Bryan, Luke - To The Moon And Back Lyrics

Through the dirt and the gravel
Through the years and the miles
Every road that you travelled
Through the tears and the smiles
Through the clear and the muddy
Through the thick and thin
The quiet nights, the howling wind
Through the good and the ugly
The blue and the black
To the ends of the Earth
To the moon and back

Through all of the words
The mean and the kind
Through the strings that unravel
And the ties that bind
From the crazy and the different
To the more of the same
From the coast is clear
To a hurricane
Yeah, I'll be right beside you
On a roll or off the tracks
To the ends of the Earth
To the moon and back
To the moon and back

Through the bitter and the sweet
The cold and the fire
Lonely cotton sheets
And the burning desire
Until our song is over
Til the stars all fade to black
I'm gonna love you
To the ends of the Earth
To the moon and back
Yeah, I'm gonna love you
All the way to the moon and back
To the moon and back

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Bryan, Luke To The Moon And Back Comments
  1. Cynthia Serrato

    I hate the color gray

  2. Mike Spina

    My wedding song 10-5-17 ♡


    Your marriage will fail

  3. tammy howery

    How this song got past me I’ll never know today was the first time hearing this made me cry so much, it’s hard to find anyone to love you to the moon and back😓🌑🌜🌍✨🌟💫💫💥😭😭

  4. Caleb Kaehr

    This is my girlfriends and I song. We are gonna dance to it on our wedding day someday. With our baby boy


    Your girlfriend? Good luck lol

  5. Alma Ruvalcaba

    This song is for my kiddos Keith, Justin, Tara , Robyn and Cody ❤️😘

  6. J Lee

    💕♥️💕 My Love

  7. mike johnson I need you Jesus

    This song says it all Leslie,I miss you like crazy!!!

  8. Kelly Kremposky

    Love his music

    Robby Highland

    Thinking of you Rambo.. Love You little Brother.

  9. Louisa Teague

    Great song

  10. Isiah SAmuels

    I love this song is a great wedding song i love it

  11. Isiah SAmuels

    im a use this song for me and my brides wedding

  12. Marceline O'Brien

    Im miss and love you everyday baby are wedding song . You will forever be in my heart . I will always love you to the moon and back. R.I.P. Marceline Marie O'Brien . My heart is so broken 💔
    Love you sweetheart forever and always 💕

  13. Kim Levendusky

    I love this song it decribes exactly how i feel about my boyfriend

  14. candy bates

    This song will be my wedding song when I marry my best friend jesse. I love you baby you made us whole again. To the moon and back I love you

  15. alisha kirk

    I can listen to this song over and over again and not get tired of it I love it so much it brings back good memories

  16. Yvette Tyler

    Mine & my husband's song at our wedding! It was perfect!!!! 1st dance as Mr & Mrs 2-27-2016 :)

    Michelle Cochran

    This is mine and my husband's song too i can not think of a more perfect song. I love you Robert Janney

  17. Connie Abel

    I just love the music of Luke Bryan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Chibueze Obinali

    This for you. My love, my heart. I so much love you Ugonna. And I won't stop loving you

  19. Lisa Keech

    To Brady and Hannah I never do anything right but they love me

  20. Littlebitg G

    How is this not being played at all weddings and anniversary party? It's perfect!!

    Megan Williams

    Actually JUST sent this to my mom and sister to see what they thought of me using it for walking down the aisle lol

    candy bates

    I don't know my,fiancé just found this song..this what I say to him and my kids. This is going to be our first dance song

    Marceline O'Brien

    This was played at my wedding while my wife was walking down the aisle 4 years ago and my wife just passed away little over a week ago. This song has alot of meaning to me.

    Amy Briggs

    Littlebitg G so funny

  21. MR X

    This is how I love you my Isabella.❤

  22. CupCake101

    This sing is the I dedicate to my boyfriend because we are long distance. And miss him a lot and love him with all my heart. It will always be to the moon and back.
    😙❤❤❤❤❤ I love you

  23. Crystal Williams

    💘 Love 💘 it!

  24. Loving Life and the Ocean

    To the moon and back.

  25. Amanda Wan

    For all you are and all you've made me...I will always love you to the moon & back, my best friend for life and the one person who loves me unconditionally John you make my life beautiful just by being a part of it and no matter where life takes us, to the moon & back could never be enough to love you but it shows you a little taste of all the love I carry inside my heart for you forever and always. I can't wait to marry you some day.

  26. Mark King

    Probably overdone, but this was the song my wife and I danced to

  27. Dustin Ivy

    I love you samantha ťill the toe tags xoxoxo my bedtfriend n lover your what made me happy and undersrand love i miss u

  28. Betty BlueEyes SinSisters

    I'm always looking for a way to get to the moon to give my all to you for loving me......... eternal love my soulmate

  29. Alisha Kirk

    I love this song

  30. Amanda Amanda

    I'm gonna love this song to the moon and back.😍

  31. Karen Bayliss

    My daughter and son-in- laws first dance xx

  32. James Canzolino

    I Love you Jamie Lynn!!!

  33. Samantha Griffin

    This is the first time i listened to this song im in love

  34. Leah Zimmerman

    Fell in love with lonnie after a failed marriage and this song is so fitting. I can't hold the tears back.💕

  35. Mary Wilson

    Luke Bryan

  36. Chaleau Perry

    Miss you

  37. Kristen Daniels

    I can listen to this song a million times!

  38. Cassandra Spencer

    I miss you Helin

  39. Verlando Henderson

    When I dance with my beautiful Lisa. This happens to me. Thanks Luke

  40. Amber Huddleston

    moon drunk

  41. Austin Long

    Luke Bryan

  42. Sue McLean

    Oh, Luke!!!

  43. Craig Bunker

    outstanding beautifully sung...

  44. emirsa manga

    beautifull song!!!