Bruce Cockburn - The Gift Lyrics

These shoes have walked some strange streets
Stranger still to come
Sometimes the prayers of strangers
Are all that keeps them from
Trying to stay static
Something even death can't do
Everything is motion
To the motion be true

In this cold commodity culture
Where you lay your money down
It's hard to even notice
That all this earth is hallowed ground
Harder still to feel it
Basic as a breath
Love is stronger than darkness
Love is stronger than death

The gift
Keeps moving
Never know
Where it's going to land

You must stand
Back and let it
Keep on changing hands

Hackles rise in anger
Heat waves rise in sex
The gift moves on regardless
Tying this world to the next
May you never tire of waiting
Never feel that life is cheap
May your life be filled with light
Except for when you're trying to sleep

The gift
Keeps moving
Never know
Where it's going to land
You must stand
Back and let it
Keep on changing hands

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Bruce Cockburn The Gift Comments
  1. Robert Davidson

    Met Bruce in person first time October 2019..hes 74 years old still has the fire!His new album is all instrumental and it's of course Bruce so it's good!

  2. Dennis John Dreher

    There's only one Bruce

  3. Clint Carlaw

    truly one of the greats from our neighbor up north! may we be blessed with his music n guitar for many more years

  4. Peter Smith

    "May your life be full of light, except for when you're trying to sleep." Priceless.

  5. fpitch91

    Bruce - you are our Gift. Thanks.

  6. Ray scott Taylor

    this guy, is such a human!

  7. razbodian555

    Bruce is one of the best guitarist. Ask any guitarist. Bruce, is the best lyricists. Ask those whom hear.

  8. Terry Beaton

    "Everything is motion, to the motion be true". Now that's what language is for. I only had to hear that once to remember it all my life.

  9. EnosEverything

    This is more like it... great song/performance.

  10. G E

    love this!

  11. Beccy Hogan

    Bruce you are like a favorite ice cream, irresistible. I'm from the other side of the planet, Western Australia, we probably wont meet till the next life, Stay Clever, big brother, God Bless you ALWAYS!

  12. AbbieHoffmansGhost

    Who else could play and sing this at the same time?

  13. Robert Davidson

    Love Bruce

  14. Veronica Funky

    Brucey! Thank you for your gift! Great guitar playing!

  15. Rollercoaster1972

    Great older one from the 1988 Album "Big Circumstance"! :-)

  16. Takayuki Ishiguro

    May he stay healthy and keep playing.

  17. Ted Scanlon

    This guy is such a fabulous musician