B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) - Away From Home Lyrics

Early in the morning
When the sun begins to shine
You will see this poor boy
Leavin', leavin' love behind
Seems it's just another day
Guess I'm goin' another way
Away from home

She was the cause of all the grief you see me wearin'
Nobody thought that we would ever split apart
Seems it was an open door
One that I've been thru before
Away from home away, away from home
Away, away, I must go

I've done some livin' and for sure I'll do some dyin'
Her kind of woman almost makes me give up tryin'
Packed up everything I own, strapped it on my back
I'm goin' away from home, away, away from home
Seems what I've been looking for wasn't just an open door
I must go away, away from home

So movin' on along, I'll go
This old road is all I know, go
Away, away from home
Seems what I've been looking for wasn't just an open door
I must go away, away from home
So movin'on along I'll go

Aaaway hey hey away from home
Away from home, away from home, away from home
Away from home away away
Down the road, down the road, the way I'm goin'
Away from home, Away from home
Down the road, down the road
Away from home

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B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) Away From Home Comments
  1. Kristof Ellitson

    best of BTO

  2. David MacGregor

    The guitar riff sounds like something The Doobie Brothers would have done. Great song with excellent vocals from Fred (Thunder Voice) Turner.

  3. S Savelius

    I love this music

  4. Фанат группы КИНО

    Damn, it sounds like группа Кино - Война


    Yeah, plagiary indeed, brother :) Вообще не ожидал такого подвоха)

    Фанат группы КИНО

    ValerON :)

    Yackor 92

    Кино по-любому круче звучит

  5. Luis Martinez

    Trucker life 🤘🏻😎

  6. Jorge Marek

    Gostaria de ver a letra cifrada desta música para duas guitarras

  7. Bob Edwards

    Actually Freeways was the last album featuring Randy!!!

  8. Eric Treasure

    One of the most underrated songs in the entire BTO catalog. Vocals, guitar, bass, drums ... every element is perfectly on-point.

  9. LR 3

    My favourite track from head on ,Fred in fine voice as ever

  10. S Savelius

    1975 and....

  11. S Savelius

    Great music

  12. Daniel Hudelson

    How to out-doob the Doobie Brothers. Fred & Randy killin it.

  13. Johnny Pacheco

    My favorite song of bto i have tears in my face 1976.new york city.was very diferent OMG..so memories..!!!!!!!

  14. Eric Reinhardt

    Why BTO is not in the rock n roll hall of fame is beyond me and all of there FANS

  15. omb3210

    VERY GOOD !!!!!

  16. S Savelius

    Best, best, best.

  17. Theshaker64

    I was looking for this song for so long. I remember I had it in a cassette (actually it was my brother´s but I used to steal it from him whenever I had the chance...) and all of sudden the tape disappeared . I didn´t know the title of the song back then but I just loved it (didn´t know English either) . One day, not long ago, I tried youtube...and there it was...this gem I was looking for almost half my lifetime with perfect lyrics that mirrored what I was just going through at the time. Needless to say that I listened to it probably 50 or 100 times that night...timeless tune...


    Memories :)

    Scott Macdonald

    The entire Head On album was underrated to me. I saw them in spring 1975 .....still best concert I ever attended.

  18. Juanma Matamoros

    Qué pasada de canción!!!
    Nunca pasará de moda :-)

  19. Fredrik Almroth

    it should be on spotify, great song! (as well as it's over)


    It´s in Spotify. I have it in my account.

  20. James Adams

    These guys solid rocked, they put all they had into it. And then some!

  21. Wila Hori

    this reminds me of boosting it on the country roads on the west side in my WRX STI on repeat l, the power behind this awesome arrangement always gives me goosebumps although im a young dude this music played while i rocked in my cradle bless my parents for having the best musical taste ever ROCK ON PEOPLE !!!!! \m/

  22. David Hobgood

    Some of the best concerts back in the 70's and 80's, was with BTO. Energy galore!


    Sensational music

  23. Motor City Man

    The little KEANE Bros on Congas.

  24. John Rasenas

    last good record from bto best lineup.

  25. Stephen Hudak

    i listened to neil merryweather earlier today after many years, kryptonite album, so the way i grew up musically, if you are gonna visit 70s canadian, this is a classic group and album to come home to....

  26. Johnny Daniels

    always takin' care of bidness with these guys, rock on!

  27. Marcelo Cunha




    Marcelo Cunha

    Bachman !!

    Daniel Hudelson

    the name does rhyme with "sack", not "sock", however.

  28. evencarben

    great guitars all round

  29. Gunnar Elbæk

    "Head on " a Masterpiece! .

  30. abdul rahim Isahak

    Our wedding song back here in Penang.in the early 1970s
    Balik balik Kampong. Simply unbeatable back till today
    Gosh brings so much beautiful memories

  31. TheLegacyRadio

    Progressive Rock, Classic Rock 24/7 http://thelegacy.shorturl.com

  32. Wayne Young

    Killer album


    Minha maior frustração como fã incondicional da banda BTO é nunca poder vê-los tocar no Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.Gostaria de saber porque nunca vieram aqui apesar do sucesso tremendo que sempre fizeram e fazem até hoje nos bailes de flash back anos 70. Abraços mil do fã Gil.

    Deus Do Mal

    Grande questionamento, essa banda é uma das melhores de todos os tempos, e infelizmente, não teve todo o sucesso merecido nos tempos atuais...

  34. Don Petersen

    Outstanding guitar solo. It reminds me of Secondhand on Not Fragile.

  35. Moherro Beretto

    doskonałe = perfect

  36. zzyzxx13

    "Away From Home" -- the third best track on the Head On album after "It's Over" and "Average Man". Brings back memories of the 70's. Great music and fast cars!

  37. Dennis D

    Fred reminds me a bit of Doug Gray (from Marshall Tucker).
    Both excellent singers.

  38. Steve Mc

    This was on the album Head On. Randy recorded one more album - Freeways and then left the band. I think that this was their best album.


    What's wrong with Not Fragile?

  39. guitarsrmine

    @1963RRT Amen, brother!!! Fred, the BEST ever!!! Too bad some people cant over Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Paul McCartney.....Fred blows 'em ALL AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 455Transam

    Whatever happened to the KEANE Brothers who played the Congas on this track??

    Terry Mc norton

    the last i heard barry was playing drums for gordon lightfoot

  41. Shell Trek

    BTO... Rules!

  42. Richard Thorpe

    Fred Turner is a legend.

  43. Sema Gai

    отлично, настоящий рок