Buckcherry - Bent Lyrics

I am bent

I cannot stand how I feel inside
I can't be fixed and I can't be trusted
I'm not thinkin' of suicide
I'd rather take out the ones
That I know who have crossed me

I'm lookin' over the edge again
Starin' into the face of destruction
This is always where faith begins
I've been in trouble before
And I always crushed it

I am bent
And I finally lost control
I can feel it deep inside my soul
Now it's comin' on
All the way down

When I go, I go all the way
There's no fear and no one can stop me
I'm like a prison you can't escape
I'll make you wish you were callin' it quits
'Cause you can't hang

All the things that I can't explain
Make me feel like I'm caged and I'm crushed in
The chaos always starts the rage
Now I feel so alone and I'm always insane

I am bent
And I finally lost control
I can feel it deep inside my soul
Now it's comin' on
All the way down

I am bent
And I've got so far to go
If I ever wanna reach my goal
I better do it right now

Steppin' under the sunlight
And let your problems drift away
I feel it on the inside
And I just take it day by day
I stay close to the outcome
And that's what makes me bulletproof

I'm comin' through
Break all the rules
I'm comin' through
Break all the rules
Break all the rules
Break all the rules

I am bent
And I finally lost control
I can feel it deep inside my soul
Now it's comin' on
All the way down

I am bent
And I've got your heart of gold
If I ever wanna reach my goal
I better do it right now

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Buckcherry Bent Comments
  1. RickyDale Benson

    Now THIS song sounds a like vintage Buckcherry!!!! See... it CAN be done!!!

  2. rmullenaux

    Now that's the jam!!!

  3. Geoffrey Skey

    I fucking LOVE this band, so many songs I identify with

  4. Billy McD


  5. Dana Gorham

    Fav song on this album so far :-)

  6. Christi Simpson

    LOVE this!!! Xoxo

  7. Donovin Dickerson

    So much harder live. Badass. The live riffs were so hard. Rock on 🎸

  8. Alison Paige

    Awesome band

  9. Sam Doe


  10. Sam Doe

    Love me some Buckcherry.They kik start my heart n bring it evry damn show!Cant wait to see Josh n the gang in July in Bangor Maine at Impact Fest...(should be HEADLINING!)

  11. jjkhawaiian

    If Iggy Pop and Willem Defoe had a son it would be this lead singer.

    Beverly Davis

    That's it!
    I have been trying to figure out who this dude reminds me of ?

  12. Alan Kreilick

    Still Awesome

  13. jon hudson

    one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time! nobody releasing music this side of 2000 gets close!

  14. dean mclamb

    Came across this new release last week. Listened to it on You- Tube tonight and ordered the CD tonight!
    Awesome! New band members rock!

    Owen Harris

    dean mclamb only new one on the track is Kevin. Drums were still Sean on the album but Francis on tour and in the video

  15. Bogdan Mihai

    Nice song Buckcherry, i hope you guys make more songs for us !! :)

  16. Universal Energy

    Never disappointment always love your Energy great song I'm digging it🤘🤘

  17. Alice1blue

    i just turned 40 & lyrics couldnt ring so true right now in my life 🤣

    Owen Harris

    Alice1blue hope you are ok mate. I have a feeling I know where you are coming from.

  18. lifes good

    KewL song

  19. Aleric

    Fuck Yeah

  20. foresaken to none

    Heard this the other day on KILO 94.3 f.m....best out of them since Cocaine really???

  21. mark gillespie

    buckcherry rocks

  22. mark gillespie

    badass buckcherry

  23. 13 20

    The secret son of William Dafoe and Steven Tyler is back. Its sad thats the new songs are so weak and without energy. I guess everybody grow up. Well, mature isnt only a kind of porno. I should get used to it

  24. Melissa Armando

    I love buckcherry

  25. Ciarán Muldowney

    Filmed in my home city Manchester uk

  26. FreetrialCoffins

    Long time all time supporter of Buckcherry recordings. Life is good

  27. Mikael Axelsson


  28. Craig

    The vocals are terrible, no effort, same constant whining, no vocal range or change throughout .Musically OK just ditch the singer.

    Sam Doe

    Josh Todd best front man since Jagger or Tyler/piss off.Josh fkn rocks n brings it every fkn show.Best live party band ever.

