Bryce Vine - Bella Lyrics

Yeah, house in the hills all white
Kinda look like a Apple Store
Sober, but that's all right
Kinda drunk from the night before
Hopin' I'm not too high
Full moon light, but you cracked the door
I don't know much what the blinds are for
Not another house 'round here for miles
Cigarette to the lip, look a little sad but she laughin' a bit
Tellin' me she glad that she found me and shit
That I hotline bling, hit you back in a sec
Look to the left, gun by the bed
Veer to the right, pills and a pipe
I don't know much anymore but a blind silhouette and the howl of a wolf in the night
Playing love songs, how ironic
Eyes roll back when she in the moment
L.A. star life, so iconic
They don't got ghosts but their houses haunted

I think about takin' her out
A movie or maybe to dinner
Then her phone rang and her mood changed
'Cause her man will be home any minute

Everybody says you're no good
Bella you the best I ever had
Never wanna leave when I should
You're no good, but I like you bad
Everybody says you're no good
Bella you the best I ever had
Never wanna leave when I should
You're no good, but I like you bad

And when I wake up it's a quarter to seven
She already up and she raidin' the kitchen
She offer me coffee, I tell her, "No, thank you"
She pour me a cup anyway, but I'm grateful
Despite all the crazy she seem pretty cool
Grew up in London but Cali for school
Guess that explain why your accent is different and not really British but still in the pool, wow
If it isn't the same thing, it's the same thing twice
We ain't sayin' the same things that we did last night
You were givin' me goosebumps and the leg stretch
Arms out with your fists clenched
On the beach side got your thirst quenched
Ah man damn, now all I see is
Pretty girl in a Holiday Inn
Gram brag in a mansion or a hashtag in the Caribbean

I think about takin' her out
A movie or maybe to dinner
Then her phone rang and her mood changed
'Cause her man will be home any minute

Everybody says you're no good
Bella you the best I ever had
Never wanna leave when I should
You're no good, but I like you bad
Everybody says you're no good
Bella you the best I ever had
Never wanna leave when I should
You're no good, but I like you bad

But I like you bad
You're no good, but I like you bad

You're no good, but I like you bad

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Bryce Vine Bella Comments
  1. Rodiøn Ryhun

    It perfectly match to my Alfa Romeo (Bella)
    Everybody says she's no good, but she's the best I ever had, and i like her bad :)

  2. Grace Pizarro

    Such an incredible song, there’s a full movie I’m these lyrics 😆 like there being blinds even tho the house is in the middle of no where, like her ‘man’ is really the no good one, great song

  3. Bella Duschen

    I feel special...

  4. Goaticorn

    I was skipping this song on pandora for SO long and then I finally listened to it the other day and I was like YES.

  5. too loyal

    Your no good but i like you bad!

  6. Lazara Pecina

    Loveeee this song lol it’s so catchy

  7. John Ohlin

    slept on for sure

  8. TheOneshot96

    This song is stuck in my head and I don't know why. Its so good though

  9. Dan Brown

    Check the Emma Zander's channel. She's underrated like him, but real good artist.

  10. Kimmie Yazzie

    I wish I can see you live 😭 ! I love this song ❤️

  11. Ruby and Zoey

    Omg I love your songs so much your songs make me happy when I'm sad

  12. Han-Yo

    why only 1 million ...

  13. Brenda Fajardo

    Ugh, his music is the bomb!! <3 <3 *drools*

  14. Hope Larrimore

    My uncle showed me him and I have listened to every single song thank you kaleb I love Bryce!!❤️

  15. automatic612

    it hits the soul.

  16. Katie O

    This a hella banger!

  17. Raghad Zamzami

    This is the best thing I discovered in my life 👀❤

  18. DoDo

    I accidentally discovered you and i m so happy

  19. Kimmie Yazzie

    I'm love with ur music ❤️

  20. Izzy Lavalle

    Discovered 1 hour ago. Haven't found one bad song. This guys amazing.

