Brownstone - You Give Good Love Lyrics

[Speaking: Softly]
You know baby...
I've been looking for somebody
Somebody with that strong love
Somebody with that tender love
I've been looking for somebody with that good love
Can you help me?

You give good love
Give me good lovin' baby
You're on my mind
Each and every day
You're all I need
And I want to say
Baby I'm yours...

[Verse 1:]
Have you ever loved some one
With everything you have
Hoping deep inside your heart
Their tender love will last
Take my hand and I'll show you
A place to find a love so true
I found in you

Love so tender love so right
(Love the way you hold me tight)
Only you can make it right
I'll be with you all my life
(Close your eyes and hold on tight)
My love my very special love


[Verse 2:]
All my life I've been looking for someone
To say it, do it, show it, prove it
You know that you're the one
You give me what I need
You give me everything
I know that you're the one
Cause heaven sent you from above
You're right for me


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Brownstone You Give Good Love Comments
  1. Latisha Scott

    Sound like a whole darn choir vocals are sick🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. No Name

    I love charmayne voice r.i.p babygirl



    4 THÅT 🍏ÑÊ 2 SÅŸ ÎT D🍏



    L💚💃🏽🕺🏽💚VÊ ÇÛZ HÊÅVÊÑ


    MÅDÊ 💚💃🏽🕺🏽💚JÛST 4 MÊ

    💚💚H 💚💃🏽🕺🏽💚BÅBŸ

    ÛR💚💃🏽🕺🏽💚GOD SÊÑT



    THÊM 👉🏽 🦋🦋🦋🦋






  4. Chris Barge

    I love maxxe voice

  5. Gustavo Brown


  6. vwilson Vwilson

    Kina tore this up!

  7. Carletta Goodrich Mann

    AMen Yes you chicks sing 🎶 favorite female group write on right on

  8. Pamela Carmel

    Never really listened to this song it’s nice need to get back to this era of music 🎶

  9. Rasheid Ali

    This song forced me to propose. I also had a lot to drink that night. RIP Maxee

  10. julio vilardi

    Yes many many real music

  11. Douglas Taggart

    are there any female groups out there right now that can sing like these ladies I don't think so we now have little mix and fifth harmony

    Demitri Monroe

    June's Diary can pull this off

  12. Dustin James

    this song is perfect for a wedding...

  13. Beril Otieno

    good love 😍😍😍

  14. 高橋治人

    very nace

  15. Brandi Miles

    you're on my mind, each and every day

  16. NoVA sP3Ed

    Yes, sir Mr. Rueben Shandy. You said it!! ☺

  17. Amy Santos

    they just don't make it like this anymore...glad this time in life was time I got to share in...Brownstone one of the best female RoB bands from the 90s...there harmonizing could not be beat...the only group that came close was changing faces...Loved them as well :) xxoo

  18. Bernadette M

    May you rip Charmaine

  19. Bothwell M. Lowry, III.

    The music man

  20. Bothwell M. Lowry, III.

    Brownstones still climbing

  21. Andrea Knight

    So sad about Maxee's passing, these ladies are a dynamic group.

    Joshua Derrico

    Maxee was going solo then she died. Michael Jackson signed brownstone to his label.

    Joshua Derrico

    Listen to there other song called dont cry for me.

  22. Britt Falls

    Ms.Maxwell RIP and her family hold on.

  23. msjai 36

    Got u locked in on spotify, r.I.p. Ms. maxwell ur voice will always live on!!!

  24. tulsa4life

    wonderful sound  R.I.P Charmane Maxwell "Jamm On"

  25. The1baddman

    Rest In Paradise, Maxee.

  26. Stephen Butterfield

    R.I.P Charmane Maxwell . Sleep on . Those were the day when Music was real music.

    Deandre Holman

    had from the bottom up album beautiful album rip charmane

    Stephen Butterfield

    Old school R&B is the best compared to today's crappie music

    Toa Kasi

    😥😪 OMG RIP so talented & beautiful I had no idea. Thanks for sharing 🌷

  27. Cheryl Scarborough

    Rip sweet angel

  28. Teresa Turner

    R.I.P Charymayne Maxwell!!!! :(

  29. Franceashare Hargrove


    Lequita Smalls


  30. krystle green

    rip charmayne maxx maxwell 

  31. Robin McDonald

    I love this song.....My Navy days

  32. E T

    These ladies did they thing on this song.  So many memories.  Sounds great with headphones


    They never let up on any song they did.  It's no wonder that they caught Michael Jackson's attention and he signed them.  So sad about what happened to Charmane, but what great music she left us with by way of Brownstone . 

