Brownstone - If You Love Me Lyrics

I don't wanna rain on this parade
But I'm starting to question the love that was made
I'm not looking for just an affair
I want a love that is based on truth, not just dare

You will not hurt my pride
If right now you decide
That you are not ready to settle down
But if you want my heart
Then it's time that you start
To act like you're mine, in the light and the dark

If you love me, say it
If you trust me, do it
If you want me, show it
If you need me, prove it [x2]

You see now actions speak louder than words
So don't just say things that I've already heard
Don't want your body without your soul
I don't want a love who will come here and go


[Chorus x2]

Oh I, Oh I, I wanna touch you baby
And spread my love all around you honey
And if you care, you gotta show it baby
True love to share


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Brownstone If You Love Me Comments
  1. N D

    Si tu m'aimes

  2. joseph boudreau

    Issues sent me here

  3. Nikki Fisher

    Its sad when nothing makes sense but the music' something you can keep in mind when your out there macking.

  4. grass flowerz

    RiP maxee

  5. Wannbe Clamp gamer

    Who still here

  6. Terri Miller

    Still Jam To This 🎧🎧
    SIS MAXI 🕊🕊

  7. Mosi Oliver

    Who that put hands down fuck you. This real R N B music. Love music.

  8. Paul Barboza

    My first black girlfriend used to sing this to me I'm chicano so it was hard on both of us cuz we had no shame lol.

  9. Samuel Barnett Jr.

    I believe one of the members was murder ed.

  10. princess LOVE.


  11. Ed Harris

    Also NewYork Undercover...

  12. Ed Harris

    Takes me back to '95 when I used to drive around Paterson all day profilin' waistin' gas...

  13. Nqobizitha Vella

    waiting for 2020

  14. Tracie Sommerville

    December 2019, Still LIKE!

  15. Chris Carline

    My four year old refuses to listen to this type of music I’m about to be 30 and for such a long long time I’ve loved this type of music I don’t want me boys to listen to toadys crap shit music my boys need hope on music and I hope I’m strong enough to differ them from today’s fucking crap music that I can’t stand call me old but fuck you this song is the shit makes me cry

  16. Charity Jones

    I had no idea Tory Lanez got this beat from this song. I thought it was a new original beat.💯💯💯💯

  17. flame phoenix

    i did not even know she had left us rest in peace angel the one in the middle

  18. Joseph Berger

    👋 still listening!

  19. Josiah walker


  20. Valentino Elago

    I was waiting for the ''just keepin it honest, you wouldnt want a young nigga if i wasnt wippin this foreign'' hahaha

  21. Valentino Elago

    tORY lANEZ - sAY IT brought me here

  22. New York City Boy


  23. Eileen Schlafer

    Wow.... I have by chance come across this song and I’m in a beyond bad place and to see this post made my heart sink....even though it’s old... fuccckkkk....... better to have loved and lost than to have never loved ❤️

  24. Noemyskillz

    Remind me of the Set it Off Dayz

  25. Noemyskillz

    Singjng Tory Lanez intro

  26. Shawnette Christian

    Still rocking 2 dis👌🏾

  27. C Kay


  28. Jack Rajinder

    Dear 90s music,
    Please come back to us.....sincerely all of us

  29. Levinita Barlow

    Good lord!what a great group!and & great song!❤👌🙏

  30. London Blues

    Ladies Anthem Of The 90's...

  31. Gina Harris

    Still listening and will continue to do so

  32. A gon


  33. Mz Fancy

    I use to perform this song for my family as a child. I still love this song.

  34. manunu Tshabalala

    wow I'm ready to settle down here , I love this song 😘😘

  35. Shon Tay

    SO MUCH TALENT still Listen in 2019-2020+

  36. R James

    Niccy Gilbert one of the strongest voices still to this day when I listen to Brownstone. I don't know how her voice sounds now but I definitely loved her voice during Brownstone.

  37. Kendrajanaee Powellniblet

    atoya cherelle jackson daniel neil ross betts d fame d icon damon landen christian aj landon ronnie jr brandon barbara constance henrietta vickie monique hattie



  39. carolki13

    i used to hear this on the radio all the time back then!

    Diane White

    Still on my playlist...2019

  40. David da silva ferreira

    My mom use to blast this at home when I was a kid . Obrigado mama

  41. B B

    Growing up in the 90s brought me here ❤️

  42. Porsha Mitchell

    I love old school

  43. Nykole Jenkins

    Their best song by far😍😍

  44. Cherita Barbuto

    Hey YaLl ,,IT STILL ROCKS IN Da 2019 ,Happy Bird Day Folks

  45. Nick Locker

    Wow Tory really gave these bitches an entire career 😂😂

  46. Rebecca Przybyszewski

    Nov 2019 and it still brings tears to my eyes....80's-90's went too fast. Damn, I miss those days!

