Buble, Michael - Ave Maria Lyrics

Ave Maria Gratia plena
Maria Gratia plena
Maria Gratia plena
Ave, ave dominus
Dominus tecum

Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus
Et benedictus fructus ventris
Ventris tui Jesus

Ave Maria

Nunc et in hora mortis
In hora mortis, mortis nostrae
In hora mortis nostrae
Ave Maria!

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Buble, Michael Ave Maria Comments
  1. Maria Sol Gelmetti


  2. Claudia Vasile


    Claudia Vasile

    17 dicembre 2019 A U G U R I 🌼🌸🎄

  3. mias alma


  4. Juan Paulo Labrin Lasnibat

    Thank you Mister Bublé, thank you very much. God bless you!

  5. Xavier de Pinchart

    Ea summa canta est

  6. lucy kikuchi


  7. Caroline Achin

    It's perfect with your beautiful voice, thank you so much

  8. Phu Pham

    Ave Maria

  9. Danny Voss

    So schön... Diese stimme😍


    Respect to the mother of my lord jesus.

  11. Elaine Alves Lacerda

    Christmas step only Cia de Jesus! This song will be with me!

  12. Elaine Alves Lacerda

    Lindo! Sua vez deu destaque claro e suave!🙏🙏🙏♥️🇧🇷


    such a beautiful song. I've been listening to this song the whole holidays


    My darling, you have to say GRAZIA, not GRATIA. Anyway, you are sooooo lovely and sweet singing in latin... merry christmas!

  15. K B

    what a beautiful version of Ave Maria, just lovely

  16. Juanita Gaytan

    I love listening to this song, all year round.🙏❤️

  17. 2020 Subscribers

    One more month. We can do it!!!!!

  18. ANITA Ospedale

    This is a hymn not a song of the prayer HailMary to our Lady,and l must say what a beatutiful version by Micheal Buble..God be with you all at Christmas.....the mother of god who gave birth to jesus, that is the meaning of Christmas.,yes a few mispronounciñg of words, but still beautiful.....

  19. Júlia Ricardi

    Amei a música ave Maria

  20. Jessica Skocik

    absolutely beautiful! I'm actually named after Jesus and the blessed mother 🙏😊🎄

  21. Gatot Prasetyo

    The best version of Ave Maria

  22. Jacqueline Maria


  23. rafael lima

    sou evangélico mais acho muito bonito esse cântico 😍

  24. Dave Cochrane

    How refreshing - one can barely detect the Autotune in this recording.

  25. Luc Bull

    Gratia plena------lyrics is in Latin.Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Anne the mother of Mary was her best friend.

  27. Fernando Simandalahi

    This song is just soooo underrated 😭😭😭

    P.s. Love from Indonesia

  28. MMVJ

    Qualcuno poteva informarlo che Gratia si pronuncia "Grazia" ... Orribile!


    dai... è tenerissimo!!!!

  29. Jason Smalls

    Ave Maria
    Ave maria

    Full of Grace
    Gratia plena

    Hail Mary, full of grace
    Maria, gratia plena

    Hail Mary, full of grace
    Maria, gratia plena

    Hail, hail, lord
    Ave, ave dominus

    The Lord is with thee
    Dominus tecum

    Benedicta tu in mulieribus

    And blessed
    Et benedictus

    And blessed is the fruit of your womb
    Et benedictus fructus ventris

    Thy womb, Jesus.
    Ventris tuae, Jesus.
    Ave Maria
    Ave maria

    And at the hour of our death
    Et in hora mortis nostrae
    Ave Maria
    Ave maria

  30. France Antonette Romay

    I love ma ma. Mary

  31. Ailema Gonzalez

    Ave Maria Amen

  32. Ailema Gonzalez

    I want my December to be a good one

  33. alessandro bonaldo

    Bravissimo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🥇🥇🥇🥇

  34. Lucas Ignacio Vaccarezza

    The best Ave María that I know. Thank you, Michael


    The prounciation is quite off.
    Here is I believe a better one written by schubert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E8vW0WuIsI

  35. j young

    No just no It is meant for a females voice strictly only

  36. Lydia Bugner

    Michael Buble does a spendid version of Ave Maria. He has such a smooth style and great orchestration. I also love Michael Bolton's version of Ave Maria. Michael Buble's version of "Home" takes my breath away. I have all his CDs and consider him the modern version of Frank Sinatra, which is a compliment.

    Jackie Wynter

    Indeed! I love this Canadian guy♥️♥️🎵🎶🎵🎶🎁🎄🎁🎄

  37. Sandy Holmes

    I dont care about his pronunciation, his voice is just marvellous. (Dont hate me,please)

  38. youssoupha fall


  39. Moselle K

    I wish he made it more his own

  40. Danii woow

    love u so much

  41. Dariusz Rychert

    Zone a la maison de ma vie en train de s’endormir sur Twitter mais c’est la même histoire de

  42. Claudia Adriana


  43. Claudia Adriana


  44. Kasia T

    WTF? Does he have to sing everything? :/ Hopelessly...

