BTS - Skit: 망설임과 두려움 (Hesitation And Fear) Lyrics

[The Billboard Music Awards is playing]

[Logan Paul and Lindsey Stirling:]
And the Billboard Music Award goes to...BTS!

[BTS enters the room]

[Jimin:] Ahh PD-nim~
[Jin:] Hello
[Suga:] Hello, hello
[PD pauses the video]
[Jin:] Ah PD-nim what are you watching?
[V:] Hello [Rap Monster laughs]
[Jin:] Isn't that our Billboard video!
[Rap Monster:] You got caught
[Jungkook:] Hello
[Jin:] You're not our fan right? [J-Hope laughs]
[PD:] No, I'm a-
[Jin:] Aye, it seems like it
[V:] Hyung, sit down
[Jin:] Yes [Laughs]
[J-Hope:] You're embarrassed [Rap Monster laughs] ..That can happen [Chattering]
[PD:] Ah, wait here for a while..I have a meeting
[Jin:] Bye fan-nim~

[PD leaves the room]

[Jungkook:] Ya, when was that from?
[All the other members:] Billboard
[Jungkook:] Were we just going up?
[J-Hope:] That was May right?
[Jin:] Yeah
[Rap Monster:] May, what day was it?
[J-Hope:] Now it's…
[Suga:] That was May?
[J-Hope:] Well, it's almost September already
[Suga:] That's crazy
[Rap Monster:] Over 3 months ago
[V:] Woah, wow
[Suga:] There's only 4 months left now
[J-Hope:] That's right
[Jin:] Wow
[Rap Monster:] It's like we feel it all of a sudden..100 days left
[J-Hope:] Ahh really?
[Rap Monster:] Yeah
[Jungkook:] If you say that, it feels like it's a short time
[Rap Monster:] Yeah, sorry.. [Laughter]
[Suga:] 100 days already passed? It felt really short
[Jungkook:] It feels like time barely passed by
[J-Hope:] Wow, time flies fast
[Jin:] The amount of emotion and goosebump-
[Jungkook:] Goosebumps
[Jin:] Goosebumps we felt at that moment, wow we became worldwide. That kind of feeling
[Suga:] [V laughs] Stop using "worldwide"
[Jin:] Why?? Honestly speaking, I made it up [Chattering] I said it first
[Rap Monster:] Yeah, that's why I added that in the lyrics, "Sorry worldwide" [Laughter and chattering]
[Suga:] International pop..k..
[V:] Sunshine
[Suga:] Sunshine
[BTS:] Rainbow
[Jin:] That's over now
[V:] Shrimp
[Jungkook:] USB Hub
[V:] Hub..
[Jin:] Seriously, how far are you gonna go?

[Rap Monster:] But really, all of us grew a lot
[Jin:] That's right
[Rap Monster:] Be honest, when you guys first came, who didn't know what "Billboards" was?
[Jimin:] Me
[J-Hope:] Ahhhh~
[Jungkook:] Me
[J-Hope:] Me [Rap Monster laughs] I'm raising my hand slowly
[Jungkook:] Honestly, I didn't know anything about music back then
[Jimin:] For me, for Billboard it was true but I didn't even know what the Grammys were
[Rap Monster:] Not knowing Grammys was understandable but since Billboard has a chart; I thought it's a good thing, so I supported it
[Jimin:] I thought there was a singer named "Grammys"..I kept hearing Grammys mentioned with music, that's why I thought Grammys was a singer.
[Rap Monster:] We're such noobs, aren't we?
[Jimin:] Aye, it was a long time ago
[Suga:] That was 7 – 8 years ago
[Rap Monster:] I said this on an interview before, when we were waiting..Hobi and me..we were…what was it? We went to the [beeped out] store. We sat down and talked like a year before debut.
[Jimin:] Do you remember?
[J-Hope:] Of course I remember
[Rap Monster:] We both sat down and had a really long talk sitting there on the iron tape
[Jin:] What did you eat?
[Rap Monster:] I don't know. Back then, we ate food there that kinda looks like hotdogs
[J-Hope:] Yeah, that's right, that's right
[Rap Monster:] Like food for 150 won
[Suga:] Ahh right! There was that food [Chattering]
[J-Hope:] The store before it changed
[Suga:] There was that kind of food, about 150 – 130 won [Chattering]
[Jungkook:] Wasn't it chilli or something?
[Rap Monster:] Something like that. Anyway, we were eating-
[J-Hope:] That time, really I don't even know if it's going in my mouth or nose
[Rap Monster:] We talked about if we would even be able to debut for a long time.
[Suga:] We always talk about that
[J-Hope:] We were nervous
[Jimin:] Namjoon-hyung always said things like that
[Jin:] That's right
[Jimin:] We talked about it at Jamsil bridge and at the café with this hyung. He always called me up and always talked to me.
[Jin:] He called the members and talked to the members one by one often
[Rap Monster:] Café office. [Laughter]
[Suga:] Honestly it was scary. Every day was scary
[V:] Honestly, when me and Namjoon-hyung took Japanese classes together
[Rap Monster:] That's right
[V:] I was very perceptive to someone I didn't even debut with yet [Laughter]
[J-Hope:] Oh Jungkook and I always fell asleep in English class [Laughter]
[Jungkook:] We both fell asleep in the same way [Laughter]
[Jin:] J-Hope and I only played in Chinese class [Laughter]
[J-Hope:] That was a really long time ago
[Rap Monster:] I didn't think we'll get to debut, even after the year we debuted
[Suga:] I..I even got injured at that time, I didn't think I'd debut
[Rap Monster:] To be honest, we are the only ones that received an award at the show, as a K-Pop group
[J-Hope:] True
[V:] True

