Buckley, Tim - Blue Melody Lyrics

Well I was born a blue melody
A little song my mama sang to me
It was a blue melody
Such a blue
You've never seen

There ain't no wealth
That can buy my pride
There ain't no pain
That can cleanse my soul
No just a blue melody
Sailing far away from me

One summer mornin'
I was raised
But I don't know
One summer morning
I was left
But I don't know
One summer morning
So all alone

Late in ev'ning
I'll sing in your dreaming
Down from the mountain
Along with the breezes
So close inside
Love grew smiles

So if you hear that blue melody
Won't you please send it home to me
It's just my
Blue melody
Callin' far away to me

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Buckley, Tim Blue Melody Comments
  1. monte-verdiano papasyriopoulos

    One of those voices that crack your guts...

  2. Paul ?

    Blue Afternoon. My favourite Tim Buckley album. Thanks!


    Paul ? Mine, too.

  3. Burt472

    After all the sadness...There's only Death....Be it Physical and / or Inner

  4. Pascal Bozon

    Magnifique! je croyais bien connaître la discographie de ce chanteur mais je découvre de véritables perles.

  5. Lucio Santoro

    Bellissima immenso Tim

  6. Michael Strasser

    Such a beautiful and sick man-boy
    Timmy,, ma'boy.
    I will always love you
    Such Soul

  7. Burt472

    Shivers & tears

  8. Burt472

    Perfect for my today's mood ( not a good sign...)

  9. DuneAquaViva

    Love this..


    Impossible not to....

  10. m romanelli

    very good observation- there certainly seems to be a parallel, melodically, to Snowfall. The two melodies feel similar. Funny, but the chronology lines up also- I think Tim Buckley would have been a child when Snowfall was being heard.

  11. Linden Arden

    I'm just me or this song sounds very similar to Snowfall, the theme of the orchestra of Claude Thornhill?


    I can hear the main melody being a bit alike. Maybe Tim was influenced by that song at some point, wouldn't surprise me. Cool observation.


    Just listened, not the same but close like Bart said most likely an influence, not unusual for a good writer of lyric to be influenced by composers! Good ear, the similarity is more in he drop down of the progression quite an uncommon sound for the time.

  12. Diego


  13. Burt472

    Special . Thanks Tim. You won't be forgotten. A hug from Italy.