Bruce Springsteen - The Wall Lyrics

Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, this poem that I wrote for you
This black stone and these hard tears are all I got left now of you
I remember you in your Marine uniform laughin', laughin' at your ship out party
I read Robert McNamara says he's sorry

Your high boots and striped T-shirt, Billy you looked so bad
You and your rock-n-roll band, you were best thing this shit town ever had
Now the men who put you here eat with their families in rich dining halls
And apology and forgiveness got no place here at all at the wall

I'm sorry I missed you last year, I couldn't find no one to drive me
If your eyes could cut through that black stone, tell me would they recognize me
For the living time it must be served, the day goes on
Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, skin on black stone

On the ground dog tags and wreaths of flowers, with ribbons red as the blood
Red as the blood you spilled in the Central Highlands mud
Limousines rush down Pennsylvania Avenue, rustling the leaves as they fall
And apology and forgiveness got no place here at all
Here at the wall

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Bruce Springsteen The Wall Comments
  1. anella d'ambrosio

    Bruce in questo brano e commovente!!😢😢😇😍😘🎶💎😕♥️💗🎸💋

  2. Enyawestie

    What a waste of lives. I lost my husband, and my two youngest children don't even remember him. Thank you, Bruce, and thank you for making that video.

  3. Dave Lonergan

    This has to be one of the most beautiful songs the boss has ever sang😅😅😅😅

  4. havingfun1968

    I don't understand BRUCE at all... He writes all these patriotic songs, and NEVER stands up for the MILITARY when money is needed. Pick a side fellow Jerseyan, and I know he's a Democrat, but the the LEFT side is NOT with us no matter what we believe. When Barrack was in office, that fucker came once in 4 months to visit us wounded Marines at Bethesda. Bush was there every four days. Plus, out of the 8 years Obama was in office, my money was FROZEN. That NEVER happened under Bush. Hell, Trump comes in and I get the largest pay increase I've EVER received being retired. Now you tell me who I should vote for even though I'm independent??? Semper Fidelis, Captain T, U.S.M.C.

  5. simone noll

    honor him for this song love it

  6. Rob Dillon

    Best song writer ever

  7. G P

    Thank You Natalie. This is just beautiful.

  8. K. Chris Caldwell

    Many of America's children were Unconstitutionally utilized to kill or be killed, and all we got in return were headstones, a wall, the hobbled, and the Agent Orange poisoned.

    _Liberty is a demand. Tyranny submission._

  9. William Seaman

    Beautiful song

  10. Tony Dee

    Thank you Bruce for this song. I play it today for all my brothers and sisters that were in that shit war and especially those that never made it back
    .To the families that had sons killed I apologize for the nation sending your children off to fight for nothing but arrogance and greed. Rest peacefully my brothers!! Froa Vietnam vet!!

  11. John Owen

    This is the most beautiful song Bruce has ever written , along with If I should fall behind, and that's saying something, it's a song that you just don't want to end !

  12. Francisco Trancho

    I love you springsteen

  13. Josh Holmes

    My father served with the 101st,2nd,502nd LZ sally 66-69 ,Welcome home Gentlemen,,Welcome home

  14. mr pele

    This song and video gets to me like no other . Thank you for both and thank you to all those brave soldiers , we won't forget and we won't let our children forget either the sacrifices you all made . Never forgotten.

  15. Angus Mac

    The song points out what a lie the Vietnam War was. It was a pointless and cruel fight against a people on the other side of the world who wanted to govern their own country without foreign interference - just like America would in the same circumstances. But the men who sent the soldiers to kill and die went on to lead comfortable lives. And some of the rich kids who avoided going ended up as successful politicians...

  16. G P

    Painfully beautiful, Natalie. Thank you.

  17. Chuck Dale

    I was in the Army in Vietnam August '65 to August '66. Thank you for this. I cry each time I watch it.

  18. Sandbagger300

    Walter Cichon was the lead singer of the Motifs, "If I gave you love" is a great song by them.

