B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) - Looking Out For Number One Lyrics

Every day is an endless train
You got to ride it to the end of the line
Be a troubleshooter, blow the bad luck away
And you will make it to your station on time

And you'll find out every trick in the book
And that's there's only one way to get things done
You'll find out the only way to the top
Is looking out for number one
I mean you keep looking out for number one

Every night is a different game
We gotta work for our fortune and fame
Success is a ladder, take a step at a time
And the people will remember your name

Yes, I found out all the tricks of the trade
And that's there's only one way you're gonna get things done
I found out the only way to the top
Is looking out for number one
And that's me, I'm looking out for number one

Every day is an endless train
But I ride it to the end of the line
I'm a real troubleshooter and I blow it away
No one's gonna get what's mine

I found out every trick in the book
And that's there's only one way to get things done
I found out the only way to the top
Is looking out for number one
I mean you, keep looking out for number one
That's us, keep looking out for number one
That's me, I'm looking out for number one

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B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) Looking Out For Number One Comments
  1. gianttroll1

    This is from the studio album. Too bad we didn't get the audio that goes with this.

  2. Viviana 31


  3. james bell

    The end reminds me so much of the Allman Brothers

  4. Celacanto abisal

    Rock mixed with bossa nova.

  5. Gouwe Ouwe Muziek

    You can find this song and many others at www.GouweOuweMuziek.nl !

  6. Nigon Kouk

    so, 9 people ain't too brite aye' :[) LoL

  7. Ben Kleschinsky

    I kind of wish Randy didn't whisper through this song. He has such a good voice.

  8. No Hype Network

    Very hard to comment on this song.

  9. No Hype Network

    Interesting song.

  10. Greg Martin

    They did enjoy eating.

  11. Viviana 31

    es increíble que el cante esta canción las demás canciones las canta con el medio vozarrón

  12. Edje001

    Heard this for the first time on radio in '76-'77 . Masterpiece!!!!!!

  13. avmgeorge

    My favorite song of 1976. Working my way through ODU by parking cars at the Omni International. When this song, "The Fez" or "Kid Charlemagne" by Steely Dan would come on the radio, I knew I was going to be alright.

  14. Sans hyper

    That country gentleman has such a smooth sound to it.

  15. vracan

    love that gretsch guitar


    Sadly, that guitar was stolen from a hotel hallway a short time later. Randy has spent years looking for it, and amassed a huge collection of Gretsch guitars. Ultimately he sold them to the Gretsch museum.

  16. Rich Johnson

    One of the most underrated groups of the late 70s and 80s ! I had every one of their albums , their sound was soooo kool and smooth they got air time on smooth jazz stations in Chicago ! I've been a black BTO fan for over 30 years !

  17. Carlos Araujo

    The very essence of 70's...no more musicians and performers like this gentlemen...

  18. Timothy Wilson

    Old-time version of the other Canadian band April wine in a home studio like environment

  19. Vince Q

    Very nice chord progression.  Bachman has some great jazz chops.

  20. Guitar fan

    what a tasteful song

  21. Greg Pineda

    I love the 1960's and 1970's rock and roll music including the 1970's famous rock band called Bachman---Turner Overdrive.And today's music is absolutely crap or crappy.

    Rich Johnson

    The 70s was the greatest decade for music period from hard rock (Black Sabbath) to James Brown , phenomenal music came outa the 70s !

  22. Celacanto abisal

    Cómo mierda pueden ser tan imprudentes poniendo una publicidad tapando todo el rato parte del video , tonto y la concha de su madre ? Eres enfermo o te cortaron verde ?

  23. sidney pasquarelli

    This song brings back memories! Great piece!

  24. Cody Chickadee

    This makes me proud to be Canadian.

  25. TommyTwobats

    I s this Jack Johnson.

  26. Michael

    daaang..... so remember this song. Lookin out for #1

  27. Mybbex

    My first BTO record when my dad bought new steros to us... Still love it.

  28. Mybbex

    My first BTO record when my dad bought new steros to us... Still love it.

  29. Belinda Olivier

    I bought their LP IN 1976 IN THE THEN rHODESIA (zIMBABWE) NOW ...will never forget...

  30. Edith van Loo

    most beautifullll song EVER

  31. James Frank

    6 listeners did not make it to they're station on time.

  32. Allan Dungo

    found it!! combination of country music and jazz. the result....#1.

  33. Dave Wray

    Incredibly good, under-rated song.

  34. Dave Wray

    For anyone who does not know, guess who he used to with before he started his own band?

    Dave Wray

    OMG, I love that group, great guess, wrong, but I love it.

  35. Wool Verigne

    Drummer looks like a fuckin' boss.

  36. Sal Lisboa

    Dedicated To the Class of 1976..

  37. james robert

    Lip sync play along video. Too bad they didn't get to play it live.

  38. Nancy Dahlquist

    Diggin on Robbie's (drummer) shirt.

    James Bond

    ...and I like your riding outfit!!!!! ..Randy's Gretsch is nice too ..orange is a lovely color!!!

  39. Bill Tolles

    These cats were/are AWESOME!!! LOVE BTO!!!  #BTO

  40. Ron Benoche

    He's right on ...Great guitar playing

  41. 57levity

    My all-time favorite BTO song; thank you for posting this!

  42. Timothy Wilson

    Truly amazing

  43. Mark Kanicki

    This and Blue Collar were their best work because both incorporated many jazz elements, but that that's you're into that kind of thing.

