Bruce Springsteen - 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Lyrics

Sandy the fireworks are hailin'
Over Little Eden tonight
Forcin' a light into all those stony faces
Left stranded on this warm July

Down in the town the circuit's
Full of switchblade lovers
So fast so shiny so sharp
As the wizards play
Down on Pinball Way
On the boardwalk way past dark

And the boys from the casino dance with their shirts open
Like Latin lovers on the shore
Chasin' all them silly New York virgins by the score

And Sandy the Aurora is risin' behind us
Its pier lights our carnival life forever
Oh, love me tonight for I may never
See you again
Hey Sandy girl
Na na baby

Now the greasers
Ah they tramp the streets or get busted
For sleeping on the beach all night
Them boys in their high heels
Ah Sandy their skins are so white

And me I just got tired of hangin' in them dusty arcades
Bangin' them pleasure machines
Chasin' the factory girls underneath the boardwalk
Where they all promise to unsnap their jeans

You know that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag
I got on it last night and my shirt got caught
And they kept me spinnin'
Didn't think I'd ever get off

Oh Sandy the Aurora is risin' behind us
Its pier lights our carnival life on the water
Runnin' underneath the boardwalk oh with the boss's daughter
I remember Sandy girl
Na na na na na baby

Sandy that waitress I was seeing lost her desire for me
I spoke with her last night
She said she won't set herself on fire for me anymore

She worked that joint under the boardwalk
She was always the girl you saw bopping down the beach with the radio
The kids say last night she was dressed like a star
In one of them cheap little seaside bars
And I saw her parked with lover boy out on the Kokomo

Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie
For tellin' fortunes better than they do
For me this boardwalk life's through
Babe you oughta quit this scene too

Sandy the Aurora's rising behind us
Its pier lights our carnival life forever
Oh love me tonight and I promise I'll love you forever

Oh I mean it Sandy girl! Na nah na nah na na baby
Yeah, I promise Sandy girl, sha la la la la baby

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Bruce Springsteen 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Comments
  1. Adam Redfield

    Without Danny, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band would have been a great rock and roll band, but would not have been a great sea shore rock and roll band. Danny gave us the salt water taffy, the smell and sound of the waves, the cotton candy and the miniature golf. For me, that difference is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. I miss you in the band, Danny. Thank you for everything.

  2. Eddi Favaro

    Un brano dolcissimo e un tributo a Danny commovente. Ancora grazie boss 💓💓

  3. Martin Zaehringer

    Every 4th of July I make a point of playing this song

  4. chuckHart70

    RIP Danny.

  5. Valquiria Bueno

    Finalzinho...recordar é viver 🤔💓💓

  6. Valquiria Bueno

    Como AMOOOOOO 💘 essa vóz....e essa pessoa iluminada 💎🙏🙏🙏🇧🇷Rip Danny

  7. anella d'ambrosio

    Grandissima interpretazione di Bruce con il caro Danny!!!😇😇🤩😍😘🎸🎷🎶🎶🎶💎💎💎🌟🌟🌟♥️💔

  8. John Walls

    Atlantic City NJ guy here.... boardwalk memories for me

  9. John Walls

    Sandy Trexler

  10. Chris Felo

    Oh my God. Makes me cry every time I see this. I think of the stories Bruce tells of the early days when he and Danny and the other original members of his band were struggling to make it and get their break. Unbelievable the 40+ year run they had together, occasional side projects notwithstanding. Rest in Peace, Danny and Clarence!

  11. Ralf Jäger

  12. Glenn Bolton

    have you ever fallen in love with Sandy, i JUST DID!

  13. Rosana De fatima costa

    K espetáculo maravilha!!!!!!

  14. Mary. Donnarumma.

    "Troppo Bella questa Canzone"Sandy"💋❤️💖

  15. John Hebert

    Happy 70th Bruce Springsteen and thanks to you and the E Street Band for a lifetime of music and memories!

