Bruce Dickinson - Zulu Lulu Lyrics

She fixed me in the corner with that beautiful brown eye.
She said I'd like to meet you I was so surprised.
Well, what can I do for you. What can you do for me.
We made for the exit had to wait and see.
I hope I'm not wasting your precious time.
I no your not wasting mine.
We came together over coffee with milk.
She never stopped till every drop was spilled.

She was a zulu lulu.
Broke my back and my heart at the same time.
It was nice.
Just a zulu lulu.
I had to move on when I came back she'd gone.

She dropped to her knees. I guess she had religion.
She lived with her mother. Had been a good girl twice.
When I asked her to comment on her present position.
She said she'd like to take a late preachers advise.
I ain't looking for sympathy.
But prayers for the wicked are kinda nice.
She said I don't like to preach to the converted.
I said you could be a good girl more than twice.
Like this.


I ain't looking for sympathy.
But prayers for the wicked are kinda nice.
She looked me up and down and said Assiagod for me.
I began to see god. She said, wait and see babe.
Wait. Wait. I'm coming.


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Bruce Dickinson Zulu Lulu Comments
  1. the archer

    Hes so cute

    Catherine Brenckle

    I've been in love with this man since I was 3 years old...I'm 38 now.
    I did get to talk to him about 15 years ago in person...I think I may have died that day

  2. Hauntercry


  3. Douglas Tracy

    i aint lookin 4 sympathy but prayers for the wicked are kinda nice...

  4. Toma Maria

    Here are the lyrics:

  5. chabomorphosis

    @MachinePriest25 hahahahaha ill be the happiest man in the world if this could be the final frontier XD

  6. Snuggle Bear

    Imma Trick My Friends That This Album Is The Final Frontier XD ill Only Let Them Hear Haha

  7. Bego Tárrega

    @Alex231274 ??? You have the lyrics on the right :)

  8. Alex231274

    Awesome song ! Lyrics please . . . :)

  9. geyiks

    He is Bruce Dickinson.But I can't feel the same feelings when I listen Iron Maiden.Bruce is great rocker but when he is with Iron Maiden he becomes rock hero.

  10. Bego Tárrega

    Thanks ^^

    I chose photographs where Bruce looked sexy imo...xD