Fernando Marquez

    not so good like fred niel

  52. Jasper Neil

    Tim always had great guitarists. The band really swings.

  53. Naz tubes

    Mankind can be free if he becomes kind man.

  54. Allanl Mitchell

    i never met him but if i did i would thank him for the most soulful music that i know

  55. The Midges

    it's such a brilliant cover of Dolphins. Having this heard for the first time long ago I did not get his performance out of my head and sung it myself ... It is sad to know he is gone and could not write and sing more of such beautiful tunes anymore ...

  56. Thomas Adams

    00:30 Julian Assange on the drums

  57. Roadrunner

    love this guy

  58. Gareth

    Socialism is a cancer that runs countries and lives, take Venezuela as a recent example and open your fucking eyes.

  59. M S

    What a beautiful song.....!!

  60. michele piteo

    I tell you everything is going on with that voice.But he ended up losing it all with hard drugs & the Star Sailor album blew him off-course as too wierd tho' Down by The Borderline is the hit that should have been.Never needed hard drugs~just a longer life to have articulated more from That voice.Jeff had it 2 but not his father around to develop it. Yet it was a miracle Jeff was born at all.

  61. Steve Payne

    Twelve-strings are a bitch to tune up and keep in tune at the best of times, and the fact that his guitar is slightly out of tune grates constantly.

    That aside, I do think that this is very likely one of the greatest - most passionate and heartfelt - vocals I've ever heard.

  62. Johann Wolf

    The obscure and rarely celebrated band - Its a Beautiful Day - also recorded this song, written by Fred Neil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDLEs2zcsQ0

  63. Brian Allan

    One of my favourite OGWT tracks. Talented man.

  64. Jules Gleeson

    Wow intro guy has SUCH a soothing voice, where's his audiobook collection?

  65. Sheerkat7

    Pure talent. Beautiful voice.

  66. Kimberly Harrington

    OMG I love this it is beautiful! I hadn't heard this one before.

  67. Dominic AaAaa

    a brilliant performance, better live than the recorded version - amazing voice he had <3

  68. Gordon M

    Great great song by the great Fred Neil. This version gets me tearful. Amazing performance.

  69. Melody Fox

    What a voice! and what a waste from above, causing them to die so young, *killing* that talent...Sad family fate... Tim and Jeff...rest in paradise, entertaining the stars.

    Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)

  70. ThatGuy Bloke

    Ah, the 12 fender. An instrument of choice.

    Wade McGregor

    ThatGuy Bloke do you know what guitar it is specifically? Plz and thank u


    Wade McGregor Just search up Fender Xii, they're vintage and very expensive though.

  71. Gordon M

    Beautiful 12-string. Great song by Fred Neil who wrote Everybody's Talking.

  72. Dee Donner Ramone

    I bought some Tim Buckley 8 track tapes at our local drugstore in the 1970's. Blue Afternoon, I think. This guy had 'IT"

  73. Garnet Newton-Wade

    Excellent vocal

  74. Garnet Newton-Wade

    “[...]the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

  75. Thomas Di Stefano

    The same as it ever was

  76. Thomas Di Stefano

    beautiful & captivating!

  77. gene weaintnopopstars

    this is iconic! great!

  78. debris54

    ah yea ... grew up on this, and of course the original Fred Neil recording ... man , Neil had one hell of a voice ... one of my major influences ...

  79. chattycathydoll

    One of my favourite songs and so tragic his and Jeff's untimely deaths. Well played God cos you made me realize even if you do exist what a dick you are. Slow hand clap.

  80. Frank Atack

    This is what rock n roll is all about. pure sex.

  81. nukkingfuks

    So fucking cool.

  82. Allanl Mitchell

    Its hard to get this sentiment today

  83. booognish

    Check out the version by the criminally underappreciated Matt Johnson of "the The" from the compilation album solitude, sometimes listed as shades of blue.

  84. Allanl Mitchell

    tim and jeff both gone wheres the sense in that

  85. Paul Mears


  86. Paul Mears


  87. Saverio Bezzini

    Amazing ....................

  88. George Smith

    Fred Neil would no doubt buy you quite a few beers for that one Tim.
    Nice job.
    The both of you are probably strumming away on some cloud right now. You sang that like you really knew what a great tune it is.
    Thanx for the memories!!

    Nicola Douglas

    George Smith George if you had those memories,then your a lucky man:-)

    George Smith

    Appreciate the get back Nicola. Fred Neil was certainly a poster-boy for the underrated. Tim Buckley for that matter. I feel blessed AND lucky to have loved this tune for many, many moons.

  89. nev barrett

    Just an amazing voice & talent. You just don't see this energy and soul in any singer these days. Taken too soon but never forgotten. RIP Tim.

  90. Hazey

    Fred Neil blessing us with another great tune.

  91. Nomail Today

    i wonder if that is a constent c or d

  92. Hex Agon

    Tim is from the future. Fresh as a daisy.

  93. Allanl Mitchell

    its ceartanly changing . but is it for the good

  94. saraiva ma

    uhhh this is cool

  95. studio7

    Great song..tragic life and his son Jeff.....how strange life is!!!

  96. Lenore Flanders

    A great love of mine introduced me to Tim Buckley in 1969. So very, very dear! What a talent he brought forth from the Soul. Peace

  97. Allanl Mitchell

    This old world will never change hope it does before its to late