Brun, Ane - How To Disappear Completely Lyrics

That there, that's not me
I go where I please
I walk through walls
I float down the Liffey

I'm not here
This isn't happening
I'm not here
I'm not here

In a little while
I'll be gone
The moment's already passed
Yeah, it's gone

And I'm not here
This isn't happening
I'm not here
I'm not here

Strobe lights
And blown speakers
And hurricanes

I'm not here
This isn't happening
I'm not here
I'm not here

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Brun, Ane How To Disappear Completely Comments
  1. padnesit

    Ane Brun cover Aurora, "All Is Soft Inside", in front her and the band :

  2. Laura Harwell

    Please tour

  3. dzjinc2011

    Unreal emotions. Thank you.

  4. Amanda Cassell

    Her voice brings me to tears, it’s so pure and beautiful. 💕 goals.

  5. Cereal Killer 5

    The chaotic ending to "Nightflyers" made me feel open, blank, and questioning a lot of things. This song sealed my reasoning behind the feelings.

  6. Zon Don

    Who else is here after watching Nightflyer?

  7. Antiloompa

    The song is so great... That looming dread of something unspeakable, something horrible that took place.

  8. Ακης Παπαγεωργιου

    Aπο ΚοντοΜιούτου ήρθα

  9. Aapeli Leppä

    Your voice is really good, but i think Thoms voice fits better with this song cause its more depressing and moody as the song is too.

  10. Kathy A

    I have never heard of "Nightflyers" or any such yet this song diminishes Me & makes My Spirit & Soul SOAR........BEAUTIFULLY, SO!!!😁😌

  11. je vous merde tous

    Ane Brun est Thom Yorke Les 2 Magnifique !!!!
    Merci infiniment pour cette Découverte est Partage !!!!!

  12. chris 1


  13. Katy Fowler

    It's *so hard* to cover Radiohead well. She does. Also Leanne Le Havas with Wierd Fishes.

  14. EroBorn

    it touches me..

  15. Arlon Leathers

    Please, enough of nightflyer!

  16. Carlos Heras

    is the original from radiohead?

    Adrian Fijałkowski

    Yes. It is. Imo one of their best songs ever. Tom's voice always had this vibe that he's not here, suits him very well.

  17. Portland Breadfruit

    I've requested this as my funeral song 👍🏽

  18. JM M

    The original 's from Radiohead

  19. Alex Leaf

    if it may be of interest, this version is very nice...

  20. Mélanie Lepage

    When the dude realized he was home AGAIN ohhh shit tears to my eyes made me wants to hug the daughter that i dont have..

    يا خيل الله اركبي لا الله الا الله

    Soon u will have one

    Dra til Hell

    True. He’s right about that. Congratulations.

  21. Mark Powell

    Anyone who has experienced psychedelics and ego death will totally relate to these lyrics... and such a beautiful melody. 🍄🌈🥰

  22. TURST67 / Zäa

    Just because the audience wasn't incredibly high, season 2 of The Nightflyers got canceled… I really hate how series work.


    Like Utopia... It was a fantastic series but totally went under the radar!

  23. Guy Nicolas

    loooooooooooove Kid A :!!

  24. vANdERlAMP

    a beautiful sad song.. an even better cover version.. and a very subtle video/image effect.. speechless..

  25. Gloria Ss


  26. Ivone Bühler

    Only if you caese to exist someone may desappear completely! Thanks for share Ane Brun.

  27. Ethan

    I love this version and all but Thom Yorke does this song more justice.

  28. Fred Mazo

    I heard your cover and suddenly an epiphany came to me and I wrote the following for my wife the two kids. "And it was there when I decided to renounce my destiny, my powers and talents to build with you that life that had been granted to me the moment I looked at your eyes and consequently in their eyes.
    Many men take an eternity to find their mission; it took me fewer thanks to you, to you and you".

  29. Jeane Elen

    simplesmente amei s2

  30. Salman M Yusafzai

    Here because ; Nightflyers. Here because, it was too good to not listen to. Loved it ❤️

  31. crazyRyoga

    I wrote a simple piano transcription of this if anyone's interested. It's on my channel, for free.


    Ane Brun, Greetings from Poland, from Częstochowa! Perfect voice!

