B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) - Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely) Lyrics

Standin' in the street, shaved, I'm washed and neat
And the time is mine
But I don't even know where I'm goin'
Been too long in town, just workin' right tied down
But I've got my pay
And I'm willin' to spend all I'm earnin'
Maybe over town, where the say love can be found anytime of day
I'll be lookin' you know I've been wishin'
Need a lovin' face, nice hair, some fancy lace
Someone soft and warm
Then those nights spent alone won't seem wasted

Get me on down, get me into the place
Where the beat of the street, and the people you meet
Take the blues far away
'Cause I'm lonely, ya baby I'm lonely
And life still goes on where I'm goin'

Can you hear me now
Can you hear me I'm callin' for lovin'
Hear me
Won't you listen now
Can you hear me I'm callin' for lovin'

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B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely) Comments
  1. Ever Burga

    un hermoso tema de mi juventud....Like

  2. André Bilodeau

    Just love it, one of my favorite.

  3. zane neves

    Quem do Brasil gosta dessa banda maravilhosa. ...Eu

  4. atricio moreno

    Hands down BTO !!!!

  5. musicoldy the last Rock n Roller

    For my opinion one of the best albums of the band....i loved and still love the relax Rockstyle on this album and the versatility . And the courage to do a song like "Easy Groove", which i liked from the first moment. The album included one of the best songs from BTO ever, "Shotgun RIder", a perfect Rocksong, and I wonder why this song not become Nomber One in the Charts.

  6. Cristopher Lucero

    Pero ke tema hermanos.de chile rokeros

  7. juan sanchez saldias

    Me costó más de 30 años saber quien tocaba esta canción.


    Recuerdo de mi primer amor no sé nada del pero ya fue

    Ever Burga

    ERIKA NUÑEZ DAVILA.......A mi tambien..me trae hermosos recuerdos cuando estaba enamorado..todo lo contrario a ti.. yo me he casado y vivo con ella hasta la actualidad .....


    Con me gustaría con sub título en español

  10. Luis Valladares

    metro encanta esta cancion de los bto sigui la trayectoria de guess who

  11. Silver Michaels

    It's overall a shit album, but this is a brilliant song.


    Sound quality is horrible on my LP. What did you think of Just for you?

    David MacGregor

    There's only this and the title track worth listening to on the "Freeways" album. The Randy Bachman compositions are dire to say the least. Randy drove a wedge between himself and the other band members, so Randy jumped ship to make his flop solo album "Survivor". In 1979 Randy and Tom Sparks formed "Ironhorse" who released a self titled album in 1979 and a 1980 album "Everything is Grey". Meanwhile BTO recruited ex- April Wine bassist Jim Clench and produced the albums "Street Action" in 1978 and "Rock & Roll Nights" in 1979.

  12. John Rasenas

    my favorite cut from this l.p.. I love c f turners vocals!

    musicoldy the last Rock n Roller

    For me it was "SHotgun Rider".

    Ronnie Dill Jr

    John Rasenas His Vocals rips a persons balls off.

  13. wolfcarcass

    Fred Turner is one of the greatest unsung rock vocalists, IMNSHO

  14. lezzliea

    I wasn't keen on the Freeways album when I first heard it, twenty years later I thought it was pretty good, certainly better than anything they did after Randy left, and I prefer it to Four Wheel Drive.

  15. Emperatriz Moreno

    mi adolescencia, I miss a lot

  16. Marco Antonio Goulart


  17. JollyMeanThinkies JohnsterTheMonster

    Freeways nearly did but still should have won the Grammy for album of the year back in '77.

  18. Kurt Cameron

    This song rocks..............

  19. JollyMeanThinkies JohnsterTheMonster

    C.F. Turner...nuff said!

  20. Art Burgos

    BTO,Has been my Number ONE Classic Rock Group since. Hell Yeah.!!

  21. Trev Mac

    first time i heard this in (i don't want to say) love this forgotten song

  22. Lansing Michigan

    clueless "me generation" probably gave it the thumbs downLove this song especially the chorus at the end

  23. Scott Vance

    3 thumbs down are probably from dopey millennials who know shit.