[Rap Monster:] I'm not saying we should boast but to be honest, it is a huge success. That's what I think. But because of that, I keep what point, how far we need to go up..Like we go really far up. For example, the video in front of us, won't it be replayed forever? Like in 10 years, we go on reality shows and they're playing that video and ask how we felt over and over again. After experiencing that, it makes me nervous honestly. It makes me wonder how far we might fall down.
[J-Hope:] Oww..Yeah
[Suga:] Me too, me too. I relate so much because the hardest thing for me is that going up is going up. We worked hard to come up to where we are
[V:] I don't like that
[Suga:] But compared to that, won't falling down happen so quickly? I worry about that a lot.
[Rap Monster:] Hmm, that's what I'm saying
[Jin:] It's like when you meet someone for the first time and you have that kind of excitement. Feeling of nervousness and worry of what this person is going to be like. Isn't it similar?
[Rap Monster:] First meeting kind of feeling?
[Jin:] Yeah, first meeting
[J-Hope:] What are you saying suddenly? [Laughs]
[Jungkook:] Yeah, hyung I think you really…
[Jin:] Did I go too far?
[J-Hope:] We have to settle this today [Jimin laughs]
[Jin:] Ah, I'm nervous for today [Chattering]
[J-Hope:] We have to play a game today
[Jungkook:] I think I know what you're talking about
[Jin:] Yeah so if you understand, quickly make the mood or something yeah? [Laughter]
[Jungkook:] Sing a song
[Jin:] Yeah

[V:] [Sings] "They tell me to come" [Sings A Typical Trainee's Christmas] [Laughter and chattering]
[Suga:] I remember when Jungkook sang Señorita and his voice cracked
[Jimin:] Ahh yeah Señorita..Back then, I couldn't even get lessons
[J-Hope:] Ahh that's right
[Jimin:] I couldn't even get lessons so I just watched
[Jin:] Jimin joined really late
[Jimin:] Somewhat, a little bit I..[Laughs]
[V:] Jimin then…
[Jimin:] Stop it, I know what you're going to say
[V:] When Jimin couldn't get lessons, he came to one of my lessons
[Jimin:] What?
[V:] When I was having lessons
[Jimin:] Vocal?
[V:] Yeah
[Jungkook:] Observer, observer
[V:] He was just observing that time and I thought I should show him a cool side of myself. All I did was "Doomba, doomba, doomba" [Laughter]
[Jimin:] Seriously, all he did was that for hours "Doom, doom, doom" [Jin laughs] He did that the whole time and ended
[V:] Ahh, I wanted to show him how cool I am
[Rap Monster:] That kind of feeling, in those Chinese martial art film..They make you clean for 3 years
[Jin:] Ahh that's right, that's right..You went to the kitchen and washed the dishes for 3 years
[Rap Monster:] That's right [Jimin laughs]
[Jungkook:] That's why Jimin-hyungs' first practice was "Why do you call me?"
[Jin and Jimin:] [Sings] "Why do you call me, why do you call me, tee de de de"