  45. Lawrence Law

    Ave Maria, gratia plena
    Dominus tecum!
    Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
    et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus!
    Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
    ora pro nobis peccatoribus
    nunc et in hora mortis nostrae

  46. Nieto King

    What a masterpice😄😄

  47. EDO 0_0

    E:Italian people?

  48. Fabrizio Palmieri

    No, per favore, per pietà, non cantare più in latino! (No, please, do not sing in latin anymore, for pity's sake!)

  49. GaLaxy

    There is so many songs with my name in them. Maria

  50. Jolie K

    Can ya'll just appreciate the music instead of correcting his pronunciation. We will have accents if it is not the native language

    Consuelo Devalle


    John Doe

    It's Latin don't think it's anyone native anymore

    Shelbi Allen

    @Gabriel Long wow yall are so judgy

    Gabriel Long

    @Shelbi Allen yeah, I guess the guy who is a multimillionaire because of his vocal career should've done better with a classic song is a little judgey... If it was any regular person doing this performance the way he does then nobody would be enjoying it.

    Leonor Bolek

    @Ana Martins you will die, and I will die, but latin is and will remain alive! Ave, lingua latina pulcerrima!


    Ave Maria, Gratia plena

    Maria, Gratia plena

    Maria, Gratia plena

    Ave, Ave Dominus

    Dominus tecum

    Benedicta tu in mulieribus

    Et benedictu

    Et benedictus frutcus ventris, ventris tu Jesus

    Ave Maria

    Ave Maria, mater Dei

    Ora pro nobis peccatoribus

    Ora, ora pro nobis

    Ora, ora pro nobis peccatoribus

    Nunc, et in hora mortis

    In hora mortis nostrae

    In hora mortis, mortis nostrae

    In hora mortis nostrae

    Ave Maria


    Ailema Gonzalez

    Ave Maria is one of the best symphony orchestra.


    I love Michael Buble Christmas. It's a great playlist! #christmas #micheaelbuble

  53. Vasilis Arfanis

    Ave maria gratia plena maria gratia plena maria gratia plena ave ave dominus dominus tecus benetikta tu i nodieripous et benentiktou i nodieripous!
    Στα ελληνικά
    Χαίρε Μαρία κεχαριτωμένη Μαρία κεχαριτωμένη Μαρία Θεοτόκε χαίρε ο κύριος ο κύριος μετά Σου!

  54. Casterisk

    For once I'm not too bothered by someone's pronunciation of a language, his voice is so pretty I'm distracted. I also had no idea Ave Maria is a Christmas song??

    mrjm knyvs

    I don't think it's a typical christhmas song, but it's about Saint Mary, and she has a loth to do with christhmas, so I guess that's why it's in a christhmas song album.

    Keith McMillin

    It's not but it fits so well.

  55. Lucky Few

    FACT: The original Ave Maria was written in the 1100s by Thomas Aquinas.

    Jason T

    Republic Of Lumvia *St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of Theology.

    After he wrote his treatment on the Mass, and specifically, the Holy Eucharist, Christ came and said, “you have written well” and showed him His full splendor (similar to Mt Tabor).

    When it was finished, St. Thomas looked at his works, said, “this is all straw” and threw them in the fire.

    Fortunately, a monk was there to pull them out before the works went up in flames. Those works were the Summa Theologica, the most important theological work on the exegesis of the Bible and Sacred Tradition.


    1100s ?!?!?!


    @AnimePiglet yes, they had music back then.

    Maria Laura Spiezia

    Tommaso D'Aquino is the correct name

  56. Happy and Blessed


  57. Valentina Lodi


  58. Liliana Valentina Alegría López


  59. Cristine Botelho

    Amo você Michael !💓🌹

  60. Jb Cruz

    ur a great singer!

  61. Daniela Marian

    MegaStar. Foarte impresionant acest Imn, pentru Sfînta Maria închinat nașterii Pruncului Iisus Hristos. Atât de duioasă vocea ta și binecuvântată de Dumnezeu ca semn de mulțumire. Îți mulțumesc atât de mult. Aici, fanii și preoții ne rugăm lui Dumnezeu Hristos pentru fiul vostru Noah, cât și pentru toți copiii planetei. Foarte mulți fani din România, vă iubim și vă apreciem mult. Vă așteptăm în Capitala București împreună cu frumoasa ta soție, să concertați ca semn de solidaritate, pentru toți copiii bolnavi din toate țările și insulele de pe Mapamond.

    Tarantino Romania

    Hei! Subscriu! Este un imn, cum zici tu, si o melodie foarte frumoasa care o interpretează un om special cu o voce deosebita! Respect ca il asculți! Deabea aștept Crăciunul! <3 Cred ca si tu gândești la fel! :)

  62. Gerald O'Hare

    Latin with a Canadian accent, haha. Vivat Jesus!

