Bruce Springsteen - Gave It A Name Lyrics

In the fields of the lord, stood Abel and Cain
Cain slew Abel 'neath the black rain
At night he couldn't stand the guilt or the blame
So he gave it a name
So he gave it a name
So he gave it a name

Billy got drunk, angry at his wife
He hit her once, he hit her twice
At night he'd lie in bed, he couldn't stand the shame
So he gave it a name
So he gave it a name
So he gave it a name

Pa told me "Son, one thing I know is true
Poison snake bites you, you're poison too"
At night I can feel that poison runnin' 'round my veins

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Bruce Springsteen Gave It A Name Comments
  1. Mister Sarajevo

    Whoever the guy is who chose the soundtrack for "Show Me A Hero" is a hardcore fan.

    Springsteen fans who aren't hardcore don't know this song lol

  2. Natalie Bourgeois

    Show me a hero brought me here too!

  3. makeupgeenie

    Being a pice of shit brought me here.

  4. jan vellemans

    no fan of the boss either but this one is just superb. Show me a hero brought me here as well

  5. Alan Miller

    Brilliant song

  6. Martin Samuelsson

    Show me a hero!

  7. Scott Selden


  8. Math Person

    One of the most haunting, far out, addictive sounds in pop/rock music. Oh, my!

  9. Izzy G.

    Had the opportunity to watch 'Show me a Hero' on an airplane, when this song played in the pilot
    it almost brought me to tears.

    bruce wouters

    +Isidro Garcia is that a song by the boss?

  10. Mike O

    I don't care all that much for Bruce Springsteen's music but I really like this song. Heard it first on Show me a Hero.

  11. Kristian Baumgartner

    Show Me a Hero brought me here too. Cheese alert, fell free to laugh but... when I finished Treme I felt a piece of me was missing, couldn't believe it was over. I had the same reaction when I finished Show Me a Hero. There's something about the quality, intelligence and humanity of a David Simon Series (The Corner, The Wire, Generation Kill etc...) that is unequaled in any other tv. I can't wait to see what he writes next.

  12. Nirajan Dhungel

    It sounds like Oscar Isaac's voice, seems like a cover of Bruce Springsteen's.


    nope-definitely Bruce can t mistake that voice-the man has many beautiful low key songs like this...

  13. Wouldn't you Like to know

    and that song could use another verse

  14. Wouldn't you Like to know

    show me a hero also brought me here. and what was the name?!?!? is the name sin?

  15. K Mac

    Throw this in with This Hard Land as a great unknown from the Boss.

  16. Ian Cummins

    Shame is a terrible thang baby

  17. Batdavaa Tserendorj

    How come this great song has been viewed 14,000 times. All other bullshit songs viewed millions per day....

    Elichai Foger

    +Batdavaa Tserendorj cause this song isnt very good. Does bruce play this at live shows? If he does it must be a piss break song.

  18. Post-its

    Show Me a Hero brought me here also.

  19. z z

    "show me a hero" brought me here. perfect song for the opening montage.

  20. Alessandro Dellachiesa

    Splendida musica 

  21. sam jones

    Kane slew able Neath the black rain, at night he couldn't stand the guilt or the pain

  22. P.J Donnellan

    Thank god for youtube get to hear class songs like this one we don't call him the boss for nothing

  23. lyonslaforet

    Another hidden gem!