  16. anella d'ambrosio

    Grande dolcissimo Dany!! 😇😇😇♥️💫💫

  17. Claude Monete

    ❤BRUCE BOSS👐❤💛💙🎶🎸🎧🎶😍DIVINE😇✌

  18. Valquiria Bueno

    Perfeição divina Bruce Springsteen 💘 Love 💘 Love 💘Rip Danny 🎹🎹💓

  19. Marc Lascroux

    J'aime beaucoup le clin d'œil, aux tout début du groupe. E Street Bande.

  20. B. Roemer

    Rest Danny. You were a great musician. Thank you for all that you gave us.

  21. Valquiria Bueno

    AMOOOOOO 💘 Love 💘 forever 💕💕💕

  22. Al Malefatto

    Happy 4th everyone! RIP Danny.

  23. Sandi Cullen

    The only song about me!!! SANDI... I have seen them 5 times all in different cities... But always with my best friend GIF!!!

  24. Valquiria Bueno

    RIP Danny 🎹🎹💓and Clarence 🎷💓😥😥

  25. Gregory Gonzalez

    Probably my favorite song of my life. And this rendition being the one. So utterly beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Springsteen. ❤

    John Sumner

    Gregory Gonzalez it is one of those songs that does not get played on the radio stations at all

  26. MannBrothersFilms

    The Boss!

    Anna Pohoryles

    Hi, T Man - I'm always loving Boss and always greets you !!!

    Anna Pohoryles

    It's a pleasure to " meet" you !!!

  27. Lisa Lane

    This man sings a lot about the carnival for never being there. Anyhow, love his music for yrs. He has inspired many people to write songs or play some kind of music. My youngest son who plays guitar, he couldnt wait to start playin real music. He went through guitars like candy. I almost went without stuff just to pay for all the guitars he had bought. He is grown now has a daughter of his own. I hope he remembers when he was young, how I completely supported him, I hope he does the same for his daughter. Bruce, you have always been an inspiration to so many and I want to take a moment and thank you. Thank you!

  28. renzo stellini

    Ciao a te BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN io sono iscritto il tuo canale su YOUTUBE il giorno di 12 di giugno 2019 alle ore 11:07 minuti e quando io ho il tempo libero io guardo il tuo canale su YOUTUBE per vedere che cosa c'è di bello ciao e buona giornata a te da RENZO STELLINI

  29. Umberto Pellegrino

    Stupenda è ancora poco 💖🎸🎼🎤🎼🎷🎹

  30. Ian Tyrrel

    I am crying right now.

  31. Valquiria Bueno

    I Love 💘 Bruce Springsteen 🎸🎤 forever💕💕💕

  32. Steve Ellis900

    I would forget this song in an instant, if I could.


    Isn't it funny that music is the only constant in our lives? People come and go, friends come and go, people we love die, or just move on. But the music is always there.Really miss songs like this, really speaks to the heart.A truly touching moment given the atmosphere of this period in time. I was moved by it. Bruce is a legend in his own mite.I was there to witness his rise to the pinnacle of musical craftsmanship.

  34. Owen McCafferty

    I lost a good friend named Sandy... and I need to hear this song 😥😥😥😥

  35. Valquiria Bueno

    A vida é mesmo um sopro...descanse em paz Danny 🎹🎹💕

  36. John Ozed

    Sad and lovely.

  37. mikauotila70

    Part of my youth dies among this.

  38. Valquiria Bueno

    R.I.P Danny 🎹🎹🎹💓

  39. Trumpet N' Bros

    It smells like spring

  40. Valquiria Bueno

    I Love Bruce Springsteen 💘 forever💕💕💕

  41. 8695alex

    Thank you Danny, everytime we put on a record from greetings to the river there 's always you that makes the different, it was youri talent that made those songs special!