  33. A Nonymous

    My heart is not here... My heart is in the Highlands...a-chasing the deer.... Rabbie Burns..

  34. dB Degrees

    heart-breakingly beautiful
    incredible Radiohead cover

  35. Mihai Florin

    this song touches me'soul

  36. Dylan Rex

    Shit man nightflyers got me emotional

  37. yumi

    The perfect song for the Nightflyer ending <3

  38. Brett Christian

    its haunting

  39. mnmlst

    I was listening to some of your albuns earlier today. Then I went to the living room to crochet while my father was watching a Netflix series. Then this song began to play in the series. What a pleasant surprise to see this song feature there!

  40. AoTSpiTFire

    this song made the ending to nightflyers perfect

  41. CptIco

    Thank you for that, its magnificent

  42. Nat Nat

    So many are here on behalf of the Nightflyers. So am I. It is wonderful.

  43. Randi Cramer

    Thom Yorke would be proud :)

  44. Brimstone Sternklev

    Nightflyers brought me here, Beautiful song...

  45. Taurin333

    Like many I discovered and sought you out because The Nightflyers. Your voice is insanely beautiful, and I believe it is time to start a collection of another performer's work. :-) Thank you.

  46. Fredrick Faraj

    NightFlyer Season 1 Episode 10 closing closing ever...awesome sound track

  47. Dom Arai

    Just had to relisten to this due to Nightflyers.
    That ending with this song made me feel.. A comfort. The ending was simply beautiful much like this song.

  48. Delvin Silas

    "Good afternoon, Professor.. I have a proposal for you. My ship was Designed to Explore New Worlds.. It was built to Expand the Human Horizon across the Solar System.. But THIS discovery.. this Singular Opportunity to make Contact with a Higher Power, to pursue a knowledge beyond our own.. A Knowledge that could Unlock our Potential and Save Mankind itself..... This is the Eris Legacy... And the NIGHTFLYER can take you there." - Roy Eris

  49. Edna Gillum

    I know sarcasm cant help it, I watched all tbe shows for a vision..booo hoo

  50. Edna Gillum

    But their alien was in the back of the bedroom they just didnt know it was iris or tbe

  51. Edna Gillum

    Its over and all they established with the volycrun is he gets to see his wife and child again but how do they know its not a figment of imagination..I expected something.ething more

  52. 711mabelandrea

    Here because Nightflyers

  53. Sugarman Rebecca

    Newbie to Nightflyer.. happy to find you in the process!!! 🤗

  54. Soufiane Once

    #nightflyers 😍

  55. Jonathan Wynne

    Your version of this is amazing and it suited the final scene of The Nightflyer perfectly.


    Totally disagree with that. The original version is far better, the harmony is richer when this version is liimited to some chords. This is unrespectful for the intention of the composer. A very bad version for the final of a very bad tv show.


    korben4leeloo The original is far better, but it wouldn’t have fit the final scene nearly as well as the cover.


    @Kobbe I don't agree. At all. By the way they kept the original version of Radiohead's Daydreaming at the end of the episode 5.

    Zee Bashew

    haha @korben4leeloo you and 31 other people.

    Crystal Jordan

    I absolutely agree 10,000% with Johnathon. Most beautiful rendition and fit oh so perfectly. That was absolute perfection ♥️

  56. tony Kari


  57. Lucas Ost


  58. Stephen Wismer

    Found this because of NightFlyers, beautiful music

  59. Daryl Tunwarm

    Here from the Nightflyers series 2018

  60. shawn page

    *The nightflyer* ??

    Salman M Yusafzai

    Here because ; Nightflyers!

    Di Ts

    Yes, awfull series, but awesome end song

    Dark Soul

    Salman M Yusafzai me tooo


    Yup i a here bcoz of nightflyer....

  61. Joe Draper

    This is Captain Roy Eris, the Nightflyer has reached the Volcryn

    Joe Draper

    Honestly the beautiful audio made a decent ending a great one. The series was good, quite a few plot holes but good acting made up for it.

    Joe Draper

    Also I was the first nightflyers comment... Just saying

    Mikolaj Kraszewski

    And I'm looking for another song from the nightflyers. Is there any official list or something?


