Bry - You Are Lyrics

We have blamed all the movies and songs
for feeding us lies about what love was
And so I'm cynical in my awkward approach
in making you feel beautiful, though I know you won't

I go to crazy extents just to be the guy
Who sees you first thing when he opens his eyes
And radio and screen will back down
for one man's dream, as he tells you finally,
You are whatever love is to me

Don't shy away 'cos there's no concrete plans,
plans are for those who live as safe as they can
And so I'm different in my sudden approach
in asking you to marry me, though I know you won't

I go to crazy extents just to be the guy
Who sees you first thing when he opens his eyes
And radio and screen will back down
for one man's dream, as he tells you finally,
You are whatever love is to me
La la la laa, love is to me
La la la laa, love is to me
La la la laa, what love is to me

I go to crazy extents just to be the guy
Who sees you first thing when he opens his eyes
And radio and screen will back down
for one man's dream, as he tells you finally,
You are whatever love is to me

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Bry You Are Comments
  1. charlet

    It’s been nearly two years and this still kills me. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. D. Grace

    Beautiful song! First time hearing it. I love every single song you've come out with. I wish with all my heart that I could somehow afford plane tickets to see you in concert. It's one of my greatest hopes to see you in person someday! Love you!

  3. Charlena Adkins


  4. Mally June

    Almost a year later and I finally realize why a cried the first time I heard this. I didn’t at the time but I do now

  5. I y a n a

    It's good to see you back!

  6. Reetta

    "You'll never be loved enough"
    You deserve so much love that it's impossible to get.
    A sad compliment.

  7. hylia3

    man ive missed ur irish little face. so good to hear new stuff from you again!!

  8. Bongkrek Acid

    Could somebody please write down the chords?

  9. Luney Tunes

    You're amazing

  10. Luc Pereira

    Lyrics are beautiful Bry, they brought me close to tears. Keep it up and I’m pretty sure you’ll succeed:)

  11. James Stevenson

    I've missed you Bry, seeing these recent uploads has made me super happy! Hope you're doing ok pal, you're a hero in my eyes!

  12. Cordelia Fluece

    this song makes me think of driving in a car, at night, in the pouring rain but feeling cosy and dry

  13. Ben Tate

    Beautiful song, though the guitar is wayyyyy too loud in parts of this video.

  14. Ronan Reid

    All your songs touch me in ever emotion possible I love the music 😍😍

  15. Faith Milne

    love these lyrics <3

  16. Harry And The Chicks

    big up victoria park. smashing song <3

  17. Jacq

    this was beautiful

  18. Claire Zimmerman

    Really happy you're making music for yourself again, Bry. I have your songs on some of my favorite playlists, the ones I made years ago and still listen to today. Thank you for sharing your light and your music with us!

  19. Heather Thompson

    I am so obsessed with this song. Your voice!!! Xx

  20. Anixox

    can we start a bry fan club??

  21. Pineapple_123

    Please tell me what im thinking isnt true ... :/ I have been here since like 2013-2014 and your an amazin person

  22. Fredrick Mayo

    Yep, still here still liking your poetry.

  23. Faith Elizabeth

    these new songs are BONKERS good

  24. Ayesha Nygma

    Love your look, love your sound, love your lyrics

  25. Paulina Gregorczyk

    still here! don't worry xo
    amazing to hear something new from you <3

  26. la_la_landi

    YAY ! welcome back. so excited to hear your new songs ! sending warm greetings all the way from South Africa. .

  27. LoveDanix

    Put this song on itunes pretty please <3

  28. ihartevil

    your songs are so amazing i missed this one on my playlist so i went to it as soon as burn was done

  29. Joseline Alcaraz

    Yay you're back ! I missed you ! Hope all is good 💗

  30. Kassi Beal

    Perfection as usual <3 looks like I’m gonna have a new favorite song

  31. Water bottle

    Thank you I'm feeling emotions

  32. Maddie-anne Hunt

    This is one of the visions we're he is no wearing a stripes and his hair is short but bribry we love you just the way you are and you have an amazing voice 🎵🎶

  33. LoveDanix

    I wish i could buy this on itunes *cries in canadian*

  34. Maisie Sayers


  35. Ellie M

    Welcome back kiddo!! <3 Beautiful song, really tugs on the heart strings

  36. maddie

    f u c k m y h e a r t c a n t t a k e t h i s

  37. claudielulu

    Omg how are ya???