  63. Sol La Madrid


  64. Maria Grazia Marsilio

    Questa canzone è unica

  65. Dan

    Hail Mary, full of grace! 😍

  66. Beatrice Nkundwa

    A mother is the most important person in the life of a person.

  67. Maria Dewi

    Beautiful ❤️

  68. Man Drake


  69. 馮偉送

    Hello everyone, this song is not only for Christmas, it's for a marriage too.

  70. Brianna Kopp


  71. Demitri Maximoff

    essa música é pura graça e paz ❤️

  72. Flavia Juliana Caetano Dos Santos

    cantando em português então

    Demitri Maximoff

    música q enche a gente de paz

  73. Juan Ignacio Maciel


  74. Jack Star

    Pronunciation isn't great but still beautiful

  75. Cannouvelle


  76. Lio Narinsky

    Simply the best !

  77. Graciela Vera

    Bello,bello !!!!!!

  78. Juan Pedro Rivera Taipe


  79. Ana Claudia Ventura

    Maravilhoso...!!!!! Viva Maria, Viva Jesus!

  80. Ana Naaa


  81. Albany Mendonça


  82. lidianka63

    Uwielbiam Michaela za jego cudowny głos i piosenki, a teraz mogę poznać go jeszcze z innej strony muzycznej. Wspaniałe wykonanie. :)

  83. Yunuz Mohammed

    i'm a muslim, and i love to listen this song #sowhat

    Andy Pandy

    Me too oh my god i thou i would be the only one .....


    Me too bro


    It doesn't matter! Listen to whatever you want!


    I'm a Muslim too and i love this song

    Jacques Monfort

    I m without religion ...loooool and i like this song !!
    Honnestly ....religion is so private thing ...

  84. daniele rota

    It's "grazia", not "gratia"

    Hugo Rencore

    daniele rota es yankee,no le sale pronunciarlo bien

    Jon Mart

    In latin. He is speaking in latin

    Ive Mc Fallen

    Check classical Latin

  85. Allison Anderson

    Does anyone else get MAJOR goosebumps and chills listening to this song?! Absolute perfection!


    The pronounciation is a bit off. But yes it is quite beautiful still.


    No sadly not..... That was the favorite song of my Grandmother who passed away...... I want her back🙁

  86. Olivia cromarty


  87. Maria Hall

    OMG 😌😍😘😀

  88. Sydney Kaczorowski

    I love you so this is why I am asking that you please correct your Latin pronunciation. For instance, "gratia" should sound like "gratsia". Listen to Luciano Pavarotti!

    Ive Mc Fallen

    It's actually closer to classical Latin. Where Gratia is gratia, not gratsia. So not are you only pedantic but wrong.


    @Ive Mc Fallen In the end there's no wrong or right, but about a decision to be made on whether to use classical Latin pronounciation (Caesar as Kaeser and Cicero as Kikero) or a later pronounciation (the one we are more familiar with - Caesar and Cicero)

    Ive Mc Fallen

    @MeerderWörter If we're talking about the Latin spoken by the Romans than Kikero and Kaesar. But yes there is no right and wrong, so it is entirely idiotic to judge Michael Bublé on his Classical Latin pronunciation

    C Moreno

    We say gratia in the Latin Mass. Of course we're Americans (southern at that) and speaking in Latin. But even my Spanish speaking husband says gratia (pronounced like we would that spelling in English). My daughter takes Latin and has for two years, two different teachers and both pronounce things differently. Both saying pronunciation isn't all that important. It's like anyone sits around speaking it..lol

    Ive Mc Fallen

    @C Moreno You're husband is Spanish, a language derived from Latin, but so is French, and Romanian and though they share similarities they don't sound exactly the same do they. Classical Latin was alive approx until the fall of the Roman Empire, it pronounced everything as written so T was T everywhere, G was G everywhere, Ae, Oe were ae or oe. After a while in the areas conquered by the Roman empire it started diverging into Vulgar Latin and eventually Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French etc. It also diverged into the bastardized Latin of the Church today, ecclesiastical Latin. More or less, we first learn to speak Latin by how it was spoken around our native area, not how the Romans spoke jt

  89. Rafael Alfredo

    oxalá e amém ( pt+)

  90. Viviana Alr

    You're the best 😍❤

  91. blanca amalia arenas torres

    Mi cantante favorito...!

  92. Celene Paiva


  93. Juana Corpas


  94. Elżbieta Kucharska

    Beautiful! But it's good to say the original version was written by Franz Schubert 😉😊

    C Moreno

    Only the music. The prayer (Hail Mary; Ave Maria in Latin) far far older. However the words are from Scripture.

  95. G’sHere

    Is he a Christian man

    Gillybean Hegg

    No he is a Vancouver Islander we mostly have very free and spiritual thinking


    He's Roman Catholic.

    Ive Mc Fallen

    @Arlene Paraiso It's classical Latin.

    Sketch Source

    @Arlene Paraiso I think that he actually is a Christian. He once said: "God bless you" at the end of a speech and he sings many Christian songs.

    Clio Rubinos

    Hermoso. Canta hermoso.