  19. gian cavassa

    Thank you Natalie

  20. Terry Bruce

    Draft dodger Bruce....ya feeling guilty sport?  so you write a song....fuck you!

    Marco Speekenbrink

    Come to The Netherlands and i give you a treatment you deserve...LOSER!

    William Freeman

    Terry Bruce you need to get your facts straight. Bruce (like thousands of others) was terrified of going to a war he knew nothing about. However he turned up to his draft board and was medically unfit due to an earlier motorcycle accident. Now remind me how did Donald Trump avoid the draft? Heel Spurs wasn't it?

  21. MissDistarr60

    Written by a Vietnam Vet......Author Unknown. 
    It speaks volumes......not for all who served, but I will go out on a limb and say it speaks for the majority. 
    "I didn't serve in Vietnam for freedom...
    or liberty, or the flag.
    I didn't serve for the reasons people think of when they tell me, "Thanks for your service."
    I knew that this war was not about any of that stuff.
    I served for 365 days and a wake up, as we called it.
    I served so I would not be imprisoned by my government.
    I served because my father asked me to. Later, he admitted he was wrong and apologized.
    I served with these guys.
    I served to save them and myself for 365 days and a wake up.
    I failed."

    Richard Drury

    MissDistarr60 No Sir, we did not fail. We won. We won , despite the hippies, despite the press, despite the foul names they hurled at us. We faced the fire, while they ran for cover, and the pride we won can never be dimished.

    tim long

    @Richard Drury that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. The reality of the situation is that the wealthy made a ton of money, which they continue to pass down to their families today meanwhile it is always The Young and the poor who die for the. Old ,rich and Powerful who decide they want something and yet somehow they never pay for it

  22. Quartz Films

    Thanks Bruce. Myfriend has been on me for a long time to absorb the lyrics to this song. Thank you sir. The dam shit of it all. Most of us were 19 yrs. old. I think about my friends classmates and neighbors from Ferguson Mo. that didnt make it home. No apology and no forgiveness. Thought we were to protect our family and our country. Ha

  23. Onetonymoe

    well done...please never forget them...ty for posting

  24. Toodles Mcguee

    Why are rock bands obsessed with walls???

    darren langton

    Because it's a lot better than politicians being obsessed with them...

  25. Neil Reed

    As a vet, this song tares me apart. To touch that cold black stone is a memory I will always carry. To my brothers I hope you find peace! Thank you for the post!

    Rob Lucas

    Neil Reed god these lyrics are so sad it rips my heart out...this is the greatest song ever for vets as far as being touching...

  26. Neil S Friedman

    Perfect song for Memorial Day.

  27. Adam Mocio

    bless my Brothers and Sisters! why?

  28. Big Jake

    The marine's name was Walter Cichon.

    Big Jake also

    Natalie Johnston

    +Big Jake I know, I figured that out not long after I released this, but unfortunately I can't edit the video itself after it's been published to the site unless I want to delete and re-upload it. Sorry about that.


    Powerful & moving. I have read all the posts in this thread, with deep feelings and heart-warming honesty. I recommend no changes. To borrow from Bruce's song 'You're Missing' - "everything is everything."

  29. storelady100

    Thank you for posting!

  30. Blind Terry Tucci

    Out of the hundreds of times I've gotten goosebumps from Bruce's music the line "For the living, time must be served/The day goes on."' is definitely one of those causes. If you look at it from the view of the person in the song, someone who is saying it to someone they've matter what they do the person that is gone is always with them.


    +Blind Terry Tucci I live for my brothers that didn't. They are always behind me telling me to enjoy life for them. They are always with me.