  38. Ariana Burrell

    lyrics bringing tears to my eyes.
    ive missed your presence bry

  39. San Jansen

    yess amazinggg! Misseddd you after the concert in Nijmegen :)

  40. The Eclectic Rush

    Nice to see you back! Can’t wait to see and hear more! 🖤

  41. Katie Daly

    forgot how much I loved you ahhh <3

  42. Niamh Abbott

    I'm so, so glad you're back <3

  43. Boku77u

    chorus sounds so good, good feelings. slightly it feels like after darling it kinda lost it a bit. but sounds great

  44. pamconparta

    I'm not crying you're crying

  45. Steven Silva

    Woowow I LOVE IT

  46. Mena Moo

    really powerful, so glad to see you back, this hit me right where it hurts and i'm so glad you could create art from your pain, its pretty astonishing when you think about it. Thank you Bry, we are all out here just hurting and surviving and loving and living and you my friend are also creating so thank you for that.

  47. Kerry Clapper

    Beautiful song. So glad to hear and see you again!

  48. Clara Gil

    this song is making me straight up cry

  49. liz8129

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm still amazed how all your songs are so perfect!! Welcome back!❤️

  50. philiarana

    great to have you back!

  51. Annika Ardilla

    It's so good to hear your voice again! Hope you're alright.

  52. Cláudia Helena

    I'm glad you are back, I love your songs, your voice! Nice hair!

  53. Aniadidit

    Amazing song, makes me miss something, but I don't quite know what. Miss seeing your face during the gigs, buddy. You never disappoint. Also, does anybody know the chords maybe? I've been ignoring the death stare of my guitar for too long I could try to play sth for a change.

  54. H Sizer

    still here!

  55. Harvey Davis

    im still here but only just saw this because my phone is broke :(

  56. Carmen M

    i love this!!!!

  57. Mckenzie crime

    This will be my funeral song

  58. kitkat2224

    Fantastic!!! So glad to hear your music again!!! Please keep creating! You've such a great talent!!!

  59. Svea Frida

    We're still there. Love the song!

  60. WorklessSol

    I'm amazed of how much I love your voice and songs, so much talent, keep going strong ❤

  61. Swiggity Tatini

    different look, same old beautiful Irish voice <3

  62. Alexandra Smith

    welcome back :) love this song. you do look so adult now!

  63. Erika Zimmermann

    This is such a beautiful song. I absolutely love the songs you've written. It was an honour to get to see you in concert. I hope you get better soon. I can't wait to hear more of what you've written. 😊❤

  64. Mally June

    I’ve been struggling a bit lately and I listened to this just now and I cried and I think that’s what I needed right now

  65. Violetta Azul

    I missed this voice! All is right in the world for the moments I hear your music Bry. I am not in my best days... All feels a bit dark... But thank you for this 💕

  66. Najiyah Zalik

    Yesterday I watched this video. But, at that time I didn't even listen to you. My brain didn't register the lyrics of the song as I was distracted by your appearance changes and the fact that you've uploaded after a while. But, I came back today to listen this time. This is so heartbreaking. It's sad and beautiful. I love this music. It's really good, Bry. All the best! x

  67. Intending_to_live

    I just started listening to your stuff about a month ago and I LOVE it! Keep it up bud! ♥️

  68. Lyllia Summer

    This is amazing.

  69. Nicky Milde

    I'm so glad to hear a new song from you! It's absolutely amazing and I've had it stuck in my head

  70. spoot

    Ah, I seriously needed this. I've been having a lot of trouble lately involving my close friends, and this song just made me smile. Thanks dude.

  71. Vladimir Nowak

    Just lovely.

  72. Torres77LFC1

    Hows the marriage ?

  73. MisterPotato

    So happy to see you doing better! Take your time, we will be here for you waiting

  74. Daisy Edwards

    Ahh NEW SONG😍

  75. Jace Toker

    This is great. Saw you in Manchester last year and I was so happy. I even wore my fedora aha

  76. Ruthie B

    This is so good! I'm so excited for new music and a new era from you!

  77. Rachel McGlone

    This is such a beautiful song❤️

  78. amy

    still here with all my heart bry

  79. James Hall

    I’ve literally listened to this multiple times everyday since it’s been released. Absolutely love it!! Stay strong with everything that’s going on Bry

  80. paula

    this song is like a really really good drug. i feel addicted

  81. L B

    So sad, very beautiful. Will be coming back to this xx

  82. Conner Sprycha

    Good to see you bry

  83. VickyAnnex

    This was so lovely, I miss your face friend <3

  84. Leadley

    beautiful song x

  85. Sneha Kumar

    I LOVE YOU BRY. I HAVE MISSED YOU AS FUCK! Also beautiful song. I love you more.

  86. sarabara

    missed you ❤

  87. Rose Davis

    This is gorgeous, gave me the chills. Love it.

  88. Benjamin Hviid

    Welcome back Bry! We have missed you❤️

  89. Daisy May

    Welcome home x

  90. Maha C

    amazing!!! is there a studio version?

  91. Molto Dolce

    missed you

  92. Daisy J


  93. Isobel Cantillon


  94. xThePinkApple

    :(( but also :DD

  95. Iram Hussain