    David MacGregor

    Add 'Welcome Home' to that list.

  44. Elijah Burtchin



    So great.

  46. Uncle Elmer

    Really nice drumming by Robbie Bachman here. Robbie really does not get a lot of credit for his drumming ability but this is a complex jazz piece for a rock drummer and is handled beautifully. BTO should do a farewell tour with the original members that made them famous--Blair, Randy, Robbie and Fred.


    The later Bachman-Turner stuff pretty much shows how much Rob really brought to their sound.

  47. Daniel Ferrara

    this song is so true.


    I LOVE THIS PIECE! This is my favorite song of ALL TIME! I have been a fan of The Guess Who and BTO ever since their start! SOOO talented! I also love the group named Bread with David Gates. Wish all of these bands could get back together and go on tour in America!! I believe the Guess Who still tours regularly, Thank God! Now I just need to find them near my area in Tampabay, FL! I have played guitar, bass and rhythm 6-string, 12-string. for nearly 40 years and I still have not mastered "Lookin' Out for # 1" just yet! Hard song to play, but the greatest to hear!

  49. Brian Coxx

    for the mature listener


    In my case, being still a classic and prog rock lover, I came to enjoy famous jazz artists like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis just some months ago. It came as a surprise to me finding this video of BTO on one of our classic rock tv stations in the Netherlands, (192tv) and I began appreciating it more and more.

    Brian Coxx

    Then your 8 year old is awesome

    Mr Majestyk

    Only for us. Started as a Child 1975.

  50. MsGr8teacher

    One of the best Canadian Rock groups of all time. They shared that title with the Guess Who, of course, another Canadian iconic group! Saw Burt Cummings and Randy Bachman together on stage about 15 years ago in Toronto and my voice ended up hoarse from singing every song they did! This smooth jazz number is a fantastic piece by Randy! Thanks for posting. Great vid!

    Randall Kennedy

    Very underated guitarist

  51. mustardbackpack

    Is that bubbles drumming?

  52. Tim Jackson

    So smooth,,,,,,

  53. firstname lastname

    Is that  the Gretsch guitar that was stolen and ended up possibly in the hands of one of the Thompson Twins (80s-90`s pop band)?  Not sure exactly the true story but Randy apparently had recognized it somewhere by the knot in the woodgrain... Guitar is still considered missing.


    Yep, that's the lost Gretsch. As for the Thompson Twins, Randy saw the guitar on MTV, and thought it was the one. Further investigation, I believe, revealed it was a different guitar.
    That guitar was used on Takin Care of Business, and all the way back to Skakin All Over in 1966 w/The Guess Who.

    Vince Q

    Thought it looked like a Gretsch. Was the volume pot that he uses on the solo a modification? I imagine so, but being a Les Paul guy I don't know.

  54. Luis Flores

    I never thought I would find a vid of this song that I love so much. Thanx 4 sharing and greetings from Buin, Chile.

  55. kyle NewsAndSheeit

    Fuck, I'm ready  to go!


    number !!

  57. Sam West

    Such abeautiful combination of musical style. Jazz, Rock, 'n Country with a mesmerizing solo at the end. Real music played by real musicians!

    Mark Garno

    Sam West Neill Young said Randy was his favorite guitar player


    @Mark Garno neil and randy were freinds even before either one were famous

    Celacanto abisal

    Faltó decir BOSSA NOVA. Saludos .

    Celacanto abisal

    And bossa nova , too.

  58. Jesus llastarri garcia


  59. Thomas Whiting

    To me, BTO had a kind of NW thing going.

  60. Shawn Beckett

    Love this song. I wonder if Randy noticed how many times he flubbed his lip-syncing hahaha.

  61. Drew Andrews

    Great song from the summer after seventh grade... 1976.

  62. John923T

    This vid is rare, it is was 37 years ago it feels like yesterday, 2013 and it is still fresh & pure, rather jazzy, yet smooth.

    Always love it, playing this song only once is never enough...

    BTO memories of good tunes when music made you feel good.

    Peace 2 ya who remember those days.

  63. John923T

    Great, Great, Great, Tune....Always loved it & always will, it delivers on every facet. To see them in this setting and when this was recorded it brings back memories of good times.
    Personally this tune helped me, working for a fortune 500 company in the late 70's when this tune came out it drove me to be better & out run the competition.
    The smooth flow of Randy's guitar & the combined finger on the frets are awesome.

    I remember riding my bike in central park with this tune on my walkman.

  64. Carlos Felipe Guzman


  65. beeeastmaster

    Randy looks blazed. ha!

  66. Oliver Alvarez

    OMG what a song!

  67. brookdalebill

    This is great!
    Thanks for posting.

  68. Gonzalo De la Fuente



    HEAD ON _______*

    Mark Garno


  70. Guitar fan

    Bossa Nova from Canada,very tastefull

  71. Ginette Boulanger

    Greatest canadian guitar player and song writer!

  72. rustypeckerhead

    Saw him at Casino Rama in 2012 had front row and i can say Randy is one of the greatest guitar players i was in ah!

  73. Greg Monteiro

    Wow, I cant believe after all these years that i could actually see this song performed
    live on video. It's like a dream come true. I was a big BTO fan in my younger days
    and I always liked this song but I never truly listened to the meaning of the lyrics
    and had to find out the hard way what Randy was saying in the song.