B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) - Take It Like A Man Lyrics

Only three stops to make in Alabama
Everyone a one night stand
Workin' for a man down South Louisiana
'Cause ZZ ain't his only band
Business has been good or bad
But sittin here will drive me mad

And I'm gonna get back where they want me
Get back where they want me
Get back where they want me
Make a stand
I'm gonna take it like a man

Met a stray woman I think it was in Texas
She was made for those who'd pay
Gotta little drunk and raised a mild ruckus
The city said I could not stay
I guess I'm gonna have to change until this mess is rearranged


I guess I'm gonna have to change until my life is rearranged


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B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) Take It Like A Man Comments
  1. Marcio Antonio Gardini

    Piano by Litle Richard .

  2. Sergio Rivera

    "Walk Like A Man"

  3. David Hobgood

    Little Richard kicking ass on the keyboards.

  4. Mike Thaxton

    Part Guess Who all great

  5. john kennedy

    bto has to be in the top 10 in the world !!!!!!!!!

  6. Phillip LeMaster

    this songs always been a hit for me...whoop whoop

  7. bebot tandan

    9th day of September, 2018, the day before the fiesta or vespera, and also baptism of my 7th grandchild, and this is the music for my party.

  8. Phillip LeMaster

    whoop whoop u kno what i like...ole school rock..

  9. Bob Bender

    The Classic line up for this "Great Band".

  10. Ewen MacDonald

    Wow...great, great band!!!

  11. Gilmar Corrêa

    BTO my band favorite.

  12. Maere Dab Tsog

    I saw them play this in 78 when they opened for Alice Cooper. They kicked major ass.

  13. Randy Walters

    ZZ ain't his only band. lol

  14. Pete Berwick

    Epic BTO album. Tops my desert island list.

  15. Abootzky05

    The first song played at the first concert I ever went to: Edmonton Northlands Coliseum in 1976.

    Booch Boochek

    The year of the Alberta Oilers...pre=Gretzky!

  16. David Huffman

    Fred rockin' with Richard the Man Penniman. Play it Richard! Great song.

  17. Motor City Man

    This song should have been a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Terry Braybrook

    Play it (Little) Richard!

    Jim B

    Love to listen to him hammer those ivories!!

  19. Trill Bill

    Gee...I wonder who was that on the Piano ;)

    Martin Capehart

    Actually "Little Richard" was playing the piano on this song and was given credit on the Album Jacket.

    Trill Bill

    @Martin Capehart You didn't sense my sarcasm?

    Jos Zomer

    They had no keyboardplayer.

    Motor City Man

    It was Little Richard on piano.

    Robert Sheldon

    "Richard Bachman" was the pen name of author Stephen King! He got it after listening to "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by BTO.....

  20. Christian Sonne Hansen

    Come again : Randy Bachman is on Freeway too.
    They become : B.T.O. when he leave the band.

  21. efilperpenfuhrer

    Back in the 70's I was a teen working my old man's hotel check-in desk. There was a bar downstairs. Every now and then a fight would break out in that bar. Pretty loud. I'd abandon my post and sneak down to watch it. Forget the UFC. Real fights in the true. One guy broke his beer bottle in half and went after the other one. Wasn't pretty--quite bloody. I creeped back up to the desk when the cops and ambulance were called. This song was playing on the juke box quite often. hoho!

  22. kev smith

    Love this song of rite hard drivin' chords 

  23. Bob Perri

    This and Grand Funk's "Walk Like a Man" are the national anthems of my life.

    Robert Perri

    Yo guys Bob Perri doesn't want to listen to u guys bitch he's to busy hiking

    John Sottile

    He gets LTE there so he can

    Frankie Ierullo

    Me n bob perri r tight

    Robert Perri

    Not as tight as his right leg calf musles

    Frankie Ierullo

    Thats pretty tight

  24. kev smith

    Great song from a legendary band

  25. ivan cf

    one of the greatest bands, and one of their greatest hits...

  26. bucky468

    So not true.

  27. Headstones2013

    Because classic rock stations suck.

  28. stomp919

    I like BTOs heavier album cuts better than their "hits".

  29. ogrebattle22763

    MaKe A sTaNd - TaKe It LiKe A mAn.......

  30. 1whokncallthethunder

    cute dog.

  31. dire wolf

    Small Hit for B.T.O Compared to their giant Hits they had! But a Great Song nonetheless!

  32. Amanda M

    Well i think it was one of the BTO's best songs but not compared to TCB or you ain't seen nothing yet.... they were pop kind of songs and most classic rock station plays what the masses wants to hear and that is just your ole basic 2 cord pop rock music. she's keeping time was killer song by that band but that is never played on any radio station or don't get yourself in trouble, thats why i hardly listen to radio just for news and weather.

  33. bucky468

    @cindyns1 Maybe in Canada but here in the states it got as high as #33. Still a killer track. Why won't classic rock stations play this one?

  34. bucky468

    The only Top 40 hit by BTO that almost never gets any airplay on a clasic rock station.

  35. Robert Younker

    Little Richard was the piano man on this track, thus the comment by Randy at about 3:05, "Play it Richard".



    Randy Walters

    C.F. Turner is singing the song, not Randy..

    David MacGregor

    @Randy Walters So true, this is Fred Turner's vocals.

  36. Amanda M

    @DaveWollenberg According to the Chum charts it reached #4

  37. David Robinson

    My Favorite track bto ,,,, of all time !! This drummer influenced me .

  38. Dave Wollenberg

    BTO hit #33 in Billboard, 3-13-76. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx!

  39. Dave Wollenberg

    You're right, 455transam, it only made #33 in the states. How'd it chart in Canada? Somebody let me know. God bless!

  40. DV DODDS

    Glad to see Randy and Fred including this track in their live set.

  41. DV DODDS

    @455Transam One of Fred Turner's most underrated songs.

  42. Richard Thorpe

    Little Richard played the piano on the song too.

  43. 455Transam

    GREAT TUNE....can't believe it wasn't a big hit!!