Brun, Ane - Where Friend Rhymes With End Lyrics

My friend, you left me in the end
I can't believe I'm writing a song
Where "friend" rhymes with "end"
But today
I must cave in
I have trouble forgetting those beautiful eyes
As it is
I must fill your space with lies

You left me in the end
I guess I knew it all along
I guess I expected this song
And it is as it appeared
Like a fist in my stomach and swallowing tears
Your song turned out a sad one
Just as I feared

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Brun, Ane Where Friend Rhymes With End Comments
  1. shannon grossen

    I take my blame with me wherever I go and I take my shame, I carry my own blame and I swollow all my own shame, it boggles me how we still walk away from one another when we are both to blame and both so ashamed some friendships can be so lovely it feels like heaven until you fall and see the ink blood and lies.....I'm sorry....I hope you are too..wish I could still say I loved you....guess you wouldn't beleive me and it wouldn't be appropriate...but I do...and always will we were so close since we were both so lost, I'm happy you found yourself and grateful becuase I was too lost for you....

  2. Alvina Seymour

    im the type of person that has much faith in love and relationships. why wasn't it worth more to them than me? them just being in your life,now they are gone, sadly everything reminds you

  3. Alvina Seymour

    it ended friday, seems like a trap. Him just leaving
    if friends lie, they just need a way to say they don't need you, don't let them walk all over you

  4. Andrea Suarez

    I have no idea what I did and on a game she said "yo nobody like you💀🔪". So I said "I know cause I hate myself too "

    I just want my Shy,Nice,Kind,Friend Back!!!!!💔😥😥😥💔

  5. Xx_Anna_Audios_ xX

    My old fake friend acted like I did not exist and hurt me and she would text me rudely and I sent her a gachaverse right now and I don’t think we can be friends no more after what she has done to me

    Andrea Suarez

    That's a good idea to send a gachaverse to your friend...I wish I was brave like you...😥

    Xx_Anna_Audios_ xX

    YourTuber Boring you are


    Missing my friends even if we have a little time spend together.

  7. Lilian Cass Barreto

    ouço mil vezes e amo mil vezes!!!

  8. Starbucky

    I did something that makes my bestfriend hates me, I didn't blame them if they left me, I just wish I can rewind the time and undo what I did...

  9. Hussam Joudieh

    A friend should never hurt another. Because once it's all said and done, and each go in a different path, it's nothing but a game of suffer.I am sorry my friend.

  10. Hans Bauer

    I think I lost my best friend. This song describes me very good rn

  11. Beanie KidneyPros

    My best friend is toxic,changes her mood towards me,She says hateful things,I’m slowly giving up.If I move schools she said she would even be more annoyed,I’ve got no where to go I’m so destroyed,her new friends could never replace me and they are just gonna hurt her.she was the best part of me,I’ve done nothing except receive the hate. Fuck my life.

  12. Lucy Drawings

    I would not blame my ex best friend I was a horrible friend to her now I regret what I did to her or even getting her I just hope she is happy with her new friends 😊😢😞😟

  13. chim미인

    i fucked up now im in a bad term with my bestfriend.. I regret so fucking much now he’s transferring school.. oh how i wish i could turn back time... im really sorry... but the worst part is he sticked to me and defended me from people that bully me😔😞

  14. Sehrish Ellahi

    Should’ve known my friend was a backstabber 🤕😭😭😒😞😔😖😣☹️🙁😕😫😩😢😭😤😓😥😰😶😑😿👭

    WutThe Unicorn

    Honestly 🥺

  15. Angel Hnatyszyn

    Yeah love you best friend lie about you and say stick up for your other friend stuff that is not true and heavy stabbed you in the back and you thought they were your friends but they know that's how I feel ejected hurt

    Andrea Suarez

    Requesting "Knife in my back"

  16. Oof Trash

    I wouldn't blame my best friends for leaving me, I fucked up so bad and I can't believe they hate me I wish I wouldn't have said the things I did, I just messed up bad I always do, but I hope they're happy without meT_T I just wish I never said those horrible things to them;-;

    Nelli Koponen

    Neko liz You too! I made the biggest mistake in my life, and I will never forgive myself, but I am glad i have my new friends and family by me. Atleast i learned alot

    Oof Trash

    Nelli Koponen Yea! One of my friends stayed by my side everyone else left because I messed up bad, but she stayed and I'm glad, she's the only one I need now, maybe I'll find new friends, and thank you! Have a nice day/night! :)


    conspiracy trash I FUCKING RELATE TO YOU! I really fucked up and i really regret it so much I wish I can turn back time and fix everything... now he’s transferring school and i will miss him

    xoxo gossip girl

    Wee guys need to make a club named people who said horrible things to their friends and now they don't have anyone

    Ticci Teigan

    @Nelli Koponen same , I know the feeling of best friend left me because of something I did , but I didnt even do the she's treating me like garbage....I hate it....I want her back .....when she was happy

  17. Shannen Coelho

    100% me rn

  18. Brian Burke

    I think I just stopped breathing.

  19. Midnight Angel

    I've said this a lot of times

  20. TheJoseph Gonzalez

    story of my life

  21. Iwona Plaza

    beautiful song 


    Thanks !!

  22. 梁立安

    who is this fotograf? Would like to know her or him...awesome

  23. chottocigarillo

    Thanks for comment!

  24. Kirk

    This is so similar to Sibylle Baier's "The End," which was recorded in the 70's and released in the late 00's. Both beautiful songs.

  25. chottocigarillo

    Me encanta leer tus comentarios!. Siempre siempre me animas!!!
    Muchas gracias Pepi!
    Feliz tarde!

  26. chottocigarillo

    I'm glad you like it!
    Thank you!

  27. Key Forsat

    This is So beautiful SONG ...

  28. chottocigarillo

    The best is to have friends like you!Thank you, dear Tete!
    As always, Big Kiss for you! Chin Chin!!!

  29. chottocigarillo

    Hola, Syun!
    Usually it's all very simple ...
    Thanks for watching and kind words.

  30. chottocigarillo

    I'm glad you like it, laura!
    Thank you very much!

  31. chottocigarillo

    Nickie, dear, I know it! Really!
    THANK YOU!!!

  32. chottocigarillo

    me neither! :*

  33. chottocigarillo

    Thank you KAZ! Always thank you! :*

  34. guitaristKAZ

    I will not leave you in the end! :)
    Beautiful!! Thank you! H & K! :D