[Rap Monster:] That time, that was then, and now is now. I think it's like our collective idea of an idol. About how we want to live, what we show. We keep throwing out social issue messages, like even now, our album title is "Love Yourself" too. We don't make meaningless songs but doing this seems like we're acting too, as we're living our life.
[Jimin:] Yeah, so I think people might not know…
[J-Hope:] We want to show a good image to people [Chattering]
[Jin:] We've always
[Jimin:] They don't understand why we have to live like this, there's no other way
[Suga:] We've always?
[Jin:] We have always shown ourselves as good people [J-Hope laughs]
[Jimin:] Yeah I mean we want to show our good image too
[Jin:] That's right
[Suga:] This is, this is difficult. I mean it isn't fake for sure
[Jimin:] Right
[Suga:] If you think about it, we're just people that are presented after being wrapped up nicely
[Jimin:] But of course at the same time, it's not like we're trying to deceive anyone and's not that..we're just always trying to show them our good sides, so...

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BTS Skit: 망설임과 두려움 (Hesitation And Fear) Comments
  1. Amaira Aaryan

    The fact that they are not even trying to make it fun, just talking makes it even better. They don't need to try, they have the kind of sense of humor that makes them fun. Even inbetween sad conversation they could make You laugh. I love their personalities.

  2. that's not me fellas

    and as a jazz kid i know EXACTLY what taehyung means with the "doomba doomba" LMAOOOOOO

  3. that's not me fellas

    i really like these quotes

  4. that's not me fellas

    damn, this is deep but also funny

  5. taetae's wifeu

    Omg I'd do literally anything to have a normal conversation with them. I was so into this conversation, I felt like I was there with them and I wanted to talk forever. Besides the fact that now they are the biggest boy group, besides the fact that they are so modest, besides the fact that they have good personalities and good music, I see them as normal people now living their lives as its fullest. I see them as normal poeple, yet so different from others because of what they go through. I see them as normal people, but that kind of people u dont see everywhere. I see them as some smart people that came into this world to change lifes. So many lifes. I wasn't with them from the beggining, but I'll be with them until the very end. I love you so much, my boys. I am happy because I have the honour to listen to this. You are now part of my life and I'm so happy bc I live my life with u 7 and the armys ♡ the best thing that ever happened in my life is being part of this beautiful family 💜 (my English isn't that good, but I felt that I need to write this)

  6. cutiediane2468

    They were thinking how much further they will go up, thinking that billboard video will be THE one replayed when they grow old. Little did they know they will win 3 more billboard awards, attend UN, present a Grammy, and fly even higher than what they thought was their highest peak. That legendary moment was just one of many. 🌟

  7. Zuleyha Koch

    4:51 in ep2 of bring the soul rm talks about this too, how he thought there would be nothing after blood sweat and tears, how he thought that would be their peak... i guess getting more than you expect makes you nervous too..

  8. 박지민

    I was so shocked when I heard it sksk

  9. MOTS:7

    I want them to have a conversation like this in 2019. I wanna know what they are thinking.

  10. Sabrina Rocha

    They said Jungkook's voice cracked with the song 'Señorita', but Hey! How can that be? Señorita was just released. And this skit is from 2017? Wtf?? 🤔

  11. Alicas Kookie

    Omg thank you so much for the translation 🙏🙏🙏💜

  12. imaan

    5:30 omg tae🥺

  13. kpopbabieu

    “why do you call me, why do you call me. dib dimb dim dim” iCoNiC

  14. yoongis bitch

    I love how honest and forward BTS were being. The worry of ever falling back as an idol can be beyond stressing to think about. BTS do strive for freatness and work very hard. There are people who judge them for their music and what-not, but they don't even know the HALF of it. It's just so sad yet AMAZING what they went through for us, there beginning struggles, and how they were able to perservere through it. I think that's what makes them really amazing. They also always try to show us the real them and the best them without a filter which can be SO hard, when---again, people judge but they do it all for us. I'm just so thankful and happy for them. I know we can't just say "We don't have high expectation. All they have to do is preform comfortably and be happy". Unfortunately, there will be some fans who will hold them to that high expectation and if it isn't met or exceeded then they lose respect for them. In my opinion, I think it's ridiculous. I know idols are meant to work hard and are EXPECTED to give a great preformance because that's what their trained for, but the expectations are sometimes SO UNREALISTIC. As if BTS are perfect people. I wanna referr back to what Yoongi said about "people being presented after being wrapped up nicely". Even if BTS is a successful group, we can't forget they are humans like us and given their carreer doesn't mean they'll reach every expectation that people place on them. None of us are perfect. So to me, all they have to do is sing, and have fun on stage. I know everyone view is different and I respect that. This is mine.