  42. Valquiria Bueno

    AMOOOOOO cada detalhe o ritmo e a voz do Bruce,fico sem palavras...💘🎸🎤 O acordeon arrepia 🎹🎹💘essa noite sonhei com você Bruce eu segurei em seu braço e falei...queria tanto te encontrar antes,saiu uma lágrima dos seus olhos,por ver tanta verdade nos meus 😥

  43. Steven Fink

    Bruce said to Danny....I love you at 6:57. So much class. This was their last performance and they knew the cancer was taking it's toll. @2:30 is also a split second of lifelong friendship

  44. Valquiria Bueno

    Bruce e sua banda🎸🎤🎹🎷💘vou ama- Los até o findar dos meus dias 🙏😥💎💎💎💞💞💞💞08/04/2019

  45. Valquiria Bueno

    Thank you 💘 Love 💘 Love 💘 Bruce Springsteen 🎤🎸🎷🎼🎼🎼 R.I.P. Danny 🎹🎹💓

  46. Valquiria Bueno

    AMOOOOOO 🎸🎤🎹💎 Bruce Springsteen ser iluminado que Deus criou 🙏💓💓💎

  47. Daniel Sullivan

    I named my dog after Sandy love this song

  48. David Quinton

    It's heartbreaking watching this performance. Danny's accordion rises perfectly with Bruce's guitar. I remember logging on a few days later to see he had passed. I have no shame to say I just broke down and wept, for a man I'd never met, but the fact he was a huge part of my life. RIP to the Phantom and Big Man.

  49. Ken Rex

    I promise ill love you forever...?

  50. George Teller

    Born and raised in Jersey. Summers down the shore. I'm 64 now and go there year 'round. This is what it's all about.

  51. Neil Jeram

    Bitter-sweet. Finest and most emotional being Danny and his last time on stage

  52. Margrit Brandt

    The best 💗💗

  53. Jim Loving

    I'm reading Bruce's 2016 autobiography (on kindle now) and in chapter 69, he speaks of the last time/concert Danny Federici played - in March 2008 in Indianapolis, this song. This is what Bruce said in chapter 69, about that song, and his band mate: "He wanted to play once more the song that is of course about the end of something wonderful and the beginning of something unknown and new.

    If we didn’t play together, the E Street Band would probably not know one another. We wouldn’t be in a room together. But we do . . . we do play together and every night at eight we walk out onstage together, and that, my friends, is a place where miracles occur . . . old and new miracles. And those you are with in the presence of miracles, you never forget. Life does not separate you. Death does not separate you. Those you are with who create miracles for you, like Danny did for me every night, you are honored to be amongst."

    Springsteen, Bruce. Born to Run (p. 459). Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.

  54. Thomas Idorn

    Rest in peace, Danny. Thank you for everything.

  55. Jason Lee

    Long live Brooooooce. Come to UK...

  56. Adriann Serra

    So today heading into my 62nd year , I found that the Christmas Lights are Carnival Lights Forever .. Hello from Toms River , NJ !!

  57. Maria Erlita

    Lindo lindo lindo ❤👏👏👏👏🎶🎶🎶💞💞💞

    Valquiria Bueno

    Espetacular 👏👏👏🎹🎼🎼💓

  58. B. Roemer

    RIP Danny. Gone too soon.

  59. Rob DePolo

    This song has always moved me and I've turned a few people on to Bruce by playing it. This is so touching. RIP Danny and Clarence.

  60. Jason Lee

    Hope to see him in 2019, never seen him live...

    Phantom Dan

    Let's hope he's back out for another tour in the next couple of years.

    Adriann Serra

    You’ll be Blessed if you do , saw Bruce in Concert twice .. I cried for the First 5 minutes and someone passed a Doobie and that had me Dancing .. Long live the Boss from Toms River NJ

  61. Adriann Serra

    Wish I could copy the end !!!

  62. more peace

    Yes bruv

  63. Margrit Brandt


  64. Melanie Brantner

    I love you.

  65. Owen Rees

    54 people have trouble working their youtubes machine

  66. Rammster Damm

    That last minute gets me, everytime.

