Brownlee, Chad - Listen Lyrics

Listen, listen to the snow that's falling
Doesn't snow here that often, but its coming down
Can you hear, the distant sound of the highway
Don't they know that it's not safe, to be leaving now
Some people go and some people stay
Nothing you can say will make them change

Baby just listen, listen to the words you're saying
Listen to the hearts you're breaking
Think about the love you're wasting
Baby just listen, listen to the look on my face, in case
The words don't make a difference, think of what you're gonna be missing

Baby just listen, listen to the friends that told you
Life was too hard to go through, when you're all alone
Can you still remember, I was your best defender
Now you tell me you don't know whether you're better on your own
Oh you're gonna do what you're gonna do, there's nothing I can say to stop you

So baby just listen, listen to the words you're saying
Listen to the hearts you're breaking
Think about the love you're wasting
Oh baby just listen, listen to the look on my face, in case
The words don't make a difference, think of what you're gonna be missing

Oh I know you want your freedom and I know that I'm the reason
But I never meant to tie you down
Yeah and I don't think I'm getting through with anything I said to you
So maybe I should shut my mouth

Baby just listen, hey
Baby just listen

Oh baby just listen, listen to the look on my face, in case
The words don't make a difference, think of what you're gonna be missing
Oh baby just, listen
Hey, baby just listen

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Brownlee, Chad Listen Comments
  1. Marcus Isadore

    This song brings me to a time when life was worth living

  2. Devjyoti Raj

    lovely bro

  3. oh yagelnizzle

    one of the best songs I've ever heard, in any genre.


    it bring back the past....

  5. Marg Camper

    love it ...chad brownlee your the the truck ....WOW..

  6. Chuck M

    Great song!

  7. Dilara Kalınsaz


  8. James Lawson

    my favorite song

  9. Monkey Witch

    Why haven't we heard anything new lately.  I love your voice and want to hear more and more.

  10. Kate Le Texier

    Yay! 3500th subscriber and 101st comment!

    Love your music!!

  11. Shakey

    I think the song is pretty good. For sure made me get some tears

  12. Charlotte B

    Ahhhhhhhh amazing

  13. Terry Dee

    he sure is;)

  14. Terry Dee

    15 people are on crack!

  15. Sharon Cormelle

    It's an Awesome Song....

  16. Olivia Miller

    I met him last week!

  17. Jake Witts

    apaches are VERY rare i happen to own two of them ;)

  18. Samuuurai

    How come it only has so little views?

  19. Tyler Song

    exactly!!! this songs awesome.....

  20. jerry henderson

    more than nice , that's a classic !

  21. jerry henderson

    doesn't snow here that often , sure rains alot thought

  22. Myles Knight

    Amazing song!

  23. StefA

    Boots and Hearts is going to be amazing with Chad!

  24. kirra payne

    ikr he's my uncle

  25. kirra payne

    @conner quintal

  26. connor quintal

    Chad Brownlee has yet to make a song that has not absolutely blown me away! If other artists can get over a Billion views on a song it sickens me that Chad doesn't even get 1 Million...

  27. chester julian

    another goodsong..

  28. oliviabulka

    The best part of this video is at 2:17 when he takes off his denim jacket to reveal.... Another denim jacket

  29. blondedbythelight703

    Really good song, some really good country singers in Canada.

  30. Alexandre Gagne

    True Canadian right there

  31. Nate Stephens

    They made cars back then? ;)

  32. Jason Dubyna

    I don't pretend to be a historian or anything but I'm pretty sure there weren't too many cars back in the 11th century. Just throwing it out there

  33. Trevor Norris

    Saw Chad live in Edmonton last month. One of the most amazing shows I've ever been to. Chad and Dallas both sounded better than their albums.

  34. ninjagamer73

    great song :)

  35. xXxPurecountryxXx

    If people would only Listen this world would be a much better place to live in

  36. Tmassicotte

    former NHL hockey player.

  37. Tmassicotte

    A Tigger's diet consists Banana 4 ever and always! :* xoxo

  38. michelle v

    AMAZING SONG!!!! love it <3 awesome job Chad Brownlee!!

  39. Ka-Cey Ward

    Can not get over this song. Love Chad Brownlee <3.

  40. Chelsea Perry

    what a beautiful man

  41. Melissa Mayer

    was soo amazing at Algonquin last night! :) <3 love him!

  42. Terry Dee

    Canada rocks out the best!


    Never mind it's a Chevy...
    To be its not a Dodge


    What kind of trucks that?

  45. Gor bear

    What a waste of cups :(

  46. 1313rugbyfan

    another great canadian singer we're hitting the charts hard keep up the good work show them americans how to do it

  47. KatanaMcK

    My feels. One of my favorite songs of all time and it kills me that I don't have an iTunes card to buy it right now. Tomorrow I shall buy one.

  48. carissaprociuk

    chad brownlee could not be more perfect if he tried

  49. Lisa Marie

    Oh Chad, don't worry, I'm listening to you... Over, and over, and over again because this song's amazing! <3

  50. azzio70

    awesome song>>>>

  51. alwaysdancewithheart

    He is extremely talented, a country boy, sexy as fuck, really really nice - I know Cause I met him at a concert and he was a sweetheart to everyone :) and he used to be a hockey player...... does it get much better??? <3

  52. Jonathan Traverse

    That's too bad. Fortunately, for me, I was able to see Deric Ruttan with opening performance of Chad Brownlee. Got a picture with both, and autographs, at the Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg.

  53. Evelien Leeuwerke


  54. sheppard67

    Can't stop "Listening"

  55. sheppard67

    Congrats on winning CMT's Employee of the week!!

  56. Steve Poulin

    Chads A Canadian beauty

  57. MacNeil825

    he sure is.. he was drafter by vancouver playing defense before he suffered injuries and pursued his music career

  58. Angela Ruel

    is Chad brownlee canadian?

  59. Toni B

    Love this song. Can not wait for the Boys of Fall Tour!! :)

  60. catherineandelvis

    I love this song so much :)

  61. caroline bird

    love love this song cant wait till see him nov 2

  62. samatha lee

    love this song

  63. Abesss

    missed him at calgary stampede, chad brownlee and dallas smith were on the weekend i had to work

  64. Georgia

    this music video does not even begin to come close to how great this song is, its a bit of a let down :'( sorry

  65. Katelyn Ball

    Amazing Song...Love it!!

  66. Emesschick1

    Love this song! Almost came to see you at the Shawville fair but never had the chance! 😥

  67. Norma Sakins

    Amazing Video

  68. Allissa Tubbs

    I love this song so much

  69. knetia

    Saw him a few days ago...not too much into country but this song its just so good!

  70. Jasmine Willow

    Love this song! Last night on the way back from the Shawville fair..we were listening to it and my ex said "did it hit close to home?" i was like "yupp.." and burst into tears .. :')

  71. Burnell Evans


  72. Vanessa Bieler


  73. Brooklynn1287

    no no they cant!

  74. XXPurecountryXX

    If only people would just LISTEN

  75. FlyFit

    This song is amazing! Another good one by Mr Brownlee.

  76. Luke Elder

    Seeing him at the PNE in Vancouver in two weeks :)

  77. KARLIhorse

    Such a beautiful song, Very talented man right here!

  78. ThePietroSK

    Super song. Greetings from Slovakia