Buckley, Tim - Café Lyrics

I was just a curly-haired mountain boy
On my way passing through I heard a voice
Whisper good evening
I turned to a shadow
And saw her there
So all alone

She had those sad china eyes
That sang each time she smiled
Ah, but the song
It seemed to linger
So long it deepened
My love for her
Until she called me near

And then we waltzed to our heart beat
All around the sea was swaying
The breeze was praying
Never to leave her alone

Oh, the time just slipped on by
And with the time
So did our love
Ah, her every move
Just like a fever
Just like a fever
Burnin' inside would not leave me

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Buckley, Tim Café Comments
  1. A Pa

    This whole album is my 'go to' music when I am feeling down, and after listening to it, it somehow brings me back to myself, and I can acknowledge the blue feelings and let them go. For me, a definitely cathartic experience. Ironically, Tim did not regard this as his best work, but somehow he explored the dark matrix of our feelings, and made them accessible, so for me, this will always be some of his finest work.

  2. Kape songs

    " E del tempo fu sospeso il corso" (Dino Campana)

  3. Lucio Santoro

    La piu' bella sognante di Tim

  4. Lucio Santoro

    Imprendibile la tua voce.un ricamo di stelle

  5. Jasper Neil

    Enchantingly beautiful. Thank heaven for sensitive souls like Tim.

  6. Lucio Santoro

    Una delle piu' belle. Mi ricorda gli anni 70 al mercatino dei dischi a Via Sannio Roma. La voce del sogno infinito ed e' tutto

  7. Lucio Santoro



    Concordo....Ovviamente......Un saluto da Trento

  8. Burt472

    There's one person who sadly doesn't go to a cafe.....

  9. Burt472

    Magnificent in its painful beauty......

  10. Burt472

    A giant who left us way too early......Damn

  11. Vito Abbate

    bigger than life


    Vero....Un saluto da Trento.....

  12. PariSanGennar

    I remember this LP when I was young and now it's always great!!!

  13. J Rubber

    lindo, perfeito...


    Sim....Um saludo de Trento, Italia....Amo Brasil

  14. Burt472

    Just another Tim's masterpiece

  15. Anita grey

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!

  16. Emlyn Williams

    After hearing this there is nothing really you can follow it with, except bed.


    An all-night cry.....

  17. Miloš Rais

    He´s astounding

  18. Man O'Neal

    Look at that cleft chin...

  19. Natalia Allen

    as good as music / voice gets.

  20. cyril minier

    thanx spaceodysseo i was looking for this song for so long, couldn t remember which album it was of, one of his beautifulest song

  21. Catherine Dunning

    this song feels like heroin

    Paula Swetnam

    I was lucky enough to get time with him while he was liveing in Sac. Ca. He was quiting! I praised how he wanted to reclaim his life.He asked me to go with.but ..I didn't.there were tears.He knew what he had to do.I was a part of his strength he said.them he left.then...he was gone. It's taken me yrs to figure this out.guess I'll never know.its been so long.now he's gone.we were young .wait to hear what he had not yet sung. I love you Tim .


    A brotherly hug from Italy.....Thank you for your testimonial......

  22. Jesse Moitas

    its a crime to even think to dislike this.


    High crime indeed.....But one did......

  23. Anita Shelby

    Absolutely Awesome ! Thankyou dear...Anita :)

  24. andrew kilik

    love the guitar solo that begins at 3:11 ...such a nice tone, i dunno what effect the guitar is using but it sound's real nice

    Admar Sabaz

    the effects are depression and reverb.

  25. andrew kilik

    @BlackSabbathory i'd love if they made a documentary about tim buckley and his whole music career from his first album up to his death, kinda like "the doors, when your stranhe" or "last 24 hoyurs of kurt cobain" i think that'd be amazing...although i dont know if they would have much footage of him to show...ahhh well just an idea lol

    Christopher Comerford

    Andrew there is it’s called the man and his music

  26. SKOTP69

    One of my favourite "chill out" albums after coming home from nightclubs in the 90's!

  27. NovaScotiaChick

    @MyInnerEyeMike99 Thank you for mentioning Blue Melody. It blew me away. I've thought it so many times, how well he knew the scope of his voice, but Blue Melody tops that.

  28. NovaScotiaChick

    @MyInnerEyeMike99 Maybe it was not important to Tim to have material possessions? He was still quite young to have cared a whole lot about that. Just thinking out loud. BTW I am a huge fan of Tim... But the daily and multiple drug habit is very expensive... this may have been a reason too.

  29. NRCMM 13

    @occiaballa Oh yeah you say it the way is my friend... me too : )

  30. Rob Wanders

    totally agree with MylnnerEyeMike99. Although I dont agree with what's written in Wiki that "Tim didnt have his heart in this album". I hear his heart so he must have put it in it. The album is my favourtite! And this song is so awesome!!!

  31. Burt472

    @padleynj ...Totally agreed.....

  32. Steve Kasiaras

    There was so much incredible music coming out back then that it was all too easy for artists like Tim Buckley as well as potential fans to simply get lost in the flood of it all.

  33. Jim St. Amand

    "She had those sad China eyes that sang each time she smiled." What a beautiful line from this exceptional song.


    Yes and yes...A greeting from Italy

  34. occiaballa

    Losing oneself in this enchantment is so nice...

  35. Burt472

    AWESOME....gets me Goosebumps

  36. evelyneverettgreen

    ascension at 0.30... any poets out there describe that?

  37. TheDesertman1

    Oone of my favorite Tim Buckley albums. I own them all and have been a fan since the '70's. This song makes my hair stand up and feels so moody. MANY of Tim's songs make my hair stand up. He was so very neglected and under rated! You must listen to Song to a Siren!