    @Eternity Funny, I see it diffrent, for me the story was good in a mysterious way, and in many points the emotions where to superficial over all. But in the end, with this song in combination, they nailed it, and bring all I missed before. Sadly there will be no 2. season of SyFi. Hopefully Netflix or some other streaming service will take it.



  62. Mark ofAdelaide

    It does need to be acknowledged that this is a Radiohead song.

  63. Vincent Lormond

    Très belle surprise... :) Bravo !!

  64. Peggy van cutsem

    Love your music so much, hope to see a concert soon in belgium

  65. Lilian Cass Barreto

    Sua voz é um alento...obrigada!

  66. preity bamania

    This is so beautiful, exactly what I needed today.

  67. micha baz soucy

    You Are Beauty !!! thank you D'exister

  68. Ioannis Pailas

    That there, that's not me
    I go, where I please
    I walk through walls
    I float down the Liffey

    I'm not here
    This isn't happening
    I'm not here
    I'm not here

    In a little while
    I'll be gone
    The moment's already passed
    Yeah it's gone

    And I'm not here
    This isn't happening
    I'm not here
    I'm not here

    Strobe lights and blown speakers
    Fireworks and hurricanes

    I'm not here
    I'm not here
    This isn't happening
    I'm not here
    I'm not here

    Arlon Leathers

    Thanks for this!

    Daryl Tunwarm

    Ioannis Pailas last paragraph is wrong. She says I’m not here only once before the line this isn’t happening. Might was to read through the words and double check before posting next time. 😉

    stephen scott

    @Daryl Tunwarm Really?

    micah dominguez

    @stephen scott seriously... some people.

    Alexa L

    Daryl Tunwarm u know they can edit it right Lmaoo

  69. Samsong Bay

    Love from morocco

  70. Adam Theobald

    How to ruin a brilliant Radiohead song...

  71. Andreja Hotko Pavic

    you are heaven's gift <3

  72. Michel Tarik

    I'm from France and i love so much you music, Ane,

  73. Amber Scholten

    Wow Wow Wow. Amazing.

  74. Thieu Bobo

    Incredible experience <3

  75. Len Elixe

    Today I heard this song on radio. I was like « oh this song is on my playlist » of course it sublime Radiohead and it’s not a little thing

  76. Substitute.

    Beautiful haunting song

  77. Amanda

    Your voice makes me emotional no matter the words the pretty tone and vulnerability makes me cry.. every.. single.. time.. ♥

  78. Starfire Galaxy


  79. Romana Sever

    Please can I get lyricks of this song?!

  80. Romana Sever

    This song is so powerfull ..

  81. Romana Sever

    Samo slušam i ne vjerujem..
    Koliko li je opojan taj glas..i muzika..a riječi koje znače mnogo više nego smo svjesni..

  82. Jake Martinez

    Y E S, your voice and music style fit this song so well

  83. V NLJ

    Beautiful voice!! Hi from Ecuador

  84. mia

    This album may kill me :) oh but it is so beautiful!

  85. cocteautwinned

    Her new album is just days away...OCTOBER 6th, y'all!! Yay!! 😊

  86. MH80

    This song gets me every time.. now even more so <3

  87. PicMus

    This song would fit in some great film moments. Excellent as always.

  88. Little Cube

    This is a gorgeous song

  89. Imogen Anna

    The most beautiful song I've heard since I came across the original. Your voice is stunning. Please put this on spotify :)

  90. Daniel Macoveiciuc

    It was a sad day when I realized this cover is not available on Spotify... Kind of makes me want to invest in a vinyl player

  91. Ives San Diego

    Q coisa mais linda essa música. Come to Brazil!!!

  92. Adrienne S

    In a little while.. I'll be gone
    The moment's already passed
    Yeah it's gone.
    And I'm not here......

  93. Panos Stavroulakis

    Absolutely amazing! I wish you all the best with the album and hope to see you soon live in Athens :) kisses from Greece <3

  94. Sara-Marie Ulsund Stiksrud

    Right on time, indeed. 💖

  95. Jan Roovers

    you are here You are here and this is happening. Thanks for this beautiful song.

  96. Frustrated Traveller

    Pure bliss x

  97. Vinceten91

    Magnifique cover !!! Une voix (une émotion) incroyable sur une des plus belles chansons de Radiohead, voir peut être la plus belle, merci Ane !!!