    Sam Doe

    Josh IS Buckcherry!

  29. Henry Lehr

    Whoah. Willem Dafoe has a band

    Danny California

    Josh > anybody

  30. fede camusso


  31. Lorraine Ward

    MY FAVORITE BAND !!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  32. corndog1868

    Rock n Roll brother!!!!!

  33. COCarDude

    Great song! Loved it the first time I heard it, which rarely happens.

  34. k sturmer

    I need to be playing my drums in a band, like these.

  35. Mr. JC


  36. Enter7419

    F*ck YEAH! Great Guitar Solo Too! kEEP rOCKING Dudes!


    Miss you're band then I search it and I found this OMG <3

  38. Besos Robados

    Vamos ahí dando caña!!! aquí nuestro nuevo videoclip! https://youtu.be/H354rLe_p-w

  39. Steve Hunt

    You know when a toddler does fingerpainting and just splashes colour wherever it ends up and then beams with pride? - and then someone with an art degree looks at it and sees no degree of talent whatsoever.

    .... yeah this is shit.

    John Hawkins

    Agreed. The heart and soul of the band is still missing.

  40. Kimberly Hamrick

    I was so excited to hear this song. I'm never disappointed by them EVER!! I hope I get to see them again in concert. Buckcherry gives me life!! Love them!

    Peggy Hull

    I'm seing them July 9 in Kingston, Ont :)

    Jean runkle

    I seen them last night, best night of my life, they were incredible!!!!

  41. Jeff P

    Was awesome! Ready for warpaint’s release

  42. Jose Carlos Gutierrez Franco

    Grandes BuckCherry!!! Tremenda canción, Suprema! saludos desde Perú... Rock on!

  43. Janet Andrea

    So glad they are still rockin!!

  44. colemann76

    A better rock song you won’t hear this year

    Owen Harris

    colemann76 until the rest of the album 🤘🏼

    Kaye Gillanders

    Until you hear Slash n Myles x

    NPC# 0117

    *cough* Whitechapel *cough*

  45. drpablo hdz

    You RockBC !! from Monterrey México!!! Saludos

  46. Dali Van Gogh


  47. Pamela Madden

    Loving the new songs and this video is making me jones for a BC show!

  48. Luis Moreno

    Hard, heavy and well executed!!

  49. Jean Miranda

    Great track and video! Also great to see all these sold out venues! Buckcherry is a real hardrockin' and hardworkin' band! Cheers from Brazil!

  50. ladymidnight 1231

    Rockin it out as always.....see you boys in March :)

  51. free tob

    Great Vid & Great Song !!! Long time fan here.

  52. Tricia DiMatteo

    Whoa what a grreat video!!!!

  53. Craig Rasband

    Kick ass, very proud of you Fran.....

  54. punkrocksal

    Brilliant! So this is what you did with the footage! I watched you filming all this and am very proud to be a part of it.

  55. Christina Fisher

    I am so loving it !

  56. Carol Terry

    Warpaint is proving to be a solid rock album. Buckcherry can rock !!

    Owen Harris

    Carol Terry what would you know. 😂

    Carol Terry

    @Owen Harrisam I gonna have to catch a flight and pinch you? LMAO - Good to see your name on here. Finally a fellow BC Fanatic !!

  57. Billy Griffith

    oooo a new buckcherry song realeased on my bday yay lmao

  58. charity lemieux

    I love it guys and killer video to match buckcherry never fails there fans 😍

  59. Sean Dresser

    Buckcherry is back on track, kick ass tune, keep hammering out the tunes, fukin bad ass👍👍, B.C. loggers rule!

  60. Ian Gelb

    This is Bitch’n 🧨

  61. José Augusto dos Santos


  62. Marion Spence

    Bad Ass as Usual!!

  63. Owen Harris

    Love it. One of my friends were front row for all ten of the uk shows.

  64. Tweedy McDoubt

    Sic dudes still loving it

  65. David Benoit

    Who cares about being first comment dumbass, sounds like the old shit

  66. YourName

    I really dig this song! I've never seen them, i bet it's really fucking fun.

    Kimberly Hamrick

    YourName They're great in concert!

  67. Christy Southern

    Love buck cherry

  68. # Catr1n

    The Best in the World 😍

  69. Christy Southern


  70. NotoreaG

    love the music👌🏻