  21. Monika Willow Matic

    You Bryce are the best

  22. Justin Bartha

    who tf produced this because they beein slept on. the base in this song rocks my soul....ight im done.

  23. Danielle murray

    I heard this song on Siesta Key and love it so much! Never heard it before here in Australia but it’s been my fave for months!

  24. Matheus Jesus

    eu fui o unico que vim pelo de férias com o ex EUA KKKK AMEIIIII!!!!!

  25. TheGhost8783

    If you read this Bryce, you are on your way my friend...

  26. Mercedes Romero


  27. Ryan Atwood

    More people NEED to hear your music.

  28. Daron Ruiz

    Damn bro those vibes and lyrical move.s get you groovin around makin you feel the music. Thanks man for a good groove.

  29. BeaTS

    Such a dope song!🎧😁👍

  30. Adrian Abaquin

    What a coincidence. I came here from his new song, "La La Land," and I wanted to find more songs by him. I came across this song and I just recently met a girl named, Bella, from a party I went to...

  31. Jerry Arzola

    Dope ass track!! Killing it Bryce vine

  32. bjad

    So good.. even without his sexy face on view ;)

  33. David

    Hurts me too much to like it

  34. Mark Dobrovolskyi

    Wow, the Spotify discover feature actually works. Who knew?

    Eve W

    omg that’s how i found this too lol 😂

    brian mcdougal

    I know right I'm glad they found this for me

  35. Adrian David

    Anybody come here because of Siesta Key?

    Ciara E

    Adrian David sadly yes 😭😅

  36. trevor Adams

    How does this not have more views?

  37. BlakeW5

    Hands down best artist I’ve discovered through Pandora


    Love this song ! 🥰😍

  39. Em Talmage

    I introduce you to everyone I can. Such talent and charisma. Im stoked to hear more. Your Hella cool,and your lyrics are sic. #BryceVineFanForLife #BryceVine

  40. mark papaleo

    Damn good song bryce!


    ... was this song made for... me?

  42. Zach Nelsen

    one of my favorites is still wanna be a thug

    Zach Nelsen

    its soo funny

  43. Jahyro Omalley

    Been listening from the jump

  44. Cesar Rodriguez

    1 year later!!!! Still G.O.A.T

  45. Mr.Harris Mr.Harris

    A tinder chick told me this is her favorite song and i told her id listen. Im glad i actually did this time

  46. Crown King


  47. Sonya Poligenko

    The best tune and lyrics I’ve heard in the sea of all the same one-type songs. So good. Keep going you’re doing great 😍

  48. Yasmin Goncalves


  49. SmashofBowie

    I was listening to the radio one day and then i hear a song called drew Barrymore the reporters said it was the new hit. By that time i went onto Shazam (Not promoting) and then it found the song i read the list
    Song:Drew BarryMore
    Artist:Bryce vine
    1,109,027 Shazams
    I thought wow. This song is good. I told my friends about it and they thought he was now the best artist, and i agree. Because Bryce's songs are amazing.

  50. Kiera K.

    I recently found your music, the only regret I have is not discovering you sooner.

  51. Abby Boomgaard

    Reminds me of Macklemore a little. His writing style. Absolutely in love with his voice and arrangements are perfect. Bryce Vine is a new fave.

  52. Sage Amaya

    lowkey one of those songs that makes you think of that one person... every time

    Abraham Ward

    Sage Amaya I felt that one

    Sir S'more

    it be like that sometimes. 👌

    Kaitlin Wilson

    Exactly. . .

  53. Muffin McDonald's

    who is going ro see bryce vine in Phoenix arizona on December 3rd? (your awesome bryce keep up the great work!)

  54. Idc

    I'm so upset I didn't discover you sooner. Your music is addicting😍

  55. Victoria Portillo

    just found this song and i’m disappointed in myself i haven’t found it sooner

  56. Alicia William

    I'm glad I discovered u bruh.....