    E T

    @99SilverSrfr what happened to Charmane?

    Kathy-Ann Fletcher

    +E T she passed away due to a fall at home.

  33. Osmar Roberto De Moura


  34. Christopher Grayson

    Nicci Nicci Nicci that woman can sing her but off

    Nick Hud

    Christopher Grayson ikr

  35. Reuben Shivachi

    still pops on me every single time I listen to it.

  36. jay new

    Well before Brownstone blew up Nicci was big she was a size 24 then the record company made her take a gastric bypass surgery to lose some of the weight. So ever since then she lost weight as the years went by.

  37. jay new

    shes my favorite member

  38. Jazmine Martin


  39. Lisa M

    Maxee in the middle still performs as well. I think she is working on another album.

  40. nancydrew5

    This is not a cover of Whitney Houston's song. It just have the same title as the song Whitney's song had, but the actual songs are very different. Different songs can have the same song title but that doesn't make them be the same song any more than different people having the same name make them be the same person.

  41. Rosangela silva


  42. TORILUV Mari H

    I Luv this song sooo much im really missing the 90's era where folks sang for real

  43. DrJ2012

    @mizzlalababy Hey lala, Kina is the singer on the far right. She came out with the CD "Girl from the gutter" in 2000. As far as I know, she still performs til this day though I don't think she's released another album since that one.

    Miriam Silweya

    Brownstone you were discovered. by the late Michael Jackson who believed in you. A visionary he was cos you could really blow your pipes. Oh how I miss this music.

  44. Lauren Grant

    Which girl is Kina, because one of them came out with an album a while back and had a song called Girl from the Gutter or something like that. Which one is that in the picture?

    Temujin Scott

    Lauren Grant on the right

  45. Reuben

    These ladies just sounded plain good. Just check the harmony in the dont hear it like that everyday!

  46. maloni

    totally agree with you, 90's were nothing but soul and powerful voices. today's music ain't got nuthin on the 90's.

  47. Brandy Mundy

    I feel you on this one. The nineties were the best.

    Latisha Scott


  48. Stacy

    who will be in it?????

  49. mrsconton

    darn it, them nineties groups was baaaad, back when it was sooo much soul and all the members could blow on the mic. i miss all them

  50. leplaq

    actually all members of labelle get along very well patti is just the most known

  51. Victor Carrington

    Now I love me some Patti but you know it is only going to take a moment before LaBelle are back at one anothers throat. Besides I thought the one original girl left for medical reasons and would never be able to sing again.

  52. gourrygabriev5

    awesome song

  53. Odell Goodman-Bey

    Are They Doing A Thirs Album? I hope they are that would be cop right away

  54. timbalandj

    we shall see...

  55. blackgold63

    Well that the music industry , they were thinking that kiss and tell would b a hit on the fact it was more of a pop song than your usual r&b.. of course it got to the top ten in Uk of the year it was realeased but i do agree there were far better choice of singles on the fab CD. I hope the third album pop them back in the spotlight

  56. timbalandj

    This aint a cover - if it was it would have the same lyrics - "you give good love" was written by La La for Whitney - Brownstone's was co written by Nicci of Browntone and the songs producer. The meaning of remake is that the song is the same with minor vocal arrangements or rhythm arrangements or often drastic vocal arragements and drastic track changes. This is clearly two different songs - Beethoven can hear that -

  57. DrJ2012

    LOL I didn't say anything about you not knowing anything about music, please calm down. I've listened to both songs and they don't sound anything alike and neither do the lyrics. Plus, if you check the credits fot the Still Climbing album, you will see writing credits to Nicci and a few other names that I cannot think of. Don't jump to conclusions and take a chill pill: it's NOT that serious!

  58. DrJ2012

    No, this isn't a cover. This is an original song cowritten by Nicci and a couple others.

  59. Wil Hi

    O mother fuckin K

  60. jkslr

    Aaaahhh Brownstone.....can't believe I lent this album to my aunt and did she return it...hell no! Thanks DrJ2012!

  61. DrJ2012

    I love those songs too! It's so hard for me to pick a favorite when it comes to songs from "Still Climbing", because all of them are so good!

  62. Shawn L. Stokes

    i love this song this in the game of love and around you are my favorite songs on this album

  63. DrJ2012

    Oh I totally agree...though I love the song, Kiss and Tell was probably the weakest song on the album. I would have preferred them to release either this one, "In the Game of Love", "Foolish Pride", or "Baby Love"...heck, even "If You Play Your Cards Right"! Still Climbing is such a great album...I think it's the most underrated album of '97

  64. DrJ2012

    You're welcome! It's one of my favorites on "Still Climbing" :)