  15. Razenda 11

    Doesn't it stop suddenly exactly when the conversation starts to be interesting !!! Is it the full skit ? Please answer

  16. aly //

    idk but it really feels like youre in the same room as them and talking together it makes me calm

  17. Rainuk T

    What is skit ? And how many skit BTS have ? New 1 year old new ARMY fact 😭

  18. Yatta! Success!

    I wish they keep making more of these Skits, because even though all of us army are aware of what they think about and how they are, We really can't get a nice view of them, a neutral view of them, something that where We don't have to see them as BTS and they don't have to see us as this crowd that the artist cannot open to, something like this feels real, it lets you hear their thoughts when they're talking to each other, reminiscing, being concerned, being open.
    Without heavy filters, without singing, without production, without lighting, makeup, or a video, just to hear them talking honestly is something so important because it really lets us have a relatively more-intimate time with the group rather than just appreciating for how they sing, dance, or rap / perform, We get too actually see who they are as people.

  19. Debra Barr

    It is now 2019 and their music is at the top of the charts everywhere....I wonder, What are they thinking now with winning Top Duo/Group at the Billboard Music Awards and presenting at the Grammy's?

    Razenda 11

    Just wait for the next album skit 👌🎶

  20. Hasindi Ranasinghe

    you know i honestly used to be one of those people who couldn't stand kpop, who always grimaced whenever someone put some korean song on. and i can't honestly say that i started being an army because of their music, as much as it hurts me to say bc their music is absolutely perfect; i started stanning them because of the people that they were, and bc i could see that not only were they boys that were insanely talented, but they also had such a good and entrancing dynamic, and they had such pure souls. i literally could not stop watching them in run bts episodes or whatever, and i honestly could not be more glad that i made the decision to start following them bc they and their fanbase, us together, are a family, and it's so fucking wholesome to see the connection between everyone. esp with these skits, them talking purely and wholly to us with no hesitation to censor their thoughts is just so beautiful to me idk why

    Maria Musa

    Thats exactly me 100%

  21. asjgf uy

    They seriously need to start a podcast.

  22. Loan Phuong

    Can you tell me what album this skit is?

    Jinjin Jara

    Love yourself: Her

  23. cringe kween

    my god, i was at school reading my bts book. being that new army i am (only 10 months) i never knew about this since i wasn’t around when her came out, screeeeee

  24. Kim Hussin

    RM:We don’t make meaningless song.

  25. miz keane

    They are relatively young, but they all mature beyond their age. They learn about themseleves and the world around them to heal themselves and others.

  26. Sunita Rawat

    We will always be with you
    Dont worry bts :>

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    finally Jin getting lines (?

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    International pop k sunshine rainbow shrimp hub

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    I could listen to them talking about stuff for hours 😍💓

  30. Oof

    ahh I wish this was longer, I was so into the convo I really wanted to listen to what they had to say about their feelings or worries. I just hope they're happy now.

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    Still here in 2019 💜
    *International Pop K Sunshine Rainbow Shrimp USB Hub* HAHAHAHAHAHHA Bon Voyage feels still 😂

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    2:22 jimin : i knew billboard but i dont know grammy
    2019 Grammy : Hello jimin!

  33. Ash

    I wish BTS does a podcast or something every week/month where I can just listen to the members just talking to each other about anything.

  34. Ari Army

    "It makes me wonder how far we might fall down" Shit that hurts worst than a broken leg

  35. Anna Duffy

    what i like about bts is they are so honest to public,usually it's kind of taboo if idols talked about how depressed they are,or got pressure on being show good image for audience.