  67. Donna Frost

    So beautiful

  68. Neno Dukic

    Svaki puta kada čujem o u stvar suza sama kane na oko.. Bio sam u Asbury Parku; rodnom gradiću The Bossa. Nalazi se na pol' puta od NYC i Atlantic Cityja točno na Jersey Shore.. i prekrasan je9

  69. Andrew Carl Elliott

    Got introduced to this song by some friends of mine at Montclair State college... it was from a bootleg album call the great white boss. It became embedded in my memory.
    I've been searching for a Loveless girl like Sandy ever since then.
    So I can love her.

  70. Phil Henningsen

    Balling as I watch this for the umpteenth time

    Murray westenskow

    Balling and Bawling are two different things... just saying.
    (This Sandy version is sadly wonderful.)

  71. mikauotila70

    R.I.P Danny and thank you for music you brought us.This song stays my menories all my life for my first real love

  72. Vera Stewart

    Awesome video with Bruce and Danny! R.I.P. Danny.

  73. Donelle Feltham

    Such a beautiful song yet oh so poignant.🎼♥️🇦🇺

  74. Deco Gràfic

    One of my favourites songs!! <3

  75. Brendan Dunphy

    Sad and beautiful at the same time.  RIP Danny.  Jersey pride.

  76. David Torres Fernandez

    Our tribute to two giants: Dani and The Big Man..............for ever.

  77. Guess Who

    God bless 🙏🏻 New Jersey will never forget you my brother 😢

  78. Mister Sarajevo

    Danny delivered the news to Bruce that his melanoma was terminal right before this show. From Bruce's autobiography;

    "Danny appeared with us for the last time at Coseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on March 20th, 2008. In the band we all knew this was it. We wouldn't see Danny onstage again."

    Heartbreaking. And I guess to those wondering why the infamous Cincinnati show performed two days later felt off, now you know why.


    Was at the Indy show!

    Mike Stevenson

    What happened in Cincinnati?

  79. Jackychan 147

    Being a kid who lives 2 towns away from Asbury Park, where I have been several times, this song means the world to me and makes my heart sing!!!

  80. todd11561

    I miss Danny Federici .......

    Lizzie Lorman

    todd11561 omg. Me too

  81. El Papa

    I've heard this about 200 times and each time the warm tears trickle down.

  82. dave mousseau

    What an incredible tribute to a lifelong brother......amazing.......

  83. Ton B

    Goospimpel,thanks a lot!

  84. John Flanagan

    Oddly...this is a song he should never perform again. I love it, but it''s a young mans song. It shouldn't be sung as nostalgia. Just don't work that way. Love the Boss either way.

    Scott Coraci

    I went to Asbury Park every weekend in the 70's, this song makes me still able to feel the excitement of the boardwalk,rides, the smell of boardwalk food and the ocean.

  85. Joanne O'Meara

    Forever beauty of a song here, & surely was always a fav of mine, XO!!

  86. Marie Pérez

    After that it will never be the same again. Live long Danny. We the E Street fans will always miss you.

  87. chris higgins

    Love it. Just finished reading Bruce's book.Goodness gracious.

  88. Bill Krayer,Jr.

    The only thing better than that is the Jersey Girl August 25 2016 MetLife Stadium with the engaged couple.

  89. John Gorski

    Happy 4th Bruce & Danny Fans from Flemington, N. J.

  90. Ken Coleman

    Happy 4th 2017 from Boston!

  91. michael o'reilly

    This song's brilliant mood and lyrics take me back to summers many decades ago down the jersey shore enjoyed with friends and youth. The poignancy of Danny playing his last gig on earth ties in the memories of lost friends from those days. Thanks boss and RIP to all those who've created such a rich tapestry of memories for me.

  92. david ormiston

    I'm pretty sure this is from Danny's last and only performance with E street on this tour. And Bruce knew he wasn't doing well. Danny asked Bruce if they could play this one last time. The song reminded him of when they were young. R.I.P to the phantom.

  93. rosiebloem

    Mijn dochter heet Sandy... Guess why...

  94. Daniel Jimenez

    Long Life to E Street Family

  95. Janet Fonseca

    Wow-such passion. U2onTV I didnt know this fact of last version...thank you for sharing.

  96. John Marshall Carter

    for Sandy!