Buckingham, Lindsey - Flying Down Juniper Lyrics

Fathers and mothers all those years ago
Well did you ever did you ever know?

My sisters and my brothers all dead and gone
Did you know that wishing don't make it so

All the children flying down Juniper
All going where children go
All the children flying down Juniper
Let us go

And did you ever wonder about the places we would go
And did you realise we felt their woe

All the children flying down Juniper
All going where children go
All the children flying down Juniper
Let us go

If we forgive ourselves we might be whole
But you know that wishing wishing won't make it so

All the children flying down Juniper
All going where children go
All the children flying down Juniper
Let us go

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Buckingham, Lindsey Flying Down Juniper Comments
  1. silvergypsy81

    I love liddy, highly underestimated artist👏👏😘🎸🎶

  2. Gracie342

    So beautiful! NO ONE compares to Lindsey!!! So miss him and pray for him for total healing!

  3. Roy Clay

    The two dislikes are Stevie Nicks Official and Private accounts ;) :O

  4. Michele C-F

    Get well Lindsey!

  5. Colleen Crawford

    Lovvve this...

  6. Carter Elliott

    Well, he's still living, thank God. Greetings from Mississippi, and may you have a fast and painless recovery. Wonderful song!!!

    The Fonz

    Carter Elliott this video is eleven years old dummy

  7. Janice Rosenthal

    This is absolutely beautiful well done ❤️

  8. larciabella

    love the song and cd

  9. Glenda33

    Very summery song, thank you Lindsey!

  10. Michele C-F

    This is my new favourite of his, just love his guitar work, producing and songwriting.

  11. John Manning

    it's open G capo 3 for anyone interested.

  12. PeachWNK

    Beautiful....I feel like I'm late to the party. :)


    +PeachWNK better late than never!..lol...although I shall always love Lindsey and his acoustic versions, I much prefer the studio version where this song is concerned!


    I love both...just great playing.

  13. oldbandguy

    My favorite LB song!

  14. dllucero

    Like all your guitar, but i got to say Rick Turner is one of my fav's...when you get tired of it, look me up!

  15. beachgal SF

    Love this one - a great ballad from Lindsey. I adore hearing him acoustic. The Sabam in Beverly Hills this yr was just a magical night.

  16. nitedrive

    Wow. The chords, the lyrics; this speaks to a paticular time in my childhood. Eerie how closely the lyrics mirror the name of the cul de sac I lived on and how us kids would 'fly down' the hill at the end of the street. Coincidence, but a happy one.

  17. PonyboyInNewZealand

    Why are Buckingham's videos unavailable?

  18. Paul Valletta

    My fav track, why?...I listened to the album over and over, ..wanting some retro riffs of lindseys guitar trademarks. This tune kept popping into my head in everyday experience;s. I guess I missed the sixties sound because of my age..but this takes me there..it gets under my skin, and stays inside me.
    Thanxs Lindsey, a awasome record.

  19. tsfmnlb

    @thejman31 I like it too, and I always have. I really like the chord change as he goes into the main verse. It just has a neat nostalgia about it. Pretty song.

  20. lostatsea24

    Hes always been thin. except during his out of the cradle tour.

  21. Adam Smith Singer Songwriter

    i think if laura nyro was alive today she would sing this on the piano

  22. David Throup

    I thought that at first too. But after listening to it a few times it's probably one of my favorites.

    Any Lindsey song I haven't liked after a while has come good.

  23. cnqnmei

    This video looks like it was done in the same room as the one where the whole group was eating (take-out, lol). Anyway, I like this song, mebbe not as much as the rest of Under The Skin but still a good song. Lindsey needs to eat a proper meal while touring, he's too thin here.

  24. ajmccarrell

    How can I enjoy this catterwalling mess? He's done some brilliant pieces on UTS like "Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind", it'd be really cool to have something like that. I skip this track everytime I put Under The Skin on. I think Kristen pegged it right as "The Love Boat Song". LOL!

  25. Peacekeeper7

    Shut The Hell Up & Just Enjoy It!

  26. ajmccarrell

    This is the worst song he has ever done. He's done amazing things, I don't know why he didn't throw this one out.

  27. Scott F. Brown

    Does anyone know what tuning he uses on this song?

  28. cnqnmei

    He looks really hot here.

  29. John Demetry

    now we have all of under the skin... live! i love this man.

  30. TomDempsey1

    Nice treat, Lindsey. (I expected some activity in lieu of the new release!!)