  36. 김오이


  37. Runze

    this is gold

  38. majenne

    I've been wondering for a while now what they mean when they say that. At the beginning, for a long time all they would say is we want to do better, we want to show more, we want to go higher, we want to do more and as a couple years ago they've started saying they're nervous about being so well-known and they're scared of "falling down" or their "downfall" and I'm just like what exactly do you think is going to happen? It's like we want to go up higher and do more and now they're up high and are looking down like wow this is kind of high.


    this is so true. It makes me wonder whether too much fame and success is a good thing for them or even for people in general

  39. Nur Awanis

    wahh may is their month!!!!

  40. Mughworts Longshot

    0:54 Jin is the only one who can call their freaking CEO "fan-nim" so casually and not getting thrown out of the window by Bang PD.

  41. Darkling

    Who's here after MAMA 2018?

  42. Ur Mum

    Who's back

  43. Aleksandra

    MAMA 2018 sends their regards :')

  44. Ruth Banda

    I'm now sad

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    from not knowing about the grammys to now being nominated for a grammy <3

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    Yall grammy nominees now 😍

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    when is this release? : )

  48. Acya Mccawley

    Did jin had to go to blind date? Hahah
    His definition seems so.

  49. KatieMae

    I honestly started tearing up watching this, WE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU AND FOLLOW YOU. If you feel like your falling ARMY are always gonna be there to pick you back up again, don't you worry because we've only just reached the shooting point, we've still gotta long way till we get you to the top. Also, a side note, if anyone ever questions their humility, kindness, strength, perseverance, or 'real-ness' just show them this video.

  50. sugaudacity

    LMAO "shrimP" okay taehyung i love u

  51. chacha

    these idea was contained in IDOL lyrics. (and IU's 23)
    it must be hard life to be watched and judged from public.

  52. Nafisa K

    I understand what Jin is saying... At first when you meet someone is just like fame. It's all glamourous and exciting and butterflies in your stomach and then how you keep the relationship will tell how you will fare with fame/the person who you are now used to and is not all that new anymore.

  53. Somya

    That's what i like about them like they said it themselves that they're more than what they show and we all know that but even they have some negativities which every human being has inside them, it's ok I accept them with every flaw and they're perfect for me just the way they are and when I say this that they're the perfect gentleman I mean it, even tho they only try to show good image of them, I know they are good people, I know it and I love them and will always will 💜

  54. Joonie with Luv

    Armies are there to catch the boys whatever may come their way

  55. moon light

    This conversation makes me think of the song "Young Forever". I also want ur fame to last forever BTS.

  56. grace v

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  58. Cik Syu

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    I love that sound so it's ok 😂

  59. sankalp datal

    This is why bts is different from groups like exo or got7

  60. M H

    Suga has a way with words. Whenever he opens his mouth I m surprised by his words. His thoughts are so deep and real. And let me tell you one thing, BTS is not gonna fall. Even if they disband after 10 years, they'll remain in the hearts of ARMY forever 💜 YOUNG FOREVER 💜


    At least not for 8 years


    jjang jjang man boong boong

  61. Cassi 97

    It's really interesting how they talked about being afraid of that they'll fall quickly... Honestly, seeing this success they have now, which is really like a dream, that worry comes to my mind as well sometimes

  62. Sabrinananabatman

    how am i jUST discovering this A YEAR after its released :/

  63. Sabrinananabatman

    in a way i can understand what yoongi & jimin were trying to say.. of course you want to show the good side of you to everyone but sometimes you can't help but to get tired and feel a little down, maybe show your bad side to people. it's all natural since they are all human, but the expectations that was put on them.... it must be hard for them. somehow they can't be free..,


    But they fail to show their "perfect"side i mean they are perfect and always try to be but they're so genuine that it comes out naturally from them, like they can't keep inside what they feel especially from armies and especially these days and I'm glad

  64. mugglesandmadness


  65. Moonchild _of_Daegu93

    Wow. Again I never was able to understand what they were saying when listening to cd. But I loved this. I loved hearing this deep conversation that they had and this was the skit before Tear. Her was all about the happy moments. And then Tear had to be the more deeper, harder concepts. And I love in this skit we get to hear what they are feeling and their thoughts on everything. Yoongi talking about how he’s worried about how quickly that fall is going to be after going up for so long. And the whole thing about their life as an idol. They really bared a lot in this. And I really hope they know that no matter what happens we will stick with them until the end. I really hope they don’t worry too much.