  31. Francesco Russo

    the best

  32. David Goodall

    just awesome Natalie thank you

  33. celtbell

    yeah Bruce at his best. But American people need to wake, up those young lads were not protecting American freedom at all, they were forced into a nasty dirty imperial conflict, American soldiers don't protect America in the jungles of Vietnam, the same as German soldiers didn't protect Germany in Stalingrad. America is a great country but completely dominated by war mongering shite bags in its government and those pricks at fox news

    Brian Maguire

    +celtbell you are very correct.i completelely agree with you.i am guessing your irish?


    +Brian Maguire you guessed right and with a name like yours im guessing your Irish too

    Evan Connors

    *pricks at CNN

    Rusty Shackleford

    As a Vietnam Veteran I can tell you we didn't fight for America, Mom or Apple Pie. We fought for each other because America turned her back on us. Never before in the history of the United States has its citizens despised it's servicemen more then during the Vietnam War. Yeah you know who you are. Sorry if I sound a little bitter must be the fucking agent orange talking.

  34. Domnic Riley

    ty for this i have touched the wall for my m8 thomas he resontly died he was a vet

  35. Alex Anderson

    It's tragic these wars for profit created by the elite and the young people loosing life for nothing but the greed and corruption of the leaders

  36. majamariechee

    I still miss you, John and Ted, after all of these years. You will remain 19 and 20 years old for eternity.  I hope you recognise me when we meet again.

  37. Natalie Johnston

    For all the veterans watching this, I just want to say thank you so much for serving our country and protecting our freedom. I can't imagine where we would be without you, and I'm incredibly thankful for that freedom that I sometimes take for granted.

    Earl Donaven

    Thanks for posting this song The Wall and Sam Stone are the only Vietnam songs that have anything to do with reality

    Lucid _2_Win

    Not every soldier protects freedom. Imperial Japan's army doesn't planed to free anybody. Not even every US war was justified. Look what the US have done to Iraq.

    Sue Brighton

    I'm not an American
    But I would still like to say thank you to all who served your country.
    Our countries are in the same side
    Thank you for all your help.

    John Johnson

    @Lucid _2_Win you should direct that at the politicians, not the ones who carry a rifle, and pray to God they come back in one piece.

  38. willgingart

    cool vid, natalie. thanks. 

  39. Damian Clarke

    WOW. Well done, I take my hat off to you

  40. Larskrimi

    Imagine to be a part of a war where you survived and others died... It must be terrible!

  41. Pogo2011dog

    It was another hard day for me on 11-11-14, as I time traveled back to where I lost any vestige of my youth, and almost lost my mind, 44 years ago.  War is stressful, folks, and dangerous.  Too many friends died there, drowned, crashed in choppers, took small arms fire, blown up by mortars....too many.   Vietnam, 1970 and 1971.  

    Quartz Films

    you mentioned "crashed in choppers" my friend Barry Golden along with six other Americans died thataway. He was a kind gemtile soul from Ferguson Mo. RIP Barry


    Thank you for sharing what I'm sure is most painful.  I hope you have found some peace of sorts, that you feel comfortable in your skin and that you now have the ability to get a good nights rest.  You have my admiration.

  42. 934johno


  43. Hister333

    Let's stop pretending that it's okay that children die so that old men get richer...We start by not lying about what these children died for.  They died so that old men could get richer.

  44. William Johnson

    Beautiful... Willie J.

  45. johnnyM809

    Springsteen's utter genius as a songwriter is fully illustrated once again with this masterpiece. The man is just a class apart from the rest as far as I am concerned

  46. Nick Lapham

    Thank u. This is my favorite song, period. I know every song Bruce has released, & many he hasn't, by heart, & I feel this is the greatest thing he's ever done. Which makes it the greatest thing anyone's ever done. I read Robert McNamara says he's sorry is the most powerful & profound lyric I can think of. So much is being said with so little. Thank u for making this amazing video for my favorite song

    Natalie Johnston

    I'm the same way with Springsteen's music, and I also think this has to be one of my all time favorites. I agree too that that's just such a powerful line. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I really appreciate your feedback

  47. Vincent Fortunato


  48. Krzysztof W