Buckingham, Lindsey - In Our Own Time Lyrics

Fire still burning, in a while she'll make it rain
These rooms are all falling down, they couldn't stand the strain
And the same old dream, she was hiding outside my door
She used to come from time to time but not any more

Still in my mind
Still in my mind

Wouldn't make any difference
We crossed the line
From the fire we will rise again
In our own time

Seasons turning, in a while she'll make it snow
This time I think she's here for good but I never really know
Nothing here remains, just a vision of her face
The implications of a crime, it always takes the place

Still in my mind
Still in my mind

Wouldn't make any difference
We crossed the line
From the fire we will rise again
In our own time

It wouldn't make any difference
We crossed the line
From the fire we were running
In our own time

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Buckingham, Lindsey In Our Own Time Comments
  1. Natalie Small

    That voice! The guitar work. The lyrics. AMAZING!!!

  2. silversprings62

    I freaking love this song soooo much! And love LB to the ends of the earth! Get well soon, Linds!

  3. Lock Down On Sparta

    wow, I just can't get enough of this tune...repeated listening in multiples of ten

  4. Paul Perez Alonso

    Great song!!!! Rock on Lindsy!!! Is song about Stevie ???? I wonder.


    I guess so!

  5. Silky Wellman

    Better than any Nicks solo work...just saying😊

  6. Charles peterson

    That man whines like a Mexican Ranchera ordering another street taco at 2:00 A.M. Goes to the curb, pukes and comes back for more.

  7. Carter Elliott

    Lindsey Buckingham=UNDERRATED. What an awesome musician.

  8. jamsee1

    Just awesome :)

  9. sebastian Santos


  10. Max Comeau (Singer-Songwriter)

    One of the Top 5 Greatest Songs (and recordings) of his entire solo career. An effing masterpiece!

  11. dingothing

    This is proof that people CAN still find good, well written pop music in modern day. You just have to look for it a little longer than you used to.

    santiago pichiringo



    @santiago pichiringo what's hilarious? How your brain doesn't function properly?

    Leo B

    You can, but it's mostly written by veterans like Buckingham, not exactly an unknown act, I agree he's solo stuff is vastly underrated though

  12. Brendii05

    Lo que hace con la guitarra es impresionante! Demasiado bueno.

  13. donnareneew

    One man sounding like 3 guitars!

  14. eseptiembre

    Gracias Lindsey, desde Perú un abrazo.

  15. Sara Moseley

    Saw him the other night in Charleston and it was nothing short of genius. His talent puts you in awe.

  16. Daburcor

    Right on!

  17. NJo 93950

    Last night. May 10. Carmel, CA. Sunset Center. Second row center. I tossed my cd up on stage. He picked it up and said, "Is this you?" I said "yes, sir." He said "ya know . . . . I think you're gonna make it. Cuz you've got chuzpah." I died and was born again in that very moment. So he has my CD. Stay tuned . . .


    so did you make it?

  18. HammerMyBalls

    This song is truly good.

  19. Andrew Caddell

    One man wrecking machine. :)

  20. Chuck Bass

    @rockzulla Really
    Lindsey is one of the best guitarists and one of the most underrated
    He deserved much more attention than some artists with a potential well below his
    Both in his solo career and in Fleetwood Mac, it shows very talented
    I will always admire him

  21. rockzulla

    @crazy5318 lindsey is truly one of the great guatarist of all time he just doesn't get the attention he deserves a very underrated guitar player i love his song and guitar playing on i'm so afraid it's great.

  22. Alex Nobles

    Loved his performance. Saw him at the Saban Theatre (this show) and at The Grove in Anaheim. Always in the zone.

  23. silverstar88822

    Going to see him tonight. Can't wait. I really like this song. :)

  24. Chuck Bass

    Lindsey is one of the best guitarists of all time without a shadow of doubt.
    Please,come to Brazil Lindsey !!!

  25. Summerfield

    totally underrated artist.

  26. Linguistador

    He said somewhere about this album that he feels he has a lot of tools to draw from, that he feels "seasoned", so to speak. And I can hear it in the album. So well-polished and perfectly executed. A time-perfected craft.

  27. Tom Pickett's Astrophotography

    @veribull Thanks veribull I have never seen anyone get so much music out of one guitar, when there is no one else playing but him. A few songs were from Fleetwood Mac “The Dance”, Lindsey made it look effortless and it sounded identical to the DVD. I was not at all disappointed with his performance that night and I would tell anyone, if you have not seen Lindsey Buckingham Live, then you are missing out on a performance of a life time, and a performance you will never forget. Tom And Lyn

  28. veribull

    @Thomasp671 I concur as I was at the show too .. Lindsey is a machine - just perfect reproduction of his music which is amazing based on his playing technique.. AND the sound system (room) was one of the best I've ever heard and felt as the bass drivers were displacing and pushing air that would just breeze through me ( second row) phenomanal two hours of music excellence with grace ! peace

  29. Tom Pickett's Astrophotography

    I also got a t-shirt and his fantastic new CD "Seeds We Sow"

  30. Tom Pickett's Astrophotography

    I seen Lindsey Last Night In Concert at the Nugget in Sparks Nevada. WOW I have to say it was the best from him that I have ever seen, and the best in my top ten concerts I have ever Seen. this Guy is also the best guitar player I have ever seen. My prayers go out to him and his band on their new tour... Tom And Lyn Thomasp671

  31. Ian Brown

    Some great skills on the guitar, made to look effortless as usual! Lovely song, not heard the album version yet, but I've always felt Lindsay is at his best live, with all that raw energy in his voice.

  32. Matthew Hughes

    The new album is great, Lindsey! I love the small machine!

  33. tulllguy

    the studio version sounds like a girl singing

    Lock Down On Sparta

    hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Good one

  34. silversprings62

    love it!!!!!

  35. Annastasia Grandiose

    Beautiful...just beautiful...