  66. shaila

    The doomba doomba killed me

  67. moonchild

    I am so emo right now oof.

  68. felix ily

    I'm fucking crying jimin thought Grammy was a singer 😂

  69. pel pil

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  70. Cynthia Perez

    Thank you so much for this translation!

  71. Mae ******

    why jimin couldn't get lessons?

  72. Cassi 97

    I love these skits when they just talk about their thoughts. Especially in this, they say a lot of meaningful things that's worth thinking about it a little.

  73. demiandranirule618

    I love hearing them speak but did anyone hear their "international pop K rainbow sunshine USB Hub shrimp" from their bon voyage? haha that was so funny

  74. jimin got no jams cuz he likes cheeze better

    Did they knew that the recording was on?

  75. mumtazah adam

    where this come from why i never heard thi before. Oh nooooo :((((


    I acknowledge the fact that jin made up the English term "worldwide"

  77. Sak Yumin

    It is hard.
    If you think about it, we're just people that are presented after being wrapped up nicely.

  78. Pink Gangsta

    international pop sunshine rainbow shirmp USB hub lol Bon Voyage 2 <3 Need Bon Voyage 3

  79. ASHLEY KookieTwinFlame

    What exactly are they saying at the end? That they’re not really living? That this is their good sides only? 🤔 ARMY wants to see every side of you BTS! We want realness, that’s what we relate to and love. 👑💜

    Noémie D

    ASHLEY BTS stan This is why Burn the stage exists

    Jeon Momoy

    Don't ask too far


    They said it's not fake, they're not fake but there's more to their personalities than we see, they're not just what they show, they're more than that, they also get angry, sad, depressed, and bla bla like every normal human being but they don't show it they just show their happy side, good side.
    But I'm glad they talk about it and I believe they show more than others, even they don't try but they are so genuine it's just comes out of them naturally, especially these days they're opening more in vlives even in concerts, they're opening and I'm glad for that, they are just burdened of showing a perfect image of them to us for a positive message but they still show their real side and I love it

  80. kiki

    Finally, Namjoon got the most lines in a song

  81. Marianne Celedonio

    *sigh* listening to this just made me love and respect them even more :-)

  82. mochiitan

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  83. Jupiter Delacroix

    I love them so much. They are just so genuine

  84. __jjkwidow__2

    Namjoon and Yoongi with their philosophical shiz really got me thinking....

  85. __jjkwidow__2

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  86. __jjkwidow__2

    2:00 Why did they go from *"rainbows"* to *"shrimps"* to freaking *USB HUBS*
    Sometimes i really question what's going on in these boys' heads.


    it's from bon voyage season 2

    Jeon Momoy

    😂😂😂 ur questions make my day

  87. kira marie

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  88. Sabrina Begum

    "I'm not saying we should boast, but to be honest it is a huge success"- RM
    The boys are so modest and humble ;-;

  89. Black Rose

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  90. 최지연


  91. any army here xD ?

    "We're just people that are presented after being wrapped up nicely." - Yoongi

    Wow like I wonder just how many idols are way different in real life compared to how they act on screen. I don't think I can ever be anything else than what I really am. :(

  92. miracle box

    "Color coded lyrics" ??

  93. Articia Nagi

    I totally understand when they said they want to show good image to everyone it’s not being fake, for instance like i wanna appeal to my small sis as a nice person so that she will grow up to be a nice one. Basically they are trying to show their good side so that people will be good, something like day.. what a genuine humble talented artist, i really respect them ✊


    Articia Nagi yessss. That’s why I support BTS because they are a positive influence to the world

  94. Guneet Kaur

    I love ur "sea" song...if u ever able to see this comment..."its originally a desert"....

  95. Sienna아미

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    RM: We both sat and had a really long talk, sitting there on the iron tape-
    Jin: *wHaT dId yOu EaT?*

    kumamon on scooter

    Kitty Draws :3 That one mom friend that will make sure you eat 3 meals full

    kisyaa lauv

    jin and his neverending love for food xD

    Sahana Sadanand




  99. Lukaseu

    Does anyone else find it kinda weird that Logan Paul is in a BTS album?

    any army here xD ?

    Do they pay him royalties too????


    Out of all the people that could've announced it...

    Noémie D

    Wait what


    @any army here xD? probably not since that recording came from a public broadcast


    He's in the album twice :(