Brownlee, Chad - Leave Here Dying Young Lyrics

Yeah, he's the youngest man I know at 65
A little slower than he used to be but there's a fire in his eyes
He's got a few more wrinkles on his face, and grey hair's finally found it's place
But when he smiles, you can see that kid inside

So this is what it means to be alive
He'll dance like no one's watching, laugh until he cries
He holds on tight and loves without regret, he takes the good and leaves the rest
And when all is said and done, he's gonna leave here dying young

Well, there 'ain't one of us who will ever know what tomorrow brings
It sure gets here fast and in a lightening flash it can change most anything
Make sure you learn to let it roll, 'cause it's all gonna fall you know
Don't let the sunset blow, find you're a better soul

So remember what it means to be alive
You gotta dance like no one's watching, just laugh until you cry
Hold on tight and love without regret, take the good and leave the rest
Then when all is said and done, you're gonna leave here dying young

You only get one time around
Time's always counting down
And what you do with this life's always up to you

So remember what it means to be alive
You gotta dance like no one's watching, just laugh until you cry
Hold on tight and love without regret, take the good and leave the rest
Then when all is said and done, you're can leave here dying young

I'm gonna leave here... dying young

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Brownlee, Chad Leave Here Dying Young Comments
  1. Cassie Curtis

    I miss my grandpa

    Cassie Curtis

    I wish I could talk to him get some advice from him

  2. Lucille Eckert

    Looking forward to seeing you in Saskatoon April 27 for fund raiser for our young hockey boys gone to soon BRONCOS STRONG

  3. Ophélie de Munico

    That's wonderful !

  4. natchflake

    Vernon vipers jersey...hometown proud Chad! Still catch a game once in a while.

  5. Michael Coleman

    amazing song man thank you for sharing

  6. Christina Fountain

    Thank you for sharing such precious moments. I wish for all to carry these sweet memories of youth. :)

  7. Rebecca Nutt


  8. Zachaury Mitchell

    great song

  9. Pj traxxas

    What a beautiful song, chad always impresses, one of the best song writers and singers out there.

  10. Larry Killam

    (;U DA MAN CHAD;)

  11. Grayson Le ROY

    Lost my Dad when I was 14.  (Hockey Dad too). Now I spend every day with my 12 year old son to make as many great memories as I can. I'm 51yrs old and this song really hit home for me. Thanks so much. Beautiful song and well done video.

  12. Julie Day

    What an amazing song. So much conviction. Just beautiful! Keep doing what you are doing because it is working.

  13. Victoria Walker

    Amazing song! Chad has such an amazing voice!

  14. Lou-Anne Parish

    This is so beautiful! Truly makes you stop and remember what truly is important in life.

  15. Jen Harris

    love my cousin and all of his music! such an amazing talented person!

  16. Jada Carvery

    great song, make more like this please! for your fans, like me:)

  17. Becca Luden

    i can't even finish watching this video .. omg i'm crying. why.

  18. RooneyToones

    Great song, well played and sung! Excellent!!!

  19. Karen Dolinar

    I don't understand how someone could dislike this song! :o

  20. Miguel Ouellette

    Such a big meaning to this song. It makes you realize how you have to enjoy every moment you have. Don't be afraid to move forward. People always say they miss being young and doing silly things, I say go for it and don't stop being young.

  21. Jerry Neville

    This...this, is a song! So much truth hasn`t been put to words before. This song touched me and brought back great memories of being with my dad. I got to golf with him 8 hours before he slipped into dementia, and watching you play hockey with your dad and having that video should be something you cherish. Talk soon!

  22. Terra H

    You always look Ike jp arencibia at first glance. I love it.

  23. April Lea

    Loving all of your work Browns ;)

  24. MissButterfly Summers

    This video made me cry it is such a beautiful song. and chad has such a beautiful voice

  25. Abby Wadsworth

    Love Love Love This Song oh and Chad Brownlee <3 Happy to call BC my home! Looking forward to seeing him here this summer!

  26. Andrew Clancy

    Great video

  27. Anmol Chavan

    nice video,i like it

  28. Laxmi8427

    i like it, it is nice video clips.

  29. Kathryn Pellarin

    this legit made me cry <3

    Chad Brownlee you are amazing!

  30. Bustamante


  31. hameedullah khan

    i remeber this match it was very nice my dad Love this sooo much

  32. A Lebo

    beauty song beauty singer

  33. Lea MacDonald

    From me and the boys in Rock Bottom, great song Chad. It struck a chord with us.

  34. Laura M

    such a beautiful song!

  35. alperado

    Awesome. Happy New Year
    aka TOPVIEWS

  36. Vivienne Ward

    Loved it, great to see you in action Al, love cousin down under

  37. Gene Greenwood

    Very Cool

  38. Rose Bright

    Love it. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!