B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) - Blue Moanin' Lyrics

Blue moanin', you're down so blue
You do your livin'
And it's what you do
Did you listen to what your daddy say
Or did you find it boring
And just drift away

Blue blue moanin'
It's on it's way to you
Blue blue moanin'
It's really comin' through
You're always right
Til the payment's due
It's due, now you're blue

You go down dancin'
To what they call the grind
You do some relaxin'
Now that you've done your time

When you've done your time
And you think you're through
You find them on your doorstep
Now it's time to move

Blue blue moanin'
It's on it's way to you
Blue blue moanin'
It's really comin' through
You're always right
Til the payment's due
It's due, now you're blue

Blue blue moanin'
It's on it's way to you
You know it's comin'
Blue blue moanin'
It's really comin' through
You're know you're right
Til the payment's due
Now it's due, I find you blue

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B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) Blue Moanin' Comments

    Grande canção.

  2. Christer Ohlson

    WOW Good!!!

    Annelie Ohlson

    Åh,brorsan. Tack Christer. I love you.

    Christer Ohlson

    Grymt syrran!!!

  3. 1957boz

    Is anybody else wondering how old manomyth11 is? Or, is that what the 11 means?

  4. Mats Frånlund

    King Jerr, I'm with you there.

  5. jctbluebike

    Yukon Cornelius’ favorite song.

  6. VonHoganSchmidt

    man ..How great is FRED

  7. sdbolt65

    It's a real shame that he only songs you hear on "classic rock" stations are Takin' Care of Business, Roll on Down the Highway and You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.  Too many of BTO's great songs never hit the airwaves.


    I've never heard roll on down the highway until I started looking for Let it Ride. After hearing Let it Ride and learning that it was BTO I'm shocked? That's a good song but they don't seem to have any others. If I would've known they were the band that played you ain't seen nothing yet or Taking care of business I probably wouldn't have listened to them past Let it Ride.


    Not Fragile, Four Wheel Drive are both good albums. 

  8. Emil Pedair

    My friends...THIS is what an old Marshall sounds like!

  9. richard york

    oh somebody stop me oh baby we are rippin it up tonite . we are doing the bto thing

    russell banks

    you too ehh? hooked on this kind of music in my band Redemption ,  . . .in ,  . . . "Roswell New Mexico, USA,  . . ."

    richard york

    @russell banks ya this is some good shit ain't it 

  10. Ronald Wilson

    blue collar is more a jazz number........looking out for #1 is one of the two i'll bet.

  11. Allen Odom

    Alyson, could you post "Sledgehammer" from Not Fragile. Thanks

  12. Jackle61

    Thanks for the reply but I found it "Blue Collar" about a year ago. Thanks

  13. libertarianation1

    Listen to Welcome Home. The end is even jazzier than Blue Collar. BTO is very diverse with pop, rock, and jazz influence. Their fans seem to be more easy going than some of the Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Pink Floyd fans. I like those bands also, but some of the posting is crude.

  14. libertarianation1

    The n either Blue Collar Welcome Home. Probably Blue Collar because radio stations rarely play Welcome Home.

  15. ax13

    Their first four albums are a guitar-lover's paradise.

  16. ax13

    That's the one. They also broke into jazz in the middle of some rock tunes, like "Blue Collar" and "Rock is My Life, This is My Song".

  17. libertarianation1

    Damn, I love BTO....solid no frills rock.

  18. Michael Janchura

    they wear brilliant clothes.

  19. libertarianation1

    The whole NOT FRAGILE album is bad ass....wow

  20. libertarianation1

    Welcome Home, Blue Collar, and Looking out for number one all have parts that sound like jazz or even dixie music. This comes at the end of these songs.

  21. mrsgstd

    Possibly Blue Collar off their first album

  22. Mark DeMonte

    that or blue collar

  23. globalswgetter

    The only unit in the whole house that could do this any sort of justice was that big old Admiral console in the livingroom with the 15' kickers. I think I blew one side on this jam lol

  24. fuxgood

    Revise #2..play this song on an 8 track. lol

  25. CaptKrev

    Ahh remembering hearing this blasting on the car's cassette deck,the road of the Road Runners 440 in the background an suckin on lots of cold brew.What could have been better?

  26. Rickie James

    @theshipsdrummer I agree,Blue Collar is somewhat jazzy

  27. Tim Peori

    @Jackle61 "Blue collar" is also jazzy in my opinion

  28. James King & the Jackhammers

    You're probably thinking of Blue Collar off of their 1st album

  29. lezzliea

    @Jackle61 The 'outro' on Welcome Home is another.