    Holly Singletary

    Scott Van

  24. Theskybluelake

    ya well I'm lonely too... but I won't put up any feminist BS

  25. michael stanich

    I know how it feel's to be lonely,but when I find the right people it get better and I deal with people all the time.

  26. alan ireland

    Obviously two out there with no appreciation for real music! Awesome song

  27. Tom Hallick

    I have this on 8-track believe it or not. This was a pretty damn good album.

    Jason Stack

    what album ?

    Tom Hallick

    @Jason Stack Freeways

    Jason Stack

    yes i was in high school 1972 to 1975 and had a 1969 mustang G.T. with 8 track....BTO and GRAND FUNK RAIL ROAD were my favorite bands

  28. Wilson Webster

    Thanks Buddy!

  29. Arturo Burgos

    You are very Wellcome my Buddy From Rio.Keep rockin. Friend from far away.

  30. Wilson Webster

    Thank you Arturo for the nice words.
    Greetings From Rio de Janeiro!!!

  31. Arturo Burgos

    Thank you Wilson from Rio de Janeiro,You sure know how to pick Good music.Greetings from America.Since I the first time I heard there first Hit I enjoyed them ALL.

  32. Wilson Webster

    Thanks Arturo for your good tast.
    Greetings From Rio de Janeiro!!!

  33. Arturo Burgos

    This is what Classic rock is All about. BTO,your one off my Best Rock group in History,,Next to you is AC/DC. GODBless you ALL>

  34. Wilson Webster

    Gracias Amigo!

  35. Enrique aviles lazo

    esta cancion me trae los mas bellos recuerdos de mi juventud la bailabamos hasta el cansancio en los famosos TONOS que se hacian en el rimac y los organizaba carlos galarza.un famoso dj rimense de la inolvidable decada de los 70.

  36. Wilson Webster

    Thank You Mats!
    Greetings From Rio de Janeiro!!!

  37. Mats Frånlund

    Hey, this is a damn good CF Turner song anyway! And he's a very underrated bass player! He's pretty amazing really, watch later live videos.

  38. Wilson Webster

    A Big Hug For Everybody In Little Rock.

  39. WarHog38

    Greetings from Little Rock!

    Looking at the LP again I see it was all written by Randy Bachman except this one song. This song was written by Fred Turner and Turner did the vocals on it as well. As you wrote, this was R. Bachman's last BTO LP until the last regroup LP in 1984. I have seen 1983 listed as the date for that last BTO LP? My LP jacket says 1984.

  40. Wilson Webster

    Thank you friend for the informations.
    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

  41. WarHog38

    The uploader is correct. This 6th LP was marked change in direction for BTO in style and commercially. I remember Randy Bachman in the early 70's made the statement that a Rock Band had a 5 year life span. His band fulfilled his prophesy. BTO made 2 more LP's after this 6th in this same style. Bachman by himself formed a new band in 1979 called Ironhorse which made 2 LP's. He re-teamed with Fred Turner and made 1 LP as the band Union in 1981 BTO reformed in 1984 and made 1 last hard rocking LP

  42. Lasse Olsen

    Why make these uploads with that bad sound quality?


    Having trouble with the original LP as well. Could be the master... :(


    But glad I'm not the only one!

  43. Wilson Webster


  44. danna raizel brittingham


  45. Wilson Webster

    Yeah, No?

  46. Wilson Webster

    "Maybe" What?

  47. Theskybluelake

    well... maybe

  48. Theskybluelake

    ,yeah, no

  49. Wilson Webster

    Yes, It is. Thanks for coming to my channel.
    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!!!

  50. 1whokncallthethunder

    disc 2 of bto: gold is f'in amazing.

  51. Wilson Webster

    Thank you friend for comment. I do agree with you.
    Freeways was much better.
    Greetings From Rio de Janeiro.
    Big Hug!!!

  52. rememberthecoop1

    Wilson, huge BTO fan here. I disagree with the assessment of Freeways. I hated Head On - that was the departure from the heavy, guitar-driven rock. I actually thought Freeways was much better.

  53. Wilson Webster

    Thanks friend for comingo to my channel.
    I'm sorry for the last 30 seconds.
    I should have watched before posting it.
    Greetings rom Rio de Janeiro.
    Big Hug!

  54. WarHog38

    Thanks for the upload and it's Great but it chops off about the last 30 seconds of the song.