  47. Noelia Mendoza

    November 2019👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

  48. Shakira Barnhill

    Just keeping it honest Tory lanez Michael Jackson u brought sweet joys for our ears 👂 to enjoy 😉 thanks for sharing 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  49. Loko De Mateguala

    This was my stuff back then

  50. Yolande Saal

    I am 19 but I have always loved old time hits and I love this song

  51. Rexx Seven

    I just found out that might be Michael Jackson singing at 0:48

    "That you are not ready to settle down"

  52. Malak Yahawadah Ban Yasharahla

    I love this song but that Splenda commercial though 😂🤣😂😂🤣

  53. Christopher Allen

    They went above and beyond hard on this record. Amazing talent...

  54. Diselysia TheEsotericEmpress

    I love you indefinitely

  55. Scott Mosure

    Nice song did anyone notice the drum solo from 4:15 to 4:16 or am I the only one

  56. kshawn83

    Please God bring this vibe back to R&B

    dms 4999

    It's never gonna happen. Have you looked around this place lately? Garbage! We're all screwed. Donald Trump is trying to help us but it's hard. 😔

  57. Vinola Stallings

    What HARMONY! Where did Micheal J. find these girls. They are one of the SAUCIEST girl groups!

  58. M.C Watts

    Thu77OcK pas$/!\=💃🏼=Through ShoW/!\,,❤️
    & sup(97)+ £(RM)/3\🌹


    My heart is still in pieces even though it's been 4 years since we lost Maxee. She was just unbelievably beautiful, inside and out. Only God knows his own plans, I think Maxee was an angel he sent down for just a limited time to shine on the world. It just still hurts that she's gone too soon. Love to Maxee, Brownstone, and always to Michael Jackson.

  60. carolki13

    mj was a genius signing them!!! i love '5 miles to empty' and he never exploited them. just let them be themselves.



  62. Kai-Amari d'Tenebrae

    I still go back to these songs... held so much power. Some still carry this on but harder to find nowadays. Pure soul and power.

  63. Leslie Springer

    Where did voices like these go people? Why don't nobody have talent like this anymore?

  64. Philly Leo

    My mom and aunt used to play this when I was kid 8/17/92

  65. Cynthia Barker


  66. rudolph mcneill


  67. serenakiril

    1. I love this song. It always makes me bop around the house.
    2. Angela Winbush is so pretty.
    3. Don Cheadle! lol
    4. This video is so. 90s. I love it!!! XD

  68. optimus prime

    I thought it was say it at first.

  69. Vinola Stallings


  70. Dawg Home

    Such a toon, yes still now it's 2019. Approve.

    Diane White

    Stamp of approval 2019 and forever!

  71. marie lear

    I remember those days ....oh yeah when people could sing anyone else?

  72. Kimberly Capers

    Wow, I needed this, its crazy how a lot of songs that I was grew up too, As an adult I can really relate too. I know and understand the meaning deeper than ever......

  73. Antron Baker

    We gotta learn how to fight for love again

  74. Always Thankful A.D.G

    If you love me ❤️ 2019

  75. Cheikeida Belcher

    Still love it!!

  76. starr stewart

    How can you give this a thumbs down... Must be auto tune fans.

  77. Shotta FrmDaSiders

    I knew tory shit was sampled but I never knew what the song was called

  78. Hasna Ad


  79. ms gay

    i dont remmber when the lineup changed

  80. Dylan Russell

    Issues bring anybody here? lol

    Adam Makin

    Dylan Russell me!!!

    Dylan Russell

    @Adam Makin 😁😁😁

  81. Victor Long Jr.


  82. 943redman

    Yes true vocals

  83. Diva in the Woods

    This song checks EVERY box in the ultimate, soulful grooves!

  84. Tosha Crooks

    Can we get a jazzie b and brownstone playlist........xx7931......

  85. Brandon Castaneda

    Issues no problem

  86. layla jomaa

    My fave 😍😍😍😍💖💖

  87. 87BabyGirl1

    2019 where you at. VA.

  88. Paul Godfrey

    ...the 90s... when Boy and Girl Accapella groups ruled the world. :)

  89. Nicole Leroy

    I was a kid when this song dropped and listened to it for yeeeeaaarrrs after but now at the first 9 secs me: "just keeping it honest"
    😭🤣😂 I cannot not say it😭😭

  90. kerry morgan

    When songs had a TRUE MEANING!!! No twerking or booty shorts on stage while performing,just good singing.I listen to this tune and feel relaxed and soothing,TRUE MUSIC!!!

  91. Lortivar

    Who is coming here from Issues - No Problem (Keep It Alive)?

  92. MultiJello123

    damn i thought tory was a genius, that was a straight rip off lmao

  93. Shemazing Berry

    Just here to prove to my 16 yo that my era is the best & all the tunes she loves are just samples of MY tunes 🤣😂🤣 and I remember having the same convos with my mom in the 90’s. Oldies are goldies ❤️

  94. Garrett Knautz

    These women have created one of if not the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard r.i.p ❤️

  95. Ragga Chat

    I was 8

  96. Ragga Chat

    Also Kevin is a black person