  30. Jackle61

    @lezzliea Yes, I realize they have several jazz based tunes,,,, I was just having trouble remembering the name of one of them. (Blue Collar)

  31. lezzliea

    @Jackle61 BTO play a few tunes that have a jazz influence,Randy was taught by jazz guitarist Lenny Breau.

  32. Jackle61

    @RuralDeputy THAT"S IT!!! It's been driving me crazy as I've been on the road for two weeks without access to my music collection. Thank you!

  33. Jackle61

    @Tritan2095 Nope, I remember that one. I just heard one on the radio today and could hardly believe it was BTO, but as usual, they tell you who does it but not the name of the tune. }:-(

  34. Jackle61

    Hey!! Anyone out there know the name of the song BTO does that sounds more like a jazz tune than rock? Sorry, I'm 49 and don't remember some of the 70's. 8-)

  35. rcpaz

    "Not Fragile" was my first rock & roll album (long time ago, back in 1974...). I learned to play listening to these guys. Also, I was lucky to see them performing in Washington D. C., in 2001. Amazing! Long live BTO!

  36. 664bb

    love these guys xD

  37. himycatisdead

    We use to start off another day of being unemployed by making up some "Blue Mondays " which was Bols blue liquor with vodka and 7-Up it made our afternoon come earlier while listening to BTO..........

  38. RockNRollGiiirl

    @manomyth11 HUH?

  39. syncro16se

    On a school trip we went to look at an old fortress.
    I had borrowed my sisters Sony cassette player with leather case that I carried around. - Remember this was way before the walkman.
    We played this song over and over until the batteries were depleted and the song played slower and slower..

  40. james louis

    twenty years ago, i would fire up a fatty, crack a brew and shove this in the cassette deck whilst drivin to east wash in madison tryin to get a race from stoplight to stoplight for 20 bucks. Made a lot of spendin money that way. still catch myself speedin up when bto is playin!

  41. bachmancummingsfan

    Brings back a lot of memories...a young fella just startin high school....long hair....thought he was pretty cool....lol...guess I was listening to the best in Rock and Roll! Thanks for sharing!

  42. crazze6163

    @CaptKrev yeah rippin' around with my friend in his father's 76'chevy monte carlo with the 8-track blastin' some bto with a cooler a brew in the footwell of the backseat. them were the days!

  43. CaptKrev

    This sure brings back excellant memories,ripping down the road with the "Not Fragile" cassette blasting on the cars stereo,sucking down cold brews.The good old days.

  44. 1957boz

    I think a guy by the name of Frank Trowbridge played slide guitar on this one.

  45. DV DODDS

    I really hope Randy and Fred include this song in their setlist!! I still think Fred never really got as much credit as Randy for his musical talents. The guy turns 67 this year and he can still scream!!

  46. Neil Grosse

    @dbcoll1957 I couldn't agree more.Perhaps the greatest screamer in rock and roll.

  47. Neil Grosse

    @Tritan2095 This tune and "Givin' It All Away" are my favourite B.T.O.songs.

  48. dbcoll1957

    Fred Turner has one of the greatest voices in rock history.

  49. thedogduncan

    better than rush. these guys were THE guys. canada rules....

  50. Alan Oatley

    why dont anyone rock like this any more all this idel crap

  51. Blair K

    Really like this song,intoxicating heavy fog, that really cuts.There's lots of substance to it.Great to rock out too.

  52. Nightwing690

    geez, BTO sure made the simple 1-4-5 blues chord change so damn good in their songs, BTO is a perfect example that less is more, simple chords, big sound + ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!

  53. LifesonFan4Life

    I forgot to mention .. this and Rock Steady from Bad Company are 2 of my favorite simple riffs that just ooze so much attitude

  54. LifesonFan4Life

    Tritan .. thanks for uploading this ! .. I've been driving my girlfriend nuts with this song .. lol

    Been listening to this for years and years .. great guitar tones !!!

  55. Nemacyst117

    my all time fave band when I was a teen. No one really knew much about them in 70's England and I had to scour the record shops!! Ah...great times!

  56. duel007

    I love this song! I've been listening to it since I was 12 (i'm 19 now)

    My dad passed the original 60's vinyl album "Not Fragile" down to me.. The record is warped but it still plays and sounds fine!