  57. Eniola Davis

    Lala land up next. Here we go

  58. Bella Hall

    My hubby wrote a song about me. So sweet. For real though, if i could marry a voice it would be yours Bryce. 😍😍😍💛💛💛

  59. sharkbubbles 893

    Love your music man, i wish i found you sooner

  60. Gracie Walters

    why didn’t i find this sooner?

  61. Lili health

    Love from Morocco Man

  62. itz_G_ Eazzy

    "every body says you're no good" damn such a true statement, lots of people say that specially when you're dating someone that you love but people tell you its never gonna work out. they don't know that but it also doesn't mean to not try it. love this song

    Manda Yo

    Lol me ritenow

  63. KarlaXo

    I’m here to stay 🎶🖤👌🏽

  64. Evan Anderson

    Bella is one of the best songs I have heard. I Cant stop listening to it

    Bluedha Cas

    You have no idea..

  65. Ryan Vincent

    It doesn't get boring to this day 🤙

  66. T Vlogs

    Saw this guy at firefly (music festival) and he was insane. He has good songs AND can perform

  67. Alisha Smith

    So happy i listen to your music.. feel like i know the best secret ever by knowing your music compared to others who listen to whoever is popular on the radio

  68. HonestLEIR

    Ahhhhhhhhh thank you for existing

  69. Taylor Bell

    I thought this was Halsey at first... OOH HALSEY AND BRYCE VINE WOULD BE A HELLA FIRE COLLAB

  70. Victor Nunez

    This jam tho....👍👍👍

  71. Taylor Rose

    I’m going to see him in concert in Columbus Ohio!!!

    Mikayla H

    Taylor Rose ahhh lucky!! ;)

  72. Michaela Mackey


  73. Gatis Daubaris

    Every song from him🔥🔥🔥🔥 discovering him one of the best things heppend 🤘🤘🤘🤘🙏

    Jonathan Shaffer

    Do u know another artist similar to him?

  74. Conner Whipple

    I hope he doesn’t get popular and overplayed by everyone else.

  75. Zoe Gasson


  76. Christine Moore-McPeak

    Bryceeeeeeee, need more music ASAP!

  77. Sasha Skinner

    Impeccable flow and great voice💯just heard you tonight already love your music.

  78. Caroline O'Brien

    thank you for this

  79. Happy_ Gilder

    Hella good artist , this songs got some cudi vibes i love it ✌👌

  80. danny

    kud cudi is that you

  81. Denise bxzr

    I'm not even kidding when I say I love this song and it's my first time listening to it. Love at first listen 🎉🎉

  82. poop head

    cudi vibes

  83. Brycegaming911


  84. Ericka Vidal

    I listen this song EVERYDAY! Is my favorite 😩😍

  85. Maria Patricia Dirkes

    I love this song 😍😍 hope you come to Minnesota soon. Cant wait!!

  86. Prophetic One

    Somehow I think Cudi is hearing this and about to brew up a collab....

    madeof owls


  87. Rumple

    So underrated dude.. we need to make this popular, Jul. ‘18 ?

  88. Bella Perozzi

    this is my moment

  89. judie Lachance

    Glad I came across your music it's amazing don't quit

  90. Lone_Sparta

    Kid Cudi Vibes

  91. LPS Bella Gaming

    My name is bella...

    Naya Underwood

    kitty 341 but i like you bad 😂😂😂

    Carved FN

    kitty 341 you’re no good

  92. Jessica

    Here from Spotify Discover Weekly and I'm here to staaaay

  93. Rowen Wilkinson

    I’m sorry but you are so fucking amazing and impressive like what the fuck. I’m in awe on how you make me feel with your music💕🍾👏

  94. Daddy

    Bro I don't even know how else to say it. You're the shit! Your music emits great vibes and emotion. Keep it up, man!

  95. Rachita Hits

    In love with all of your shit

  96. xXLilLuDaXx

    I came late .. but I'm a fan ... This iss magical

  97. Andy

    BROOOOO this is so fkn goood

  98. TheFallenLegend

    Reminds me of hoodie Allen

  99. Alyssa Encinia

    This song reminds